1 Secret Design Trick to High-Converting Funnels

Boom we have another tutorial for you Guys this is a new tool i haven’t shared This since Day one of this channel is called Pixelmator i use pixelmator along with Canva and sketch and a couple of other Softwares And so this tutorial what i want to Share with you Is if you ever seen an image that’s Fading Into the background i used to do this a Couple of years ago And then for some reason i started Adding graphics behind the image instead And now since working with a new client And a partner An agency partner where he’s selling the Funnels and i’m building the funnels i’m Doing more of them again and i love them Because it looks so clean So without further ado let me show you This little design trick and hopefully It can help you In your business and with your funnels As well so now let’s Switch this around and dive into the Computer by the way i don’t know why This is open right here But i’m looking at getting these Headphones which i shouldn’t probably Because it’s like 500 euros or something so anyways they Look good though

Okay now the tutorial right so in This video we’re gonna try to turn this Image into the background Fading into the banner image Or background on the landing page so for Example here is what that could look Like You have a person and you have a Background that you want The person to kind of nicely fade into And i think it looks pretty sick but We’re actually gonna use something a Little bit different First so i’m just gonna take this one so I’ve uploaded an image here To uh clipping magic and i’m just gonna Open it And cut out the background first Entirely so you’ll see why In a second because basically what i Want And you can see it’s the ai here is Finding pretty much everything yeah it Looks like it’s found Everything sometimes if there’s Something that is not cutting out you Just use this the red one And if it’s something that is cutting Out that you want to use you just use The green one And sort of color over that so it’s Already doing that i’m just showing you Example boom great I can also preview it by just hovering

Over this button right here See original preview for some reason It’s turning on the Shadows for me automatically so i’ll Just Uncheck those and then i’m just gonna Download it in fact what i could do even Is just make the image a little bit Brighter so like we could do A 10 and we could put that to Five highlight five That will probably do okay so You don’t have to do the color Correction i just want to show you what You can do with this tool so now we have Two images this one and this one so now What i’m gonna do Is i’m gonna close this close this And i’m gonna open the same image you’ll See right here I’ll just open it in pixelmator pro Okay so here’s what’s gonna happen i Have this image right here What i’ll actually do so let me just Find it again here And drag in this one so now i have both Of them I’m going to place this on top of the Other one So i can easily find those because i Have big ears Okay that will do for the sake of this Video and now All i want to do is click on this

Background layer so we have the layers Here Uh you can see face the one without Background is on top of it Which means that one is going to show First so now I can click here and i don’t use all of These because now i’m not i’m not a Techie person per se And what i’ll do first i’ll just set This to like 50 and brush size maybe To 500 ish I say ish but then i have ocd and i need 500 anyways and i’ll just Start with the edges so i’ll start there In fact I’ll actually do 100 for the first One because i want all edges to be gone And then i’ll sort of ease the power On the opacity here in a second but First we’ll just do it like that Nice into the mouth Nice okay we drag it back to maybe 30 And then we can make this bigger We can go one set like that to get the Entire background a little bit Brighter and then we can see what it Looks like by clicking here so i click V so i get this selector tool and then I’ll just click The rectangle and now i’m just going to Go here add a rectangle in here And move it behind it so remember we

Want to have in the background So it’s already looking better so now if I deleted this You could see that me the person they Have here Is also being edited but because i’m Only editing the background layer The person here stays super clear so That’s the part of this tool Now what i’ll do is i will go in I can actually click rectangle and Change the color As well if i want to have a darker one So like a navy blue You can see it’s still pretty rough on The edges And so i still want to change it so i’ll Do that by going here And i’ll probably set this down to like A 10 or 15 And i’ll still i’ll click background Layers because that’s that’s the one That we want to use Um i’ll do a little bit more on the Entire one but then i want to start Going here On the edges specifically here and i’ll Just double click it Boom and here [Music] Now we’re getting a smoother transition Into the background As you could see in the image example i Showed you

At first so i’ll go there And then here so now for an example And by the way the reason why we’re Doing this Is we’re not coloring the background Area we’re simply deleting the colors From the image Making it transparent gradiently Transparent Fading into the background so now if i Go again And change the i click v Rectangle change this back to a white Background you can see that It’s slowly fading out i’m probably not Going to do any more than that In fact i would probably say that you Can do A little bit less you can have it more Visible than that But this just shows you the power of This tool And maybe it gives you some inspiration How to Make your designs better because if you Just do it on this one I’ll show you here an example if you Just do it on The background layer right you’ll see That it’s also going to delete these and It just doesn’t look as clean As when you’re doing it right Here so anyways hopefully this was Helpful i know it was a quick tutorial

But then you can go in And do stuff like add rectangle text Images graphics behind it and make it Look super cool so Hopefully that was helpful that is Pixelmator pro We’re using sketch for details clipping Magic to remove the background Uh there’s a lot of other great tools by The way if you want the full tutorial on This And the hundreds of more tutorials that I have to build beautiful funnels that Convert Go to fulltimefunneldesigner.com and if You’re new here to the channel Make sure you like this video subscribe To the channel because i’ll get Inspired by every single one of you Liking commenting subscribing it helps Me Stay motivated to create more content For you guys so with that said i’ll see In the next video.

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