3 BIG Changes (will change my entire business)

And guys i see these videos online where It says make a hundred dollars doing Nothing i’m like I wanna do stuff give me a nice office a Computer Nice music good food maybe an ice cream Here and there And i’m good let me build funnels All right guys important updates if You’re new to the channel if you’ve been Here for a while you know that we are Always working on put out the best Content in The community for funnels marketing and Overall business advice Tips tutorials and the tools that you Can use to grow your business to get More clients and to build the life that You Want that said there are three things Specifically they’re working on right Now In terms of how we create content how we Put them out there Both free and paid instead of full-time Funneldesigner.com so that’s what we’re Going to cover in this video Make sure you smash the like button and Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t Already And now let’s dive into the video so the First thing is this i posted On my profile i posted this as i’m Recording new cars

Content for full-time funnel designer I’m keeping these three things in mind Number one and i go through what changes We’re making Right now and i want to talk about why We’re doing that So we have videos that should be high Quality Easy to consume especially audio but Also visually Need to be a great mix of education and Entertainment so it’s fun to watch as You learn new things So there’s too many courses out there Where literally they just take their Iphone Or they take like a loom screen Recording video And they just say okay is it recording Okay it’s recording sweet And they start talking okay so here’s What you have to do and they talk about The theory And they talk about what you need to Know in terms Of what they’re teaching in their course And as a company As a business owner i put my everything Into this my entire life i work long Days i have a family There’s a lot of other things that i Could be doing but i love this stuff and I need it to be perfect And so whether it’s on youtube or it’s

On facebook Or it’s inside of the course but Specifically for people who pay Their hard earned money to join the Course it needs to be Perfect so and and keep in mind i’m just Gonna go through this real quick with You and show you That we have a lot of content inside of The course and i’m adding more all the Time Here’s a preview of stuff that we have In there we have funnel templates We have coaching calls we have workbooks We have dm closing scripts advanced Version now this is the free one we have Client challenge workbook We have it all we have frameworks for How to Position your offer yourself your Clients we have how to create the offer Overcome objection stack the offer we Have email sequences on automation we Have roadmaps for the funnels we have Email roadmaps So you know exactly what emails to send Out whether it’s for your funnels or Your clients funnels We have templates for you know how to Post your social media content to get Clients How to optimize the social media profile What i’m saying is We have it all inside the course already

It is in my opinion already and By people who uh who are in the course Who’ve taken a lot of funnel courses It’s the best one in the marketplace And i still want it to be even better Every single day it’s the first thing i Think about when i wake up the last Thing that i think about before i go to Sleep Is how do i serve my customers how do i Serve you Even more again we go back to this post It’s like okay Video should be high quality ease to Consume again there’s too many one-hour Videos or two-hour videos with a slide Here’s the thing that you need to do Here’s what you need to know and you Gotta focus on your mindset you gotta Focus on On you know up leveling your your diet And you gotta sleep more and you gotta Just work harder and I don’t know for me it’s like tell me What to do show me how to do it Preferably if you made like a pre-made Template and i’ll just plug and play Into it And i understand you you don’t build a Million dollar business By just using one template and plug and Play i understand that But there’s a lot of things as you can Tell from all this there’s a lot of

Things that people could do as course Creators To improve the implementation process And the speed Of which people get results from that Course and so i want to do that for More people that’s why we have free Stuff a lot of free dm closing scripts We have free funnel templates we have Free Mini courses we have free trainings we Have free content daily on youtube I don’t want to be a person who’s like No you got to pay me to to learn Anything like If you can you know take what i’m Teaching you sign a client Make money and then use that to further Invest into yourself in your business Get into the course and get my coaching Awesome I love that but i don’t i don’t request It i don’t demand it in order for me to Serve you And so with that said i want to make the Video shorter I want them to be high quality Production value easy to consume Almost like you’re watching netflix but For entrepreneurs and so Number two is shorter video trainings More pre-made tools That make it easier to implement i kind Of talked about this already

But yeah shorter videos so no long you Know one-hour videos instead Break it down and this kind of goes with The fourth one is as well that i Mentioned here More searchable content title so almost Like a university Of videos and we have over 100 videos Already but it needs to be Not only shorter and yes the videos are Right now Between three minutes to you know five Or ten minutes but some of them go to Like 20 minutes and 30 minutes and That’s not okay So shorter videos high production value Easy to consume Fun to consume and then i give you the Tool to implement it And so if we look at the the third one Is More before versus after and this is a Big one Redesigns rewritten copy taking a Strategy From one of the students and and you’re Signing a client you’re coming to me You’re asking me okay what’s the Strategy That we should use for this client i Sort of look at it i audit it and i give You feedback It’s almost like the coaching the One-on-one coaching i go into your

Funnels And i redesign your funnels and i clean Up the funnels Before you send them to your clients so We’ll have students who Sent there yeah a message they got from A client saying i want a refund I don’t like this to me saying let’s fix It i jump into the account i redesign The funnel We send it over the client is happy and They go wow this Looks way better this is awesome and so Obviously that’s not a long term thing It’s 10 times i do this with each Coaching student To make sure that you get results for Your clients again going back to this is What if i show you how i do that what if I show you more Here’s what it looks like right now and Here’s the changes that i made and Here’s why i did it so you see over my Shoulder as i’m kind of Thinking about this doing it and then You see ah this this how he you know he Does it Behind the scenes i like that that’s Interesting and maybe it’s just me maybe I’m a geek I know i’m a geek i’m a nerd about this Stuff but i love sharing that and that’s Been something that people Uh resonate with is seeing the behind

The scenes of me doing it not just a Video that says Here’s how to do this now go do it and If you don’t get results it’s your own Fault because you’re not implementing No like it’s my job as a coach to show You here’s How i’m thinking about it here’s what I’m changing and here’s why i’m doing it And so now you start to think like me And build Similar funnels like me that’s the third Thing and i think that’s Along with the data the improved Conversion rates and everything that i Provide And so i think those are three big Changes that are going to be super Helpful to the Community to the freedom fam inside of The course and here on youtube as well Because we’re always trying to Up the production value we’re always Trying to make the videos better We’re trying to make them shorter and More straight to the point so that is Easy for you to implement Them and so and obviously we got to keep In mind you know we need the seo search Related content they’re going to stay on Youtube and rank on youtube for a long Time but those are a couple of things That i’m focused on Right now and i’m curious what are you

Focused on right now let me know in the Comments below Also make sure you smash the like button If you haven’t already that tells me That you like these videos you want to See more of them and not just update Videos but Tutorials tools and trainings on how to Get clients How to build funnels and how to make Sure that they convert Offer creation design automation emails All of that good stuff Guys it’s a fun business it’s not only An online business And guys i see these videos online where It says make a hundred dollars doing Nothing i’m like i want to do stuff I just wanted to be creative and not Stuck in Meetings and headache clients and all of This and that Now give me a nice office a computer Nice music good food maybe an ice cream Here and there And i’m good let me build funnel so Anyways that’s enough rambling I’ll see in the next video

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