[Music] All right so today we’re talking about Different marketing agency models i’m Gonna talk about what i’m doing and what Other people are doing out there and Compare them and give both the pros of Those models but also the cons the Negative the not so fancy and fun stuff That people are not talking about so With that said let’s dive in so the First one we have is an advertising Agency where basically you create the Ads you set them up usually it’s like Facebook advertising or youtube Advertising and you set up the ads Inside of their account and you run These ads you optimize it you test new Creatives and you write the copy for it And you send traffic to a website or Landing page or a sales funnel for Clients this could be local businesses Which you know is the biggest one that I’ve seen but also people are doing this For e-commerce brands you gotta pick a Niche that number one you know really Well and that there’s a big need for Your services such as for example E-commerce which then we have another Challenge Like advertising cost and profit margins But that’s a whole other story and then Local businesses for an example i don’t Know i’ve tried doing that but it’s not My favorite and i’ll get to that in a

Second all right so what are the pros of Having an advertising agency is number One is recurring revenue because you’re Charging clients on a month-to-month Basis now when they sign on as a client You can then say hey we’re going to have A 90-day starter package was going to be You know if it’s normally 2000 per month We can do three months for 5 000. so That’s a good thing because then you get Upfront cash and you get the commitment From the client that says hey i am with You three months and so the first month We’re gonna you know launch the ads and Then we’re gonna optimize them and get Results hopefully by the end of the 90 Days people are willing to invest in Your services moving forward if that’s Something that you want to get into the Other good thing is dependency if you Get a good results for them they don’t Want to leave you because they’re Dependent on you running the ads for Them to get those results now the thing Is obviously there’s a lot of businesses Who need this so that’s not a pro Millions of businesses need advertising Services and finally you can work from Home just like a lot of these other Agencies that i’m gonna mention and so That’s obviously a good thing as well You don’t have to go there physically Okay so what are the cons then with Running a advertising agency well the

Number one thing i would say is if you Don’t get results you don’t get clients And also if you do get clients and you Don’t get results you might end up with Refunds chargebacks and all of that so It’s important that you’re number one Really good at what you do you get Results and you have your documents and Contracts and agreements in place before You actually start your agency another Part that’s not so fun is the client Communication the management client Delivery and managing everything Balancing all of the Stuff that comes with having an Advertising agency especially if you’re Doing it yourself and you’re not Outsourcing and so because it’s all done For you And it’s constant testing and launching New ads it’s very hard to scale compared To if you had a digital product or E-commerce or something that you can Sell you can create once and then Continue selling and scale it up and Then finally what i would say is Probably one of the biggest cons with Having a advertising agency is that it’s Crowded there’s a lot of people right Now selling advertising and marketing Services and so you really have to be Good at what you do you have to be in it For the long term otherwise you’re gonna Get fired and you’re not gonna get

Clients now out of all the five agency Models that i’m gonna talk about where Would i put advertising i’m gonna give You my conclusion at the end of this Video because we have some really Exciting ones that we’re diving into Next okay number two web design agency So this is an agency that builds Websites for Businesses online businesses local Businesses And these are more i would call them Like brochure websites with all the Information for local business for Example you want to rank on google when People type in you know computer repair Service in whatever country or whatever City it is then this local business pops Up at the top you can call them it’s Very quick instant and very local so What are the pros of running a web Design agency to them well for one i Would say that being creative with the Design on the website could be a lot of Fun if you’re a creative person or you Just love building stuff creating stuff I can see how a web design agency could Be a Very fun thing to do another thing is That it’s easy to learn you can watch Youtube tutorials on how to design on Wix and plug and play editor just like Click funnels it’s just a plug-and-play Editor and with wordpress i mean

Whatever page builder you’re using for Websites there’s obviously going to be a Lot of templates that you can choose From and another niche you could get Into in that space is shopify stores so A lot of potential and it could be a lot Of fun to do as well so i wouldn’t say That it’s a dead market by any mean and Then finally same as the other one you Can work from home you can build Websites from anywhere and so it doesn’t Have to be hard you don’t have to go Anywhere and you don’t have to be a Coder And so yeah cons however when it comes To websites it’s very different than Funnels because websites have been Around for a very long time there’s a Lot of people who are basically racing To the bottom in terms of pricing They’re selling websites for two hundred Dollars they say they’re selling these Unlimited web design changes management Fees and basically Everybody’s like i’m gonna be the Cheapest one so if you come in and you Say hey i’m gonna build your website There’s so much stuff out there so much Competition that you’re gonna have a Hard time competing with other people And stand out if you’re just starting Out and if you think about it it’s been Like so many years people have all Around the world they’ve built these

WordPress themes and uh they’re they’ve Basically created a system where you can Take a website team and you can optimize And change it add your images and all of That and launch it if you understand the Tech part which is you know why people Pay you rather than do it themselves but There’s a lot of people who do this Service for cheap if you look at fiverr You’ll see a lot of web design services Not a lot of high quality funnel design Services and then two more cons it’s not Very scalable it’s not like you can just Take on all these clients and build Websites as fast as you can do in click Funnels where it’s hosted on click Funnels you don’t have to go and do all This crazy stuff with hosting and and All of this behind the scenes stuff and And updating the plugins in wordpress And doing all this thing these things It’s it’s Way more easy to scale on clickfunnels Than wordpress for example and then Finally clients usually only need you Once to build out this brochure website That has all the menus and the tabs and The offers once you’ve done that yes you Can sell them like management services For 50 bucks a month But it’s not like they’re gonna go come Back to you multiple times per year and Then number three in this list is funnel Agency uh what’s the difference between

Advertising and funnels or website and Funnels i would say the main big Difference is that we’re nowhere near The same level of Crowdedness uh competitors And i would say learning curve as all of These other ones so already we’re seeing A big difference in like a lot of people Changing from websites to funnels the Other thing and a big difference from Websites for example is that for each Offer they need a sales funnel so if They have a freebie to a paid offer to Thank you page they need you to build That funnel for them so then you get you Know you charge a thousand two thousand Three thousand for that entire funnel if They like it they’re gonna ask you to Build the next one maybe they have a Book funnel maybe they have a home page Funnel maybe they have an event maybe They do a virtual event so now they want To sell tickets to that virtual event so They need a funnel for each offer and so This is how you create recurring revenue Let’s say for an example over the next Year 12 months they want to launch six Different offers and you’re charging 2 000 that’s twelve thousand For building six funnels one per week That’s six weeks i mean the rest of the Year you can put into other clients and Other stuff that you wanna do and like i Said with advertising they rely on you

For results here they come to you to Build the funnel for them and then they Have a team or they hire someone else to Do the ads and you take the pressure off From getting good clicks to the page Your job is now to make sure that clicks That come in convert from visitor into a Customer or lead or client so what are Some of the other pros with having a Funnel agency well i’ve talked a lot About them on here on the channels if You’re new here make sure you go watch The other videos but one of the biggest Ones is for example forbes put out an Article that said the education the Online education learning industry is Growing to a 325 billion dollar industry By the year 2025 and we’ve seen a Radical increase In acceleration towards that Because of the vid right the disease and So you know there’s a lot of people who Have been consulting offline and now They’re trying to go online and and they Want to meet their clients online they Want to have zoom calls they want to do Their consulting one-on-one in a fashion Like this some other people come in Their course creators their coaches they Are setting up their tick tock their Instagram there I mean most people have instagram and Stuff like that but they’re now turning It into a marketing and traffic stream

So where are they sending the traffic Maybe the old school blog well it’s Better if you tell them here’s a funnel That works for you and here’s the offer The membership the subscription that you Can do if If this gym this personal trainer has Been doing one-on-one offline Consultations and workouts and trainings They can now move online put into a Membership where you have pre-recorded Videos there are pre-made pdf downloads You have challenges you have facebook Groups you have communities that gather Online they do the stuff from home and Now you can scale because you have this Online scalable format and i’m talking To you if that’s the personal trainer But if you’re listening and you’re the Funnel designer then your job is to tell Them hey here’s what we can do here’s What other people have done and i can Build the funnel for you so as people Are moving online It becomes easier for you to sell the Funnels because they already want the Funnel to monetize they already have Something inside of them that they want To turn into a product or service your Job is just to build it for them so Anyways another big pro is you can offer Split testing for example and say hey For this offer and for this one and for This one we can basically split as the

Headline the video at the top you can Try two different angles on the Marketing here and we can test every Single month we’ll do a couple of tests Run it you know get some traffic in get At least 100 clicks and then we’ll see Which one is performing better because You’re now being not just a funnel Designer not just a funnel builder but Your funnel consultant to them you’re Helping them with increased conversions You build dependency just like Advertising without you having to do Everything like you don’t have to do all Of the work and and running all the ads And living in a state of 24 7 testing so Then finally you can obviously add on Other services you build a funnel you Can add on things like email marketing Write the copy for them I consult on the vsl the video the Webinar the training the online event The online course modules deliverables With the courses they create and you can Add on services like designing the Graphics for the markups like designing The ebook like the you know turning a Blog post into a downloadable pdf all of These things then finally you obviously Get to work from home just like these Other ones so yeah overall i mean people Know i love funnel agency already so It’s probably gonna be the top one but We’ll get into that in a second aren’t

There any cons with having a funnel Agency i mean yeah there are one of them Is that it’s a bit of a learning curve Because you’re not just being a funnel Designer and yes you can start by just Selling funnel design and if someone Asks hey do you also write copy maybe English isn’t your main language like It’s not mine i didn’t know english in Four five years ago So i mean it’s something that i’ve Learned and i’ve added on top of my Services to charge more to provide more Value to my clients and make sure we get Better results but didn’t start there so You don’t have to charge and learn Everything in like 30 days you learn one Thing how to build one landing page post Your portfolio post on social media and Then you Accelerate and you grow and you learn New things And then you can offer clients these Services as you know that you can Actually deliver on them another thing Is that because of people like me who Sell funnel templates your designs can’t Not just look like a funnel template They can’t look like another funnel Template in the library you have to Actually be somewhat good at what you do Which why wouldn’t you want to so just Spend some time up front learn funnel Design and the structure the layout the

Strategy behind the offer that goes into The page right the flow of the pages and Then finally if this is a con i think of This as potential but it’s not as big so There’s not you know if you have Millions of business who want to buy Funnels right now you probably have tens Of millions who want to buy websites but It’s slowly transitioning instead of Fighting here in the red ocean with all These sharks and they’re raised to the Bottom in terms of pricing you’re early If you’re watching this channel you’re Early and if you’re selling funnels You’re early it’s not crowded yet and It’s just about to be bigger and grow Bigger and bigger all the time so i mean It’s a good time to be a funnel builder Okay so moving on to number four It’s a pay-per-result Agency so pay per result or pay per show Pay per lead And you’re basically running the ads Just like the advertising agency but Instead you’re this marketing partner You’re like a partner with them not on Paper but in terms of revenue and so you Say hey i’m gonna run your ads i’m gonna Set up google ads you know on youtube as Well and then facebook ads and whatever And i’m just gonna charge you when we Get results so every time you get a lead That could be one you know kpi so every Time we get a lead we’re gonna charge

You this much or every every time you Get a show up so a call or an Appointment to your store And i’m just gonna charge you based on What i can deliver so it’s low risk For the client which also comes with Some negatives we’ll talk about pros and Cons here in a second but it’s basically You charging for your services only when You get results for your clients so the Pros are because it’s pay per result you Have no income limit instead of charging A thousand two thousand you can make a Lot more as you get results for them now There’s obviously a negative to that if You don’t get any results you don’t get Paid another pro is that this actually Incentivizes you to get really good at What you do so even if you wanted to Then later sell monthly ongoing services You would be really good at what you do And this would have been basically Earning while you’re learning so Basically the incentive is there for you To really work hard and become good at What you do what are some of the pros That could be common with having a paper Result agency well one of them would be That if you don’t get results you don’t Get paid so the lack of balance and Certainty in terms of the work you put In and the paycheck that you get out of The work that you do another con could Be the because it’s like basically free

Up front is only pay if you get real Result You might be getting clients that are Lower quality or they’re not really Incentivized in the same way like They’re not invested if the service Provider is doing all the work then for The client they might be like hey you Know what just gonna wait for the Results to come in so then finally Number five we have content agency Briefly mentioned this in the beginning This could be You doing instagram carousels it could Be you doing video editing it could be You doing graphic design it could be you Making social media posts on facebook Short little straight to the point Basically copywriting services it could Be email marketing so every week you’re Gonna give three emails to the client They can send those out And that’s basically doing content Services that doesn’t directly have all Of the time at least it doesn’t have a Direct Measurement a kpi where you can say Because of our content you got these Results right if you’re doing seo and You’re writing blogs and backlinking all Of these things then yes you can start Seeing data and it’s usually a little Bit of a longer term service which is Also something that could be a lot more

Fun than in my opinion at least doing Like advertisement And just being like in the ads manager All the time looking at numbers like Content usually more creative as well so What are the pros then with having a Content agency i would say Because it’s social media and it’s the Social media era right now everybody Needs it everybody needs content Everybody’s Maybe not everybody’s doing it yet but They want to so there’s there’s a big Need you don’t have to create need you Capture need the offer solution that Gets them the transformation the results That they want another thing is that It’s actually recurring revenue so you Offer a monthly service is recurring Revenue as long as you deliver good Results they’re happy you can charge Every single month you can get paid you Can have clients i remember in my social Media marketing agency i had clients for Years so that’s a good thing Whereas if you just build a website once You charge 2 000 and then they’re gone So it’s not the same as having you know A content agency in that sense cons However is there’s a few of them you Know if you’re creating content for Somebody you don’t charge as much so It’s lower ticket fees like you see a Lot of these unlimited content unlimited

Editing services unlimited video Thumbnails unlimited this and and it’s Just a lot of freelancer unlimited Basically productized services out there And so Uh you have to really stand out and Maybe even charge Less than these other established brands Are doing at the end of the day though It’s not a matter of being cheaper than Everybody else it’s just connecting with The right target customer client and Then offering a custom deal to their Needs and saying here’s what i’m going To do here’s how it’s going to help you And here’s what you can expect in this Time frame and if it’s videos if it’s a Social media post instagram carousels Whatever it is as long as they need it They see value in it then they’re happy To pay no matter what’s out there in the Unlimited agency google space if you Just go and look it up people are busy They don’t look stuff up so that all to Say you still have an opportunity to get A lot of clients in this agency model as Well another con though is that it’s Pretty hard to scale content i mean if You’ve done a lot of blog posts video Editing Graphic design or Photography for local you know Businesses and clients It’s a lot of work and so it’s not as

Easy to scale and yes there are services And software’s where you can schedule Content and you can basically create all This content and then go out there and Schedule it don’t batch if you’re doing Content service maybe a little bit but Not like some people are doing like 90 Days so conclusion for a content agency I would say pick something that is hard Because then clients don’t want to do it Like video editing instagram carousels Animations whatever it is just do Something that is hard for them so that You solve a big pain because otherwise It’s like hey i’m just going to post Quotes for you it’s 300 per day no you Know they’re not happy to pay that for Those type of services all right so That’s the five agency models we have Advertising we have paper result we have Web design we have funnel agency and Then content agency how would i rank Them which one would i love to do least And the most we’re gonna start at number Five which is pay per result i don’t Wanna do pay per result i wanna have Even though there are a lot of services That i feel very confident in if you’re Just starting out i wouldn’t start with Pay per result because you don’t have a Lot of experience and results right now And so it’s better to get clients with Something that’s less demanding of you So number four web design agency again i

Wouldn’t recommend it there’s a lot of People moving towards funnel design and Like i said you charge once i don’t know I want to have an opportunity to sell a Package hey here’s one funnel 2 000. oh You need three more okay let’s say 5k so It’s nah it’s not on my top list number Three out of five is content because i’m A creative person doesn’t mean i’m good At all the creatives i just love it i Love feeling creative fulfilled and it’s Something that you can get in you don’t Have to charge high ticket it’s easy to Sell this visual and you can be like hey I’m gonna do the first one for free you Can basically see what everybody else is Doing find a lot of inspiration just Like you can with designing funnels or Websites and then just build up your Portfolio in that space like video logos Whatever it is freelance space i mean Content is not the same always as like a Specific like design service or this or That but all i’m saying is it’s it’s in The middle it’s not perfect it’s not Super bad you can make a good living Especially if you’re working from home You can make five seven 10k Per month just being a content creator And the number two and one so we have Advertising versus funnels well i don’t Think it’s a surprise Advertising number two am i biased yes I’ve been doing this for years i love it

I’ve also been doing advertising so i’ve Tried it i’ve done it i’ve done it Successfully and so i’m not just talking Out my a hole i’m actually talking out Of experience and so Advertising number Two and then funnels number one because There’s nothing that’s more creatively Fulfilling Fun And i just love it i could do this 24 7. So anyways that’s the video guys uh let Me know which one would you choose let Me know out of the five which one is Your favorite and if you haven’t already Make sure you smash the like button for The youtube algorithm every like is Another free video for you guys if you Want to learn more about how we uh get Clients build funnels build a funnel Agency Link in the description to full-time Funnel designer we have 250 people in The program so far with that said thank You so much for watching and as always I’ll see in the next one.

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