3 Posts to Get 3 Clients – Create Social Media Content That SELLS and Drives Traffic to Your Funnels

All right so in this what i want to do Something a little bit different i have A client that i’m consulting right now For a funnel and we’ve come up with the Offer we’ve come up with the sales Message the Market positioning our unique Opportunity or vehicle We’re now ready to launch we have the Funnel ready and it’s time to Start driving traffic to it so we are Actually going to do a lot of split Testing with different headlines and Hooks and stuff like that both on the Organic side of things so we’re going to Post content but also On the paid side of things which is Obviously the ads and so What we’re going to do first is we’re Going to utilize what they already have So if you’re watching this Then i highly suggest that when you’re Launching something new first you Get what we call proof of concept by Launching it to your warm audience And so i thought why not you know share To you guys what we’re doing with them Hence why i’m recording this video which I’m also going to send to them so they Can see The first couple of posts that we’re Going to be doing and i’m also going to Give you The different examples of posts that

I’ve made in the past And also a tool that i’ve created called The quick content planner but more on That later make sure you also subscribe Like this video so you can reach more People it also inspires me when i see That you like the video Anyways the first type of post if we go In here This by the way is a tool called Millinote and i just use this to plan Different things And so for this one i’m planning the Video so you can see here We have strategic posts which is Different types of Posts to get a specific type of reaction Or call to action from people And then we have the format which is Just in which way do we present this Content which right now i’m doing a Youtube video And then some posts are more written They’re shorter they have a hook to then Get people to comment and reach out to Me to get something specific All these types of formats for these Content pieces so The first type of strategy is the desire Based Content pieces so in the wealth industry People want to make more money in the Health industry people want to Be more fit or or healthy and then in

The relationship Niche people obviously want to have Better relationships so that’s the first Type of post which is to get more of What they want but then the second type Of content Is the pain related content like how do I get rid Of this pain how do i escape this Situation that i’m in And the third one is just posting stuff To increase your trust with your Audience and obviously there are more Than these three But i’m starting with these three so we Have desire Pain and trust credibility and authority Why should you listen to me That’s why you hear me mentioning a lot Of times like build funnels for click Funnels and 300 funnels blah blah it’s To Create more trust and credibility so People actually listen to All of this stuff so now let’s look at An example of this we have desire How to get rid this result i’ve been Able to do this By three steps to get this results Toward desire and so we go here for an Example You can see how to add custom shadows to Click funnels or A recurring revenue as a funnel designer

These are things that people Want and this is also an example of This one for example you can see 68 Answers Of people wanting this thing i just say You know who wants the video first and That is specific Format similar to this one written post On background no image or video the goal Here is to get people to comment and ask For it so this is the format for the Desire Type of post here’s an example of a post That you could make Just record a new video three steps to Starting an online business who wants it Or New training how i got my first customer Online in just seven days Who wants the video if it’s a pdf or if It’s an ebook You obviously just change the verbage to Fit your Freebie that you’re giving out or Whatever it is right the goal is to get Someone to comment And just make a micro commitment which Is why it’s super short and it’s also Working you can see Reach 800 people in my facebook group so That’s one example of that one then we Have another example like An image with free in the title so get People to comment and ask for it again

That’s called a comment letter here’s an Example free Funnel template just comment link me Below and i’ll send it over right away You can do this with a training as well Where you have like a screenshot of the Training Or screenshot of you a selfie of you and Then just have a big headline So it’s visible it gets people to stop Scrolling and it just says hey Comment below if you want this thing for Free right now so Another example of that is this one want A free template Location followed by ghostin and the Headline is The same thing 103 funnel template 94 Comments This obviously works doesn’t matter if You’re on instagram or facebook i’m Mostly doing it on facebook because That’s where my Biggest audience is but a lot of people Are doing this on instagram And other platforms as well and then the Third one which is what i’m doing right Now Is a video or live stream with a call to Action so get people to watch to the end And take the next step so you know the Headline or hook For vita could be the three things i Learned when i started my business

Here’s what i would do differently You know number one because you know i Learned this thing and number two i Would do this thing differently because Then you know i realized that you can Actually get quicker results when you’re Doing it this way And number three this thing and it could Be like five things i learned Or it could be three things that i wish I had Known sooner could be seven steps to Getting this outcome that’s all Desire except for the mistake one that’s Avoiding a pain So that leads me to the next one how to Get rid of this pain Or how to avoid this mistake lessons Learned after this Failure let’s see if we find an example Of that This one is again more desire based for Quick changes to improve conversions Number one do this number two do this But you can see the the same thing here Is like i have something visual that Gets people to stop scrolling It has one two three four it has the Copy here And we have people reaching out the call To action here i think was If you need help with this feel free to Message me So those are just a couple of examples

Of posts And you can obviously play around with Desire based pain based Trust based and have different posts Like this one is shorter Just a text and a question like who Wants this Or you know just 10 people first come First serve comment link me below and I’ll send this over Another thing that is super important to Keep in mind is When you have something important that You’re launching something exciting You want to tell people ahead of time so When you’re launching it like Friday or a wednesday you want to start Like at least three days before Start teasing it’s like a teaser or a Trailer for a movie You start dropping hints what’s coming Maybe updating your Images and posting content doing a Little behind the scenes Teaser of what’s coming why do people Want it How is it going to help them move Towards pleasure or away from pain And also increase your credibility by Saying here’s what i’ve been able To do it’s coming soon and here’s what You’re gonna be able to learn Or here’s what you can escape by Learning this so you see how these

All three sort of tie together and when You’re mixing it is super powerful Because not only are you posting you Know business and personal content but You also have These psychological triggers happening In their brain So this is like real marketing it’s not Just posting like a food selfie or you Like hustling or You know six figure this or whatever It’s like here’s the things that i’m Learning Now let me show you a couple of funnels That you could do this with so I have this one for example download Your free client challenge workbook Below Super simple funnel right it’s just this Is it you can’t scroll Just you know put your email here and We’ll send it over that’s a workbook to Get your first clients As a funnel designer then another one is This one The webinar funnel how became a Full-time high-ticket funnel design in Just 27 days this is what we’re doing with Our not this one but It’s a similar funnel because it has Like an opt-in page to get the email Then he has a video playing and then he Has

Call to action to book a call and on the Call they’re presenting their Opportunity and if it’s a good fit they Close on the call And so here’s another one obviously Full-time funnel designer the course Where i teach this Funnel understand the strategies how to Get clients and build funnels and then This is a funnel bundle of different Funnel templates 37 templates for 37 And so as i’m creating content i could Then say hey the problem That people are making when they’re Building funnels is they have no Framework or structure blah blah Here’s what you need here’s the second Thing and here’s the third thing And if you want my help the best way you Can do that is go to Insert the offer and so for this one i Could say go to 37funnels.com And get my plug and play proven to Convert Funnels for just seven dollars or one Dollar per funnel Super simple and a lot of people over Complicate this stuff like man All this content stuff like i have to be On tic tac i gotta do this thing and It’s like super complicated When in reality you just need to sit Down and say okay what’s the pain that People are in right now

Who are in my target audience what is it That they want How can i relate to that what did i go Through what did i learn And then just write it down in a simple Tool like this so This is the quick content planner so let Me just show you real quick how this Works And maybe i’ll do a separate video on The advanced version of this that’s Available in the course full-time funnel Designer as well but basically what this Is and i’ve simplified it like i said Is first you take like your brand Pillars so like what are you know five Things they’re all about or Seven things they’re all about so it Could be like business again this is Combining personal and business so it Could be I’m all about business i’m all about Also Health for entrepreneurs i’m all about Peak performance And you know funnels or more Specifically in that business niche What you’re all about so for me funnels Copywriting offer creation design Traffic clients and personal life Right then i go to topics down here Super simple i just start adding Different topics around content for These brand pillars

Okay so funnels landing pages conversion Split testing upsells downsells Tech side of things right that’s what I’m doing tutorials i’m also doing Trainings how to get clients To get the full picture to build my Personal brand it’s not just my branding And my design that is building my Personal brand is my content And in which position i put myself in The marketplace to become a Go-to so a go-to for funnels oh talk to Gustan A go-to for you know launching your Landing page or designing your A landing page or funnel for conversion Talk to gustan or get his course get his Template And so i’m trying to cement myself in a Marketplace By having a clear strategy for brand Pillars and content pieces But then you want to turn those content Pieces into marketing angles So here’s and i’ll just quickly go Through this again we have The advanced version in the course we Have the hook the frame And then the bridge over to the offer And in a content piece it would be Like getting people into actually Watching and stop Scrolling hook them in by saying here’s This

You know big promise or here’s this big Problem that people have And then you have a frame meaning you Take this thing and you frame it you Position and say here’s Why this is true so it’s like a Statement a polarizing statement that Says People are doing this all wrong oh Really like let me let me watch this Video and see If i’m doing this wrong right now or People are doing this to get this desire Okay let me read this to see if there’s Something that i can learn Or just not miss out on people don’t Like missing out on stuff so For an example for the hook you could Use something like a common myth Around funnels right that could be a Hook To get people in then they’re like what Do you mean a common myth about Funnels is this something that i have to Know before i launch my funnel And so if you click here you can see That i have all of these things like Short tutorial behind the scenes hidden Loophole controversial topic Painful mistakes so for example painful Mistakes And by the way this one is turning out 100 content pieces for you And you just have to fill in the blanks

So what i would then do is i’m able to Choose from here one of these brand Pillars so painful mistake about one of The brand pillars Okay and then when you’re framing it you Give Context to why you’re talking about this So it would be like a customer came to Me And you know we were talking about then You want to choose one of the topics From The brand pillar so we go back here Funnels One of these right so in here we would Frame we would talk about Maybe conversion so painful mistake that People make about funnels And i learned this when a customer came To me we were talking about Conversions the content piece is then The bridge Over so it would be one big topic And then three value points so kind of Like a video like this The big bridge is social media content Or post the value points is the sort of Structure of the content So that it’s easy to flow through so Step one I’m going to talk about brand pillars Two we’re gonna talk about Topics and then step three we’re gonna Talk

About marketing angle so whatever it is Call to action Link in bio check it out swipe up click The link below So for example the call to action after This value piece Could be click the link below and you Know get the funnel templates or join my Facebook group or get the course if You’re interested Format for this would be video and when It’s done i just mark it as done And then move on to the next one now Because this spreadsheet Has set up conditional formatting it’s Gonna choose A lot of different hooks from all these Brand pillars that i’ve set up so that The next one would be a proven system to Get clients Right i’ve put in the information the Spreadsheet knows This is what you by the way i’m Launching a software Soon it’s almost done it’s in beta right Now i’m testing i have a demo account Myself But you know it’s not available to the Public so i’m not pitching you It’s called frameworks and it’s a lot of This stuff And i’ve taken a lot of this conditional Formatting As you’ll see here okay

And what this software is doing this Spreadsheet right here and the software Later It’s sort of using a machine to pump out Different angles of the same information That you put in there that’s how it’s Able to take a content piece and Create different versions of it so that You have a hundred Different content pieces anyways long Story short The key and the secret truly to all of This The secret right now creating content is Just Getting started and creating momentum Because Sometimes we get so in our own mind like Even me recording this video and And you know my wife just had surgery And there’s a lot of stuff going on By the way she’s you know she’s doing Great and everything recovering but As i’m sitting down i’m like man it has To be perfect the video has to be Perfect the structure has to be perfect My entire like the strategy behind the Video The the weekly content needs to make Sense so this piece here And like i’m i’m usually overthinking it So you have to sit down and just start Creating and then you’ll create momentum By

Just keep publishing so you know that’s Why i’m giving these different Brand pillars to say first we’re going To create content around Desire and then the pain and then trust And we’re going to put all pieces here And here Some of them are shorter some of them Are written some of them are Images and then you find kind of your Momentum and you start picking up and it Goes easier And faster and you don’t have to think As much But when you’re taking a break or when You’re getting started especially in the Beginning you’re like man It needs to make sense first before i’m Gonna publish Like it has to be perfect before i’m Gonna sit down and do it No like you can do it and then if you Don’t like it if there’s a content piece That you don’t like You don’t have to upload it but it Doesn’t have to be perfect you can Upload it and then Make the next one a little bit better And then the next one a little bit Better and i think The reason why people don’t publish is The fear of other people’s judgment like What are they going to think about this Video if it’s not perfect

Like me right now for example if i’m not The most like Yeah everything is perfect in that kind Of mood People wouldn’t be watching or listening So i think The main lesson like the strategy is Great the the content pieces are great But you have to get over yourself it’s Not about you it’s about putting out Content to help more people because the More people you help the more people Are going to come to you the more money You’re going to make so it’s not It’s not about you it’s about solving Their problem getting them towards Desire away from pain And then cementing yourself as they go In that industry so hopefully that helps You have any questions on this Let me know in the comments below and I’ll cover that in the next video if you Want the advanced version of this It’s available in the course as well Link is in the description if you Haven’t already make sure you smash the Like button Subscribe to the channel for more videos Like this and i’ll see in the next one.

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