3 Income Streams that Pays Me $112,000/Year Minimum: How to Start a Funnel Agency

What’s up guys welcome back to another Episode to That episode we just filmed a podcast um With freedom seekers so i’m like welcome Back to another episode Uh welcome back to the video On the channel so i wanted to do a Couple of things Uh but before i show you how i get Clients as a funnel designer i wanted to Just Uh plug this real quick because i’m Excited we got in the mail so i think it Looks sick Designed by yours truly fuel our Uh coffee blend that’s launching September 1st as the back side of it And it’s medium roast uh it’s roast on Demand so it’s premium coffee Straight to your door um and it’s Freshly roasted like the same day As we ship it out so that’s pretty cool So anyways what i wanted to do is Show you guys how i get clients as a Funnel design i have a little bit of a Different setup here with ecamm live so Hopefully this is working and you can See and hear me Um how i make posts that get me clients And there’s actually three different Uh ways that i get clients with these Posts so i’ll show you first The three different ways that i get Clients and then the strategy it’s

Really simple how i actually make these Posts but here’s an example of how i do It 47 likes here Uh seven comments one share so if we go Here To my uh one second we go here to my Ipad you can also see i’ve you know Tried started Using this i’ve actually had an ipad for A while but never Really found an easy way to use it um to Kind of show what i’m talking about but There’s a couple of ways that i do get Clients that people don’t know so i just Want to Um show them here and the biggest one Is to just go straight to a business Owner right so we have Like a business owner So that’s the typical one right like Where someone who has a business they Don’t want to build the funnel They want to outsource it they see your Design maybe they’ve seen your funnels You posted them throughout you know the Year and or you know However long you’ve been doing this and Just a little bit here and there As you finish funnels you post them and When they want the funnel they’re like Man let me go to this person you know Let me go to you And see how much you charge and and kind Of see if it’s a good fit from there so

Again if we go here that’s the first Thing the second thing Is what i’ve done is actually i’ve Actually done all of these three so Business owner is a one-time Right a one-time project and then we Have This scenario where you actually sign up To their team so I’ve had ceos who reach out and they say Like hey can you be a part of our team And i’ve you know been paid Multiple four figures a month to be on a Team and also build funnels for other People Um so you know these are not business Owners who need just a one-time funnel Project But actually need multiple funnels Sometimes even every single month And you know if i said the names of These clients They’re like high eight figures so you Would know them they’re everywhere on Click funnels awards two comma club x And two comma club C like the 25 and 50 million award i Think even 75 million Um and so yeah big clients i don’t want To mention any names but you know if You’ve been following me for a while you Probably know who it is So that’s the second thing is like they Bring you on and this is

On a monthly so if we go here again This is on a monthly deal where you get Paid recurring revenue and there’s Actually two ways you can get paid Recurring revenue one Is that they pay every single month for You to kind of be there full time And there’s another way to get recurring Revenue is you know let’s say for Six months you build four funnels you Get paid Three thousand per funnel it’s twelve Thousand but it’s spread out we actually Get paid up front so You know over six months that would be Two thousand a month which is more than A lot of people make In like a recurring like social media Marketing agency or digital advertising Um where you actually manage their Entire like marketing Now you just build funnels and you still Get paid two thousand a month over you Know maybe Six months i’ve been paid for as long as Like 18 months Um as a recurring so that’s a good thing To have as well Well i also had clients outside of that So you don’t have to limit yourself but Anyways going back here to the third one Which Is white label so this is uh where Uh someone brings you on as a funnel

Designer because They just want to focus on selling so It’s a funnel agency you know first of All business owner Then we had people who want to hire you To their team And then we have um you know meaning Still a separate business They want to hire you to build all their All of their funnels and then we have The third one which is the White label funnel agency where they Sell funnels And then you just build and deliver the Funnel so i’m actually doing that right Now Uh we’re parting on a lot of projects me And funnel empire The latest one was actually um Robert kiyosaki and so you might have Heard of robert kiyosaki he has like Millions of followers he’s you know he’s Written a book with donald trump and He’s pretty big in the Financial space um so i’m sure you’ve Heard of him Uh the author of rich that ported so Anyways What i’ll show you here if we go to my Profile again Um there we go i’m going to create this So you can see what kind of posts That i make and how i get these clients Because it all comes down to

Uh maybe making people drew like yeah That’s exactly what i want you know So i’m going to um Remove this and by the way you can get These for free uh these 10 like Funnel mock-up templates In canva it’s free to use just go in the Description We have more than this inside of the Full course full-time funnel designer Dot com but you can get these 10 for Free so I’ve actually uploaded the funnel here So i’m just going to close Not that one that is a another client um There it is so close that And what i’m going to do is just drag This Actually i’ll make it a little bit Bigger so you guys can see it I’m just going to drag this out just Like that Whoops There we go maybe even move it to the Side a little bit And the way you get this shot is you Just go to the funnel After you finish it and you use a tool Like here Up here you’ll see um it’s called Fire shot i believe yeah fire shot you Just grab a screenshot of the entire Page it’s going to scroll down and take An image

And then you save that as a png you Upload it again to Something like this so i’m going to copy This Can make it smaller And showcase the entire funnel here so Let’s see where is the End of the funnel there it is I’m going to drag that up right There so we can actually make this a Little bit bigger Give some spacing to this and there we Go we have these two Let me just move this a little bit as Well In the middle great And then i probably want to go with Something that’s more Uh navy blue just because I’m gonna go with this and so even these I’m going to Um well actually let me try this instead I’m going to change this to White white White Text white I’m just making a quick version of this But Oops There we go so if i were to download This Which by the way i would still make Changes to it like you can see Here um that i have like gradient i have

Shadows i have my logo here built-in Click funnels All of that good stuff but you can see Kind of the structure here that took me What 30 seconds so it doesn’t have to be Complicated it just has to be visually Beautiful for people to see like okay it Makes sense like i You know this person knows how to build Funnels and Um i’m just gonna move this again Right here oops let me share my screen There we go Um something like that and then This could even be down here building Click funnels And then this would say sales Funnel design Um and yeah that will be pretty much Let me just see this real quick to see How it looks Now i still don’t like this I have too much add to just let it go So i’m gonna go with something else Actually here’s what i’ll do just for The sake of this video I am going to um Go with a clean design like this and Then i’m going to add A circle I’m gonna make this white with less Opacity so i’m gonna drag it Maybe more like this position to back And then make it something like 10

There it is then move this down Have an a separate one here at the Bottom And that would be it so yeah this image Right here if we just take a look at This one you’ll see The design of the funnel obviously that One has to be beautiful first But this works as a funnel post and then What i would do Is on facebook i would just Paste the funnel and i would make it in A non-spammy Non like you don’t want to make it seem Like you’re needy like hey hire me now It’s more of like hey just you know drop Just finished another funnel And now have availability if you are Looking for a funnel or if you’ve been Thinking about launching a funnel Uh let me know i can work on your funnel Now uh this was a super fun project i Kind of make it like a case study So if when i make a post i also turn Into like a story Like hey i had a ton of fun building This funnel um This one for an example we can take a Look at this one And you can see here uh we’re on a roll With these funnels this was a funnel Design probably for a content platform Specifically around military and veteran Humor which is not only a superfund

Project but had me lawlin just watching The videos of my market research phase So like the fact that i get to build Funnels With clients that i resonate with their Message Is so much fun and so i turn it into a Story and then people reach out and now I can’t just I cannot take on more clients we have so Many uh Funnels right now that we’re doing plus I have the iron man in two weeks coming Up which is crazy Um yeah that’s just insane but that’s I look forward to it so anyways just to Recap The uh three ways you can get clients uh Number one is to go work With business owners okay business Owners are looking for People to build their funnels and it’s Ever growing it’s never been a better Time to build funnel spotter people Uh you can charge um i would say Anything from fifteen hundred so a Thousand five hundred Up to five thousand for funnels right Now um you can have Two per week so it’s uh you know i would Say 5 000 a month to 15 000 a month is The best place to be Without team members and then here is Where they hire you to pay

I have one student in full-time fund of The center who gets paid four thousand a Month To build funnels and it’s not um it’s Full-time but it’s not every single day So like some Some days are just you know days off and Um I’m sure they’re working on stuff but um It’s not like High stress stress and pressure then we Have the third one which is white label Where you get paid Um as you build funnels for a funnel Agency who has clients So that could also be it’s usually a Little bit more so let’s say you get Paid Out of the fee that could be like four Thousand Um you get paid a thousand five hundred The agency is left with Two thousand five hundred because they Have like operations and stuff And so um three per week that’s uh 3 000 If it’s one 1k per funnel let’s say it’s 1500 Three funnels that’s four thousand five Hundred uh four weeks Times four thousand five hundred is uh Sixty is eighteen Per month without talking to clients Without closing And that’s what i’m doing now making

More than six figures a year without Ever talking to clients Just from that source alone and then Inside a full-time funnel designer i Also help you Um get multiple streams of income uh If we take a look here up to five Different streams of income So um you can see inside of the program Full-time Funnel design we have 243 members Right now you can see these are all the Modules these are not videos these are Modules So a business accelerator blueprint you Can see here Um these are all the videos in just Business accelerator Um funnel agency playbook the client Closing scripts calculating your freedom Number tracking your revenue number Quick productivity planner funnel launch Checklist profit ladder pressing your Offers Business checklist client checklist and Then we go into The sign you can see all of these videos Are sketch These are all canva design client Secrets so Just this module alone on how to get Clients it keeps going look at this It’s all about how to get clients then We go to market positioning

This is click funnels alone just uh Editor so it’s not a lot Like it’s everything you need but no Extra fluff on click funnels so even if You’re using something else Another page builder you can still just Learn in here and use it in another page Builder High converting offers um copy Look at this this all of this is is uh Copy alone keeps going keeps going keeps Going Here it is and then we have seven figure Uh funnel road maps man so much stuff Look at this it keeps going css email Funnel vault Which is other successful funnels that i Show you behind behind the scenes We also have things like this where you Know in canva you have like a Wireframe that you can play around with And you can move this and you can You know just sort of create your own Uh funnel mock-up to use for yourself or For clients and then Well here you can see like some examples Of funnels where i’ve used these Simple versions um another thing that People ask me all the time is like hey All these templates and swipe files and Things that you create How can i use those can i create Something similar to use to get clients And the truth is that you can just use

The ones that i’ve created because i Also have White label versions of these so you can Just delete the logo here Add your own logo don’t sell this as Your own but use it to get clients Because you can show them Like hey let’s say it’s a website funnel Uh or a uh let’s take like an event Funnel for example And show them like because they might be Confused you know they want to hire you But they’re not sure if they have the Strategy correct Well i give you all of that so you can Talk to your clients and say hey Um we have the sales page first then we Have order form and vip for people who Want to buy that as an upsell and then Confirmation Confirmation page when you show them Something Visual they go okay that makes a lot of Sense and now you’re seen as the expert Not just a funnel designer but a funnel Consultant so it allows you to charge More As well and these are just couple of Things that are in the course i mean I am confident in saying this the best Funnel course In the entire community and this Industry we also have the same thing for Email sequences so you see like opt-in

Email sequence and you see all of these Emails here as well plus i give you the Templates for what to write Exactly what to write i do the same Thing with Background images you get all the Background images In canva as well you can swap out to Your funnels you have funnel agency Um a funnel agency workbook with Everything how to get clients Uh all of this good stuff it’s there’s a Lot of Of uh great oops i’m not gonna share all Of this but 43 funnel agents and niches That you can choose in between Cover photo template you can use for Your own Facebook profile when we have mock-up Science templates you can use for your Funnels things like this If you don’t want to use like paid Software so All in all without making this a Um a long pitch because um The idea i had from this was someone Just joined full-time funnel designer Today Um and so i wanted to answer this Question like We talked about this in the facebook Group yesterday that Who is this for and um people have been Asking

Is this only for clickfunnels user And it’s not it’s for people who use any Sort of page builder It just happened to be um that i love Clickfunnels it’s the easiest one to use And so I just think it’s the best one for now If that changes i’m gonna change For now i think clickfunnels is the best And so i wanted to make this to show Kind of what’s inside i know a lot of People have been asking me Um you know they’re on the fence about The course and so they’re like hey can You record a video showing what’s inside The course So i wanted to do that but more Importantly i wanted to show you How to make uh money with the course Because usually it pays itself in like 30 days And um so just yesterday If you’re on the facebook group Yesterday we had someone send me a Message and And uh saying they made 2500 2500 from one deal and you can see the Price of the course at Fulltimefunneldesigner.com you can see How it’s paid for itself multiple times From just one client so Anyways that is it hopefully you like This If you have any questions let me know

But that’s it for this video i’ll see in The next one Peace.

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