13 AI Tools to Make Money in 2023

AI is everywhere I'm sure you've seen it And in this video I'm gonna give you 13 Different tools you can use to start a Business or scale the one that you have Right now and there's one business That's better than all the others I'll Show you that one in a second first one Is Dolly which is a new AI system that Can create realistic images and art from The description natural language I'm Sure you've seen these online you can Type in cat in space or whatever example You want and it'll give you tons of Examples to choose from then the second One from open AI as well is chat GPT Optimizing language models for dialogue So you can actually code write copy with This there's a lot of things you can do And it's pretty simple you can just type In here the code is not working like I Expect how do I fix it and it can Actually think for you you just gotta Give it the right inputs then the third One is name licks so this is a business Name generator you can generate a short Brandable business name using artificial Intelligence so let's type in keyword Funnels and freedom we can generate Select generation Randomness high and Then name style brandable names generate And then let's take a look at the names That it gives us phones Freedom superx CF Freedom you could play around with This and find a business name for you

Fourth one is a pfp maker so create an Awesome profile picture for free upload A photo let's use this one and it's Going to generate profile pics for you So let's take a look at what we have What we get and you can use these for Instagram Facebook all these different Platforms as your profile pictures so I'm gonna choose new and you can see we Have a ton of different examples for my Branding maybe I want to choose Something like this this kind of like That one creative as a funnel designer I Could also use something like this That's profile pic maker then the number Five is Tiny wow now tiny wow I've shown Before but not all the tools there's a Ton of tools on Tiny wall I'll leave Links to all of these in the description But you can remove backgrounds you can Merge PDFs you can compress PDF so if It's too big to upload to an email Provider for example you can compress it If you go to this bar right here you can See and sort of categorize them as well So video tools image tools converter Tools and AI right and so you can use These to write blog post ideas for an Example it's awesome which leads me to The next one in the same category which Is writer I've tried writer and Jasper So these are the next ones writer a Better 10 times faster way to write YouTube description SEO blog post sales

Copy taglines headlines and so this one Is more affordable than Jasper but Jasper is sort of the goal to First the Market they just got a 1.5 billion Valuation in their fundraising pretty Cool fun joy so you can generate Different fonts and you know a pair the Headline with sub headline and the Element sort of a body text here and Then once you like one of them so let's Say if you don't want to use the ones That is giving you you can just lock That one and continue to generate Writing not that one always like this One to be bolder than the other one and You can just click generate until you Find something that you're happy with That's fun joy then we have coolers You've seen this probably on my channel Before if you're a subscriber explore Trending palette or start the generator So you can even start the generator and And then sort of explore by just Clicking space like this one and then Once you find one that you like you can Just lock it lock it and then continue With these I'm just going to use these Two as the foundation for everything Else okay so now like this we're just Gonna lock them and you can copy these Or you can export your brand plus you Know you have a name font and colors in Like five minutes then go to the next One visualize so this is usually testing

Insights with the power of AI visually Stimulates eye tracking status and Preference tests with a 93 accurate Predictive technology which means that You'll see where your visitors are Looking on your landing pages so if it's Desktop for example you'll see oh They're looking at this then they go in Here and you can sort of see what's Interesting to them and you can play it More to that to increase your Conversions so pretty cool there next One is image larger so you can see here Before you have an image that is sort of Blurry and bad quality you can use AI to Enlarge the quality of the image and This would is what it would look like Afterwards this is using AI to sort of Recreate and improve the the pixel Quality of the image so next one is Runway everything you need to make Content fast so this is great for video Editors for example as you've got AI Tools real-time collaboration position Editing and more your next Generation Content Creation Suite and then you go Down and see what it can do it can for Example it can remove backgrounds from People in video so just like we have on Like an image for a funnel I can just Use background remover clipping magic And it'll remove the background from the Person this can do the same in videos so Pretty cool and then last one smart more

Cops create stunning product mock-ups Easily and online you can just upload Your image and choose from let's use This one again as an example you can Browse all mockups with this and see What it would look like but I'm gonna go To for example desktop you can either do Photo and you can upload an image and Let's say you want to get something like This you can get an image of this if you Want to use the image as a whole sort of On a landing page and you want that Style but if you want to ask a mock-up For a course for example or some Something similar then you can just Choose the one that is isolated and you Can upload your image download the Mock-up it's super cool they have tons Of different examples and what you can Do is pair you can download them Individually and just pair it together As a product bundle for something like An online course so that's 13 different Ones hope you like that now for the best Part Which business could use these in The most obviously you can use them in Many different businesses but I would Say in a freelance business you can use The font the colors text so the AI Copywriter tools you can use all of Those when you're building for example Websites or sales funnels or landing Pages for clients and that's what we do And I would highly recommend you use

These to either plan the sales copy for A page or if you write blogs for people If you send out emails use it for Ideation for brainstorming and then you Put the you add the human touch to it Because these are tools and shouldn't be Used 100 to Outsource you but it should Be a tool to accelerate and enhance the Quality of your services and the output The time that you actually spend on Something and now you can do way more Which means you can charge more and make More as a result of it

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