7 Embarrassing Zoom Mistakes To Avoid

Zoom has over 300 million daily users And the sad part is most of us are still Making really embarrassing mistakes when It comes to zoom and these mistakes are Making us seem unprofessional and Unreliable so in this video what I want To do is break down seven of the most Common embarrassing mistakes that you Might be making and by the end of this Video you are going to come across way More professional and competent in every Single Zoom meeting so let's get into it So the first mistake that people make on Zoom and possibly one of the most common For people that are leading a zoom Meeting is being afraid of silences we Get so used to the Dynamics and the flow Of normal face-to-face conversations Where when I end a sentence or I ask a Question somebody hops right in and they Continue to speak but on Zoom we have to Understand that things are not going to Happen so instantaneously oftentimes There is a delay so when I ask a Question it might be two three four Seconds before the question is received And somebody on the other end is ready To answer it and aside from that Oftentimes it's just harder for people To know when they can jump in because They don't want to interrupt and so Instead of just continually talking over And over again and reiterating the same Questions and points you need to just

Allow there to be a pause allow there to Be silence and so other people know hey It's my turn to jump in and if you can Do this you're going to come across as a Lot more confident and your messages and Your ideas are going to be a lot more Succinct because you're not going to Fall to that trap of repeating yourself Over and over again the second mistake That people make on Zoom is assuming That everybody wants to be on video yes Being able to have video on and see each Other face to face is always going to be More effective but there are some Meanings especially quick or spur of the Moment meetings that just don't require Video and so don't require the other People in the call to turn on their Video if you want to have your video on So you can express yourself better That's fantastic but what I will often Do is keep my camera off to see if the People on the other end would like to Have theirs on or off for me I'm mostly Doing client calls and so sometimes this Is a nice way to just not put pressure On them if they don't want to have their Video on the third mistake that people Make is dropping a bunch of information And links in the chat within a zoom call And then not saving that information and Losing everything that was talked about One thing that I like to do is Everything that is put in the chat I'll

Make sure that I have that somewhere Else so I can copy and paste and send That in a follow-up email just make sure That you're not losing information that Was found in the chat because that's Going to be awkward having to go back to The people in the zoom call and ask them Hey what was that link or what was that Resource that you sent this is going to Make it a lot more effective the fourth Mistake and one that can be really Awkward especially if you're working With an employer or a client is Recording a zoom call without consent Oftentimes it's easy just to click that Record button and just think hey I'll be Able to watch this video over later on But what you don't realize is everybody Else in the call has to approve and say That they're comfortable with you Recording everyone's going to get that Notification so if you don't let them Know or ask them hey is it okay if I Record this video it might make the Other people feel uncomfortable and they Might not open up as much during the Zoom call mistake number five is not Setting good expectations of what the Dynamics of the zoom call should be is This a presentation is it an open Discussion who is leading this call who Do you expect to pipe in and answer Questions if you're not setting these Expectations at the beginning of the

Call nobody's really going to know where They fit in to this conversation but if You let them know hey I don't want to Speak the whole time and so I'm going to Expect you guys to pipe in share ideas And this is going to be kind of a 50 50 Chat or it's going to be an equally Distributed conversation this way people Know hey I can't just mute my mic and Sit back and say nothing so by setting These expectations people will know how They should interact during the call Mistake number six and one that probably Bugs me more than any other is having Zoom calls when they're just not Necessary because Zoom calls are so easy And so convenient oftentimes we have Meetings when we just don't need to and Then these meetings drag on way longer Than they ever should and so what I Always do is ask myself okay like do I Feel like we need a meeting yes or no Okay is this something that could be Quickly resolved in an email or in a Screen recording that I could just send My team and they can check it out later Because if so this is going to be a lot More effective than trying to align Everybody's schedules get everybody on a Zoom call have to spend a few minutes Saying our hellos and small talk and Things just go way longer than they ever Should and so don't have meetings if They're not absolutely necessary your

Employers your employees your clients Everyone you work with will thank you if You can cut down on the number of Zoom Calls that you have and the seventh and Final mistake is one that can be really Really awkward and it can make you feel Really uncomfortable and that is not Directing your questions to specific People I've had this a lot where I'm Directing a call or or some type of Office hours and I'll throw a question Out there and nobody will answer and I'll tell myself okay Peyton you've got To be comfortable with silence but Nobody ever answers the question and the Reason is is the question is just laying Out there in the middle and nobody knows Who should pick it up nobody knows who Should take it and so rather than Putting people in this awkward situation Where they just don't know whether or Not they should answer direct your Questions at someone maybe you pick out Three or four people you say okay John Jacob Sally and Sue this question is for You guys what do you think about this And then they know okay I better turn my Mic on I better listen up and I better Be ready to answer this question and so By being more direct with the things That you ask you're going to get a lot Better responses and you're not going to Be stuck in that awkward situation where You have to say well okay like nobody

Has an answer I'll just go ahead and Answer this question so again it's going To make these calls go much more Smoothly it's going to make you feel Like you're in charge and like you're Able to lead a successful call and it's Going to make everybody else in your Call respect you so if you found value In any of these things that we shared Please be sure to hit the like button Down below if you like videos like this That help you with common tools like Zoom or other tools that you use on a Daily basis please let me know down in The comments and we'll catch you in the Next video

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