4 frameworks to avoid bad advice

Here's the best way to not get bad Advice the first one is what is this Person's intention if the person has any Intention that would benefit them from The advice they're giving me I Automatically toss it out or I take it With a massive grain of salt the second Thing do they have enough context in my Situation and 99.9 of the time they Don't because the best person whose Context to your situation is you the Third one is macro timing did this Advice work in the 80s and not work Today is it a fundamental principle or Is it an environmental factor and then The final piece how does it apply to me Specifically within this timing of my Career and it doesn't even matter nearly As much about how old you are but more So what season of Entrepreneurship You're in it's when I think through all Four of those lenses when I look at Something that crosses all four that's The advice I listen to

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