27 Steps to $100,000 NO SALES CALLS [4 Week Step-by-Step Plan for Funnel Designers]

This funnel agency as cam in this video I’m going to talk about it and how you Can actually get started in 30 days i Got a four week plan a boot camp if you Will so that you know exactly what to do In 26 steps and if this doesn’t make Sense at the end of this video then this Business model is not for you and that’s Totally okay as well so week one is all About profile funnel and conversion Content i’ll talk about that more in a Second week two is all about concept Funnels and personal branding week three Portfolio and how to turn into a sales Machine week four how to get your first Testimonial and how to handle objections When clients come to you right so let’s Dive in we have five minutes on the Clock let’s cover 26 points the first Step is to open up your facebook profile And start adding friends on a daily Basis from your target communities such As the clickfunnels group step number Two you post relatable content so both Funnels and personal stock step number Three you engage with people and you Send the messages with the goal to give Maybe a funnel template or whatever it Is and four because you post content People are gonna start reaching out to You instead of you going out to them Step number five you start asking them Questions collect the right information So that you can close them when it comes

Down to it okay so this is where it gets Important step number six is where you Affirm to them that this is something That you can actually do once they’ve Presented exactly what they want step Number seven you give them the deadline Where you know you can deliver said Funnel tip number eight you get them to Ask you the price instead of you saying How much it is this puts you in a Position where they’re coming to you Asking for the price which means they’re Interested if they wouldn’t be Interested they wouldn’t ask the price Number nine you give them a custom deal Normally would be this but because you Have all of this already it’s gonna be Easier for me so it’s going to be this Price number 10 if they want to think About it you follow up kindly and Professionally every second day and 11 Once every to start you send them an Invoice and it has to be quick don’t Wait till tomorrow send it in five Minutes using a payment link so it’s Easy for them to pay you step number 12 The minute you send over the invoice you Also explain what’s going to happen next So that they feel confident paying you Money especially important because we’re Paying strangers over the internet Thousands of dollars and 13 you Communicate to them as soon as taken Care of i’m going to send over an

Onboarding form where you can literally Put everything i need and we just have Everything in one place and 14 once it’s Paid you actually send over the link to The onboarding form and you tell them How it works 15 you follow up and make Sure that they filled it out and also Once they fill it out you confirm that You have everything that you need 16 you Communicate to them that you’ve started Building the funnel so that they know That the project has started 17 in the Middle of the project you message them And you let them know how it’s going so Far doesn’t have to be a long message Could be something simple like hey we’re Working on the funnel Looking great so far can’t wait to send Over this funnel in like a couple of Days or 48 hours number 19 you message Your client and you let them know hey I’m going to send over the funnel today It’s going to be a first draft which Means it’s not 100 done but i want your Feedback anything you want us to change Let me know and we’ll get that done Within 24 to 48 hours so 20 is when you Send over the funnel and you do it in a Visually beautiful way where you can Actually present the funnel with a Funnel mock-up i have templates you know In canva and stuff like that that we use And also like to send over a loom with a Screen share where i show them like

Here’s the thought process behind the Design that helps a lot as well 21 you Ask them for anything that you need if You need logins to click funnels or Whatever for them to add you as a sub User to go in and make changes and set It up in their account this is when you Would do that 22 you log into their Account you move it over you set it up To the right domain and any other Integrations that they need 23 this is Very important this is where you Actually test out the funnel so make Sure that when you’re testing it out go At it from a visitor’s perspective not Just yours or the clients 24 it’s time To message the client let them know hey Here’s the link go check it out and this Is like a double test because now the Client is also testing the funnel just Like if the funnel would be live 24 or 25 You communicate to them hey i’m still Here if you have any questions still Here happy to help any changes you want Anything that you want me to continue Doing maybe split testing to make sure That it converts even 30 days after this I’m happy to do so all right so two more 26 is where if you want to get a Testimonial from them you wait a couple Of days to make sure they’re happy the Funnel goes live everything goes well And that’s where you want to get the

Feedback and maybe a testimonial from Them and finally number 27 this is where You use Your client that you already got paid For they’re happy everything is good you Use that as marketing material to get The next one because it doesn’t stop This is so much fun and so you just want To build the next one and so you post This but you make the client the hero You can make that funnel look beautiful Or maybe a video or an image we use both And you post that on social media i’m Mostly active on facebook and so i would Post it there make the client the hero Such an amazing project all of that good Stuff if you want to see how i do that You can go to my profile on facebook if You want to learn how we do these three Things and these 27 things perfectly to Attract clients close clients and build Funnels make sure you go to a full-time Funnel designer i’ve had a couple of of People recently asked me hey is this Just for funnel designers and always Tell them like no it’s not dependent to Just click funnels it’s not just for Funnel agencies because it’s not a Funnel design course only it’s like 20 Funnel design conversion then we have Offer creation sales copy and everything You need there’s over 100 videos in There private community weekly q a calls Where you can ask me anything with that

Said make sure you subscribe i’ll see in The next one peace.

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