#1 secret to never breaking up

Warren Buffett was in front of a crowd Of college kids and he said so if you Could only have one character treat that You'd look for in a spouse what would You look for people like brains and Beauty or character loyalty right and He's like you don't want any of that Stuff you know what you want low Expectations that's how you create a Marriage that lasts he was being Incredibly serious but also Tongue-in-cheek at the same time but I Think part of that process at least how We approached it was that we were Probably the least Hollywood version of A relationship it was very much like Does this make sense and I think because Of that approach big picture neither of Us came in expecting the other person to Save us I don't need you to make me Happy I prefer it but like I can Continue to live my life and the other Person can too then the expectations are Significantly lower the fact that Layla Never tried to change me and still Hasn't throughout our whole relationship I think is one of the biggest reasons Why like you've been good because like I Resist anyone who tries to change me Very hard and so low expectations and Leading from values has been how we've Just used as our compass and then like We accept the waxes and wanes that occur During the natural shifts of time

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