4 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Clients Won’t Hire You” – Understanding the Challenges of Freelancing.

As a freelancer, you may face certain challenges in finding new clients and projects to work on. It can be frustrating to put in hours of effort into your proposals and pitches, only to hear crickets in response. In this blog post, we will explore four brutally honest reasons why clients may be hesitant to hire you as a freelancer. By understanding these challenges, you can take proactive steps to improve your approach and increase your chances of landing new clients. So, let’s dive in and see what you can do to be successful in the world of freelancing.


Freelancing is becoming more popular day by day; it allows people to work independently, set their own schedules, and focus on their passions. However, the downside of this job is the difficulty of finding clients to hire you. Many freelancers find themselves struggling to make ends meet and unable to attract clients. In this article, we will be covering the 4 brutally honest reasons why clients won’t hire you and how to tackle those challenges.

Reason 1: Clients can’t find you

The first and most common reason why clients won’t hire you is that they can’t find you. If your website or online presence is not easily accessible, then clients won’t be able to see your expertise, your portfolio, or your services.

Evaluation of your online presence

To tackle this problem, you need to evaluate your online presence, check if your website is optimized for SEO, and whether it’s mobile-friendly. It’s essential that you regularly create content and engage with your audience on social media platforms to drive more traffic to your site.

Get yourself out there

To make yourself more visible to potential clients, ensure you’re listed on online directories that relate to your niche. Additionally, you can join online communities or participate in forums to provide value, give advice, and showcase your expertise to potential clients.

Reason 2: Ineffective outreach

Another reason why clients won’t hire you is due to ineffective outreach. If you’re only relying on job boards and social media platforms to market your services, you’re not doing enough to stand out in the crowd.

Cold outreach

One way to improve your outreach game is through cold emailing. By crafting personalized emails, you can target potential clients and showcase how your services can help their business. However, ensure you’re not spamming clients, and always follow up with them if you don’t hear back.


Another way to improve outreach is by asking for referrals from everyone you know. By doing so, you can leverage your existing network, build relationships and gain valuable connections that can lead to clients.

Reason 3: Untrustworthy or Not Likable

The third reason clients won’t hire you is based on how likeable and trustworthy you are. As a freelancer, it’s important to build a relationship with your clients, understand their needs, and deliver on your promises.

Be Authentic

To improve on this, ensure that you’re being authentic, providing value, and forming connections with your clients. Furthermore, respond promptly to emails, be communicative, show your interest in your clients’ work, and always follow up at the end, asking for constructive feedback to improve your work.

Be Professional

By being professional in your business interactions, you’ll build a strong reputation and gain referrals and repeat clients, leading to a successful freelancing career.

Reason 4: Not the right fit

The fourth reason why clients won’t hire you is due to not being the right fit for the job. Clients have specific needs, and sometimes you may not be meeting their specific requirements.

Assess your skillset

To tackle this problem, assess your current skill set and understand your strengths and weaknesses. Consider the niche that you’re working in and ensure you’re qualified for the job you’re trying to apply for.

Ask Questions

Additionally, ask relevant questions and do thorough research about the job, so you can understand the client’s needs and expectations. If you feel that it’s not the right fit for you, be honest and recommend someone who might be more qualified.


As a freelancer, finding clients to hire you can be a daunting task. However, by tackling the reasons why clients won’t hire you, such as ineffective outreach, not being visible enough, not being trustworthy or likeable, or not meeting the client’s requirements, you’ll be able to build a successful freelancing career.


  1. How can I make myself more visible to potential clients?
    Ans. By optimizing your website, engaging with your audience on social media, and joining online communities, you can make yourself more visible to potential clients.

  2. Is cold emailing an effective way of getting clients?
    Ans. Yes, cold emailing can be an effective way of targeting potential clients, but ensure you’re crafting personalized emails, and not spamming clients.

  3. How can I improve my likeability and trustworthiness as a freelancer?
    Ans. By being authentic, professional, and communicative with your clients, you can build connections and gain repeat clients.

  4. What if I’m not qualified for the job I’m applying for?
    Ans. It’s important to assess your skill set and ensure you’re qualified for the job. If not, recommend someone who might be more qualified.

  5. How can I tackle the problem of not being right for the job?
    Ans. By doing thorough research about the job, understanding the client’s needs, and asking relevant questions, you can assess whether you’re the right fit or not. If not, be honest, and recommend someone else.

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