$5,000/WEEK with Clickfunnels (As a Funnel Agency)

So here’s how i made 5000 in a week with Clickfunnels as a funnel designer right I got a message on facebook asking two Different things number one hey can i Hire you to build a funnel for me and Number two how much do you charge so This alone tells me already a couple Different things number one they’re Already interested and they’re coming to Me for a service they need the funnel Already and this is key i’ll explain More in a second number two they’ve seen Some of my stuff already could have been Funnels content could have been my Portfolio on my profile they’ve seen Something and now they’re reaching out Which is gonna help me in closing the Client because they’re coming to me i’m Not going to them and trying to convince Them of something saying this but i want To show you exactly how we went from That stage then closing them as a client As well as the other part you know of The 5k and how i make money with click Funnels as a funnel designer and i have Other videos about other income streams Using click funnels as well so make sure You subscribe i’m also going to cover What the offer was what the person said When they reached out to me how i Responded to them how i presented the Offer to them in a way that felt like a No-brainer which it was a win-win deal And then finally i’m going to share my

Screen i’m going to show you how i Design the funnel different section the Thought process i’ll make sure that it Converts which it did as they launch the Funnel as well speaking of which make Sure you smash that like button for the Youtube algorithm because science says That for each like we get another free Video from ghosten about how to build Funnels Also subscribe first we’re gonna break Down the revenue numbers a little bit Five thousand dollars in a week which is 20k Per month which is 240 000 per year as a funnel designer if I’m getting that correctly and that’s Two funnels per week which means you Have time to do other stuff as well you Don’t have to hire a big team have a big Office this is literally me at home Paying zero for this rent so and while i Won’t mention any specific fees for These two projects uh the amount of work The scope was pretty similar in both of Them and as far as the fees go some Would say two funnels 5k that’s pretty Low ticket don’t you think Some people would say it’s high ticket If they used to a little bit less i Would say it’s somewhere in the middle And i think it’s important that i give Context to why because usually i charge From 3 500 to 5k for an entire funnel

Everything includes design copy all of That good stuff and so here’s the reason Why this was a little bit lower both of These projects had something in place Already which helps obviously building The funnel so i said you know i’m going To give you a custom deal instead of This going to be that and i’ll explain You’ll literally see my messages how i Turn this prospect into a client by Using my dm closing strategies that also Teach so here’s what they message me and What i reply it back to them hey guys do You do click funnels redesigns we have a Funnel built already that’s all over 200 Spots in an online course but would like To redesign as we don’t love the look of The site currently And that’s when i knew okay they’re Already using clickfunnels already Having funnels they have some something In place which means that it’s gonna be Easier for me to build this out and it Already felt like a dream project but That’s when they said this We’re targeting to have the redesign Ready for our next launch next week And so it was at this moment They knew we messed up it was at this Moment that i had to make a decision can I promise not only to deliver the funnel Next week but can i promise to get it Done beautiful converting good copy Everything so that it would be just as

Awesome as if i had two weeks and Because they had things in place because They already have a funnel you know that Shortcuts the research process and so That’s why i felt confident and that’s Why i could tell them like yes it’s Gonna be possible and so here’s why i Replied back to them yep totally works You should have around a week turnaround Time so next week is definitely possible What’s your current funnel links i can Check it out And yeah that’s really the next step of This process as soon as you go from Connecting with them as a person you Want to go to the next stage of the dm Closing process which is collecting Information so that the third one when You go to closing you can actually have The right information you’ve asked the Right questions you can close the deal So he sent me the link i checked it out And i immediately saw what i could do Better i mean they had amazing results They have clients like adobe google Mazda xbox polar pro snapchat like they Have big global brands and so i Immediately told them like we need to Build something that’s a little bit more Professional clean and also communicates The value of your offer because what You’ve done is amazing and they also Have 800 000 plus combined followers Through their personal pages and

Business pages so i already knew this Was going to be a killer offer as well But as i usually do sometimes I almost Made a mistake that cost me this client And luckily it didn’t but let me explain What happened so right after that i Should have continued asking questions i Should have collected more information And i should have just kept the Conversation going but for some reason i Got busy with other projects and so i Thought i’ll just respond later tonight Let’s you know figure out the details And move forward then and there but then I got busy my inner box got flooded and You guessed it i forgot The problem here is they could have Easily gone to someone else as the same Thing maybe they would have been you Know price shopping and they would have Just gone with someone else who’s maybe Cheaper they have similar sort of Designs uh maybe not you know better or Worse but in the in the scope that they Would have felt comfortable with keeping In mind that the launch was coming up Next week one way to prevent this is to Build a personal brand and post Beautiful funnels along with other Personal content as well a good mix of Everything right so that you build trust With people before they ever reach out So that they choose you for a reason and

So in that case they would send a Follow-up message saying hey what do you Think can you move forward instead of Going to someone else because they Really want to work with you and that’s What happened thankfully so here’s what They sent i think the next morning hey Gustan just checking in if you’re able To get us a quote and if you’re able to Take on the project as we’re coming up On our launch date pretty quickly here And that’s where i was like crap i i Forgot let’s see if it’s too late or if It’s still possible i don’t know did i Mess this up like all these thoughts so Instead of then sending a text message i Sent them a voice message to kind of Show my personality to still show that i Was interested because with tonality and Your voice you can communicate in other Ways than just sending a text like hey Yeah let’s do it so the way that i frame This voice message was specific for Their funnel that i already took a look At and so here’s what i said the first Thing i mentioned was that we can use Some of the copy that they already have But instead of having this long form Blog post type of page we can have Shorter copy sections and we can design Graphics that communicates and aligns With the copy and we can have a little Bit more of a modern look to it that’s More professional and that also reflects

The perceived value of their brand i Continue to explain why i don’t like the Long form blog post type funnels because Of attention span because of people now You know being a little bit more Cautious with who they trust online and Especially because you have all these Big brands as clients and the social Following and all of that good stuff That i wanted to then present in the Design itself and to top it off i sent Them an example as well saying this is Kind of what i mean and also sent a link To my portfolio and here’s where i think That the portfolio really started doing The selling instead of me and so listen Carefully because i think this is Valuable for you as well no matter what You’re selling in your business i said Hey here’s the link to my portfolio let Me know if you find some funnels you Like the style of and we can use that as Inspiration For your funnel so this builds trust Because now they’re looking through the Portfolio to see what funnels they like Which means they started the funnel they Look at everything and the goal here is To get their brain to say man i really Like this type of funnel i love that Design i love this branding i love those Colors whatever it is so that when they See that they message you back saying i Like this one can we get this and again

The goal is to get the brain to say wow I want my brand to look just like that One because now they’ve chosen that they Want to work with you because they see That your portfolio has the same level Of standards as what they want so Anyways they responded with yep this is Definitely the type of field we’re going For we have a few other funnels we saw That we liked as well let me try to find Those really quick and agreed that our Copy is way too long and full of text so At this point i had built a connection With them i had collected information Exactly what i needed asked the right Questions so now it’s time to close by Giving them a custom no-brainer deal That they couldn’t say no to and that’s What i did and also normally i would Have waited for them to be like how much Is it that’s what you usually want to do You explain what the process is going to Be going forward how you can build a Funnel what it’s going to look like and When you can deliver it so that they ask Hey how much is it then and it’s future Pacing because you get them to imagine Okay the funnel is going to be live is Going to look like this one but because I felt the urgency i knew that they Needed the funnel they liked what they Saw in my portfolio already i felt Pretty confident in knowing that they’re Gonna say yes and so i decided to send

Them another voice message with a custom Deal here’s what i said so as far as the Investment goals what i usually do is Include everything start to finish Design copy mobile optimization tech Integrations et cetera and that usually Start at round 3 500. Pause let that sink in But then for people who already have say Copy for an example i give them a custom Deal since it helps speed up the process It makes it easier for me instead of 3.5 K i’m gonna do blah blah blah i give Them a discount and some people say you Know some coaches and gurus will tell You to never discount your services and And i’m not talking about black friday Offers where you sell a 5k you know Thing for twenty dollars like that’s Just clown wool Right there but i give them a good deal Because logically it makes sense some People pay 3 500 because they get Everything you have something already Well done let me take that give you a Better deal that’s just basic logical Math and this is where i’m different From other sales coaches who say after You say the price be quiet all of that Instead i i proceed to tell them what’s Going to happen next and only if the Price is a problem are they going to Object but because i always tell them This

Usually always work so this is why i Explained to them and the way this works Is as soon as the invoice is taken care Of Pause so i assume that it’s it’s okay For them i’ll send over an onboarding Form where you can just fill out Everything in one place so i have Everything i need and we won’t have to Go back and forth which means That you’ll have the funnel done and Live for you By next week okay so i don’t know how Much the actual words matter here Basically i’m i’m painting the picture Like hey i have everything in one place You don’t have to do ever anything you Don’t have to lift your fingers after You fill out this onboarding form and Your funnel will be live is going to Look like this What you just saw in the portfolio and You can launch your offer next week easy Nice and easy for the client the reason I love this strategy is because it’s so Logical it’s so easy it’s non-pushy it’s Not hard selling it’s not objection Killer slowly destroying all the excuses That someone might have plus the few Times when people do say that they have To think about it or they just ghost you Which is also a way of saying i need to Think about it is because they go out And hire someone else for way cheaper

Which is totally fine you know if you Set a price that you’re gonna charge Let’s say two thousand three thousand or Fifteen hundred and you keep it at that Price you’re gonna attract better Clients if you have a little bit higher Not saying you have to go 10k 15k but You you still charge pretty premium Instead of going for 300 500 clients who Need the funnel done tomorrow even if it Means you staying up all night and never Spending time with your family or kids And that’s probably not who you want to Work with anyways so that said that’s Totally cool you don’t have to sign Everybody you just sign clients who you Want to work with because if you set up The right systems and you follow my Process you will have enough leads Coming in consistently so you don’t have To worry about it so yeah this works i Mean for me three four last years i’ve Never run out of clients i’ve always had Too many clients meaning it’s always Been like sorry i can’t do this or i say Yes to all these and i’m like okay now i Have to work long days but it’s always Been a good problem to have because i’ve Never run out of clients i also never do Sales calls so another myth you’ve heard Out there so now let me show you the Funnel and see if you like it and then If you want to learn more how i get all These clients how i onboard clients and

How i build the funnels and and make Sure that the clients are happy which is A a separate uh skill that you need to Learn if you want to build this into a Six multi-six figure agency i can either Directly coach you one-on-one in the Inner circle link is below or coach you In a group setting that comes with the Course full-time funnel designer also Link is in the description to that as Well so here’s what the funnel looks Like and my thought process behind Building it out so number one you can See photography for creators number one Photography course on the market the Main headline is become a pro Photographer and discover how to create Content that stand out also wanted to Make sure that it’s clean and light so It shows a bright background that’s easy On the eyes you can see it’s not a Typical old-school Internet marketing funnel but a Trustworthy brand with amazing results Is what we’re trying to portray for the Font i chose a little bit more of an Artsy font And so i use recolera for headlines and Then i chose the jakarta font for sub Headlines and for body tech then you can Obviously see the sales video here above The scroll as well Then we go down here because this was a Launch we have the timer i never add

These as fake scarcity but sometimes for Live launches we do this to show them Hey it’s closing again soon You go down here you can see credibility And trust factors failures combine Experience thousands of five star Reviews 800 000 plus social media Followers as well as all of the amazing Clients that they have been working With i then chose to show the Co-founders people love faces and that Builds a lot of trust and likability With the founders and so that’s always Important as well and this text right Here is basically like an elevator pitch Of what’s to come on this page and Inside of the course and as you can see Here we have after before after and so i Chose to include four of those And you can find the function to add This to your sales funnels with the Juxtapose embed generator we then scroll Down you can see the one-stop shop Course for aspiring photographers the What the why the how added these Animations here custom icons and Basically explaining this this is Everything included that you need it’s Not just settings it’s not just editing It’s everything that you need i also Wanted to highlight the following Because as you can see They have big followings 183 000 71 000 As well as other photography niche based

Pages to help show credibility for what They’ve built you know especially in an Industry like this where you can see if We go here you can see Their photos looks amazing and so Especially since they’ve grown their Audience by being good at what they do Which is i think i think it’s very Important and it helps a lot when you’re Trying to sell an offer as well so yeah I could go on and on but uh to keep this Video short i’ll just leave it at that And if you want the rest of the rundown Along with other behind the scenes Funnel designs case studies Plug-and-play template scripts and Workbooks i’d love to help you build Your own online business to 10k per Month and beyond at Fulltimefunneldesigner.com you can see The page here how to build funnels how To make sure that your clients are happy And everything in between so yeah that’s The video as always keep being awesome Keep building funnels and keep changing Lives you’re closer than you think and One client can change everything for you I’ll see in the next one.

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