2 Simple FREE Ways to Map Out Funnels [Funnelytics, Canva & Clickfunnels]

They go as a client they say man i just I want to hire this person to do this Hey guys welcome back to another video We’re going to talk about seven figure Funnels and mapping out the funnels So that you can present them beautifully To your clients whether they are Prospects and they’re thinking about Hiring you or Maybe you’re building a funnel for Yourself and you’re curious about the Different Steps the strategy of your funnel that’s What we’re gonna do today we’re gonna Use funnelytics which is the software You can get a free account i’m not Affiliated with them But i have a free account so i’m gonna Show you how to Set up your pages here i also have Funnel road maps like these Inside of the course full Timefunneldesigner.com and roadmaps but It’s basically like this but instead of You going out and creating these Uh if you’re not inside of the course I’m going to show you how to do that With this free software Um and so there’s two things really if You look at the funnel Roadmaps we have the pages right then if You look at the email roadmaps We’re talking about what emails to send People at what stage what’s the sequence

What’s the automation to increase The roi of our visitors and our Customers And so what we’re really gonna do is Also take that going to Click funnels and say for example okay What are the pages that we’re gonna use Um if we have a funnel roadmap like the Webinar funnel for example opt-in page Video page Application confirmation um we have a Funnel like this i’m gonna show you all Of that so make sure you stay to the end Of this video Subscribe if you haven’t already smash The like button and turn the post Notification Belly thing belly not a belly the bell Thing Anyways let’s dive in to the video we’re Gonna do First is we’re gonna go here to icons And we’re gonna Choose the different pages that we have There’s also templates here Uh that we could use even within the the Free account there is a paid Uh account as well if you wanna get more Templates but we’re good we’re just Gonna go with the webinar funnel here For an example So we’re gonna add this to canvas boom There we go gonna zoom Out a little bit okay so we have the

Webinar registration page Which is this one right here free 15-minute training how i became a Full-time high-ticket funnel designer Just 27 days then when people opt-in i Obviously get them As a lead here in contacts so i can Remarket to them they go to the thank You page with a confirmation email that Says hey here’s the link to your Training Um and then it goes to a live webinar if You have a live webinar So you can do a live webinar and send Out replays and all that this is a Little bit complicated and so what i’m Gonna do is just delete all of this And build it out again with you guys so I’m gonna delete that Boom and then we’re gonna go to pages And we’re gonna choose the opt-in page We’re gonna rename it To webinar registration The good thing about funalytics is that It allows you to also track you can Grab a small piece of code and add it to Your pages and it’s going to track the Real Numbers that you get from your opt-ins To Watching the webinar to then go into the Application page or if you’re selling Product like a you know five hundred

Dollar three hundred dollar a thousand Dollar Program or or product and you’re selling It via a An order form like here for an example We have an order form so you could do Um webinar to order form go here to Purchase here’s what you’re gonna get And you can have an order form like this But um I’m just showing you this version for Now so we’re gonna grab another page And that’s gonna be the video page Webinar Boom and then what you can do with this Software so if you want to show the Client for example like Hey this is kind of the the funnel that We have planned for you This is what it’s going to look like it Helps them visually understand okay you Know what you’re talking about because You understand funnels It’s almost like you’re instead of just Being a funnel designer you’re also a Funnel consultant Which helps a lot to build that trust And authority credibility so Next up we have the application Page so let’s see uh it’s kind of Small it’s a survey so i’m gonna move That Just like that um i probably have ocd or Something because i want to move the

Pages to be within the boxes and anyways It’s just We’re going to call this application Because people have to apply Application and then finally it’s going To be a thank you page Thank you boom so again If we wanted to use the pro version we Could install the the code and it would Track the numbers So you could do that by adding you know The numbers here activate the numbers And the flow you can see the live You know um data from there um But most of you guys are funnel Designers and you’re not running the Traffic for them And they have a either in-house team or An outsourced ads agency who’s taking Care of that which i recommend by the Way I do not recommend that everybody sells Ads with their funnels it’s just They’re depending more on you at that Point so anyways webinar To webinar replay or just webinar It’s not a replay if it’s automated so Webinar page Uh application thank you so now if we Look at the email roadmap and we go down To Uh webinars are here we’re gonna tag People when they opt in As a webinar so if mine was called

Funnel designer webinar We’re gonna tag them as the webinar lead Okay And when they apply they’re gonna be Tagged with Applied for my coaching and so now They’re no longer just a lead But also someone who applied to work With us and so they’re going to be in a Separate Sequence as well as a separate group of People Where we have leads who are interested But now we have people who apply to work With us Who are more interested they’re now not Just a warm audience but a hot Audience and then we have our customers Once they sign up so we have different Email lists and we can Email different uh messaging to those People and so For example if we have an update to our Program as we’re releasing new stuff all The time We don’t email that to everybody we say Here’s you know Here’s something new that we added to Your program and so Anyways that’s kind of the the beauty of Funnelytics again this is not something That I’m affiliated with but now let me show You the different pages so you saw this

One here for an example Okay what you want to do here well let’s Let’s not go into Too much details i’m just going to show You the high level strategy because That’s The topic of this video we go obviously More in depth in the Course with all these different things But i still want to show you guys What we’re doing so free training the Opt-in The big secret here is to make it a lot Of Curiosity-based in terms of copy the Design should just be clean And it should be looking professional And trustworthy But then here’s kind of where you start The Video on autopilot so it automatically Plays We’re not saying live webinar you can See here we’re not lying we’re not being Unethical Um and we’re just showing like we’re Getting results for other people so what I’ve done in this case Is you know you can partner with me book Your free breakthrough call here to see If you you know qualify for the coaching Or you can join the course here Um we have that then we have application Page so apply here how does it work guys

Since i explain how it works so there’s No questions there’s no confusion People can then go here book a time for An example and then Answer a couple of questions before we Jump on the call with them i have a team So i have an enrollment advisor who Checks with people to see if they’re a Good fit Congrats your application is completed Watch this video first step two read This before the call so on and so forth So it’s pretty simple The tech is not too you know complicated I mean especially if you have my Templates and this sounds like another Pitch but I give all my templates to core students Because of this reason like You don’t have to build out everything From scratch i even give you these road Maps and funnel road maps here Um i just wanted to show you guys this Because funnelytics When you don’t have a client yet um if They have questions what you can do is Just use this simple Software right here called loom and i Would re Record my screen just like this choose The microphone And start recording and it will give me A link to the recording without me Downloading the video and uploading the

Video i just send them the link And they can see okay this is the the Funnel that we’re thinking about Building for you And then you can show them the Portfolios open a tab with your Portfolio and say here’s what we built So far Um here’s the split test that we’re Planning on doing Which you can by the way you can just do By going here create variation Uh from so you duplicate from the opt-in Page we’re gonna test two different Headlines so instead of just saying How i became a high ticket funnel Designer we’re gonna also say how i Built a funnel agency from scratch Within just 27 days or how i built a 10k per month Funnel agency in 27 days That sort of stuff and you split test it And they go as a client they say Man i just i want to hire this person to Do this i don’t want to think about all That And i can see that they understand the Funnel strategy not just the design So that’s kind of a quick version of Analytics i recommend you go out and Play around with these pages you can see If we delete this real quick Um we’re gonna delete all of these And we’re gonna call this it’s the

Freebie so if you take a look for an Example At this client challenge workbook right Here People can download this for free at Funnel full-time funnel designer dot com Forward slash client challenge or Actually you can just go to Uh workbook there we go workbook and That will take you through this page and Yeah this is a simple freebie page and Then when people Click uh they go here you can add on the Next page you can put a sales page And so instead of just being a thank you Page you can utilize this space to sell Them the next thing So it’s almost like a thank you page Plus a sales page Uh i’ll show you that here as well i Call this an a la carte funnel because I’m giving you these templates and you Can delete the pages That you don’t want to use so for Example if you don’t want the Application page here You want a freebie page you give us Something for free Then you say this okay so take a look Here Download successful check your email Inbox for access in a few minutes Wait so you can say meanwhile how would You like to get

To also get this amazing thing that Helps you with this so you can have a Video here um Or an image and you can say here’s what You get access to it’s just seven Dollars here’s what people are saying About it And add your content to this page and Sell them the next thing so you’re Giving out stuff for free By putting out content there for free no Advertising budget needed And someone says yes i want this and That takes them then to An order form like this where they Purchase it um And then you can add upsells where you Say hey do you also want this thing so If you’re giving If you’re selling a workbook for seven Dollars you can say do you also want the Course that goes with that You also want a membership that goes With that and it’s forty dollars or is Fifty dollars or it’s a hundred dollars So you add different Products that helps people not just to Tr it’s not beta and switch where you Say I’m gonna give you this outcome and then You say but also you need to buy this It’s more like saying i’m gonna teach You how to build funnels using click Funnels

And then the next product would be do You also want to build your personal Brand and Build your own facebook group it’s two Different things they all help with the Same outcome of building a six figure or Seven figure business But they’re not the they’re not the same You’re not you know baiting and Switching You’re helping them with the full Transformation within different products If that makes sense So if you like this video if you haven’t Already make sure you subscribe We are growing pretty fast right now and I’m super excited to create more videos For you guys And we have an amazing team here helping Us with that and so thanks for watching Make sure you like as well because Subscribers don’t mean a lot to youtube But likes and comments do so Let me know in the comments what you Want to see next and i’ll see you next Video

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