30 Days to Start a Business

We had 30 days to start a brand new Business no experience no audience Nothing where do I start like what do I Sell so we look at the marketplace we Look at people Partnerships media Softwares and things that we can Leverage to grow our business day one What do I do well I start with my offer My Niche and trying to understand before Even offering a solution kind of what They're struggling with I'm gonna pick Funnels the first offer is I'm gonna do One-on-one funnel builds I will start Reaching out to people and I would offer A free redesign why redesign well Because if I do a redesign for someone It means that they already have a funnel Right it means that they're in the game So I'll charge tiro for this and then Try to upsell them into 500 bucks for The next one then week two let's say we Get 500 and then I'm gonna try to just Double this to 1K and that is the focus For the first 30 days

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