7 MUST HAVE TOOLS: Clickfunnels Tutorial 2021 – Make Money Online

All right so back with another tutorial For you Seven different tools or resources you Can use when you’re building funnels Whether you are building a lead funnel Website funnel course funnel doesn’t Matter Some of these are free some of these are Paid but let’s just dive in here we are Right now On click funnels inside of my dashboard And if you’re new to clickfunnels it’s Basically just a Simple drag and drop software you can See all your funnels here and then you Just open them up And they look like this you have the Different steps i can add new steps Like thank you page or order form or Anything like that From the next step but what i’m gonna do Is just gonna edit this page and show You these Seven different resources and how i use Them when i’m building funnels so these Are probably the most common ones that i Use To make them look more beautiful as if You take a look here you can see this is A funnel template you can see we have Dummy text here This is one of the templates that i give Away to people inside of the course and People who buy

The funnel bundle with 37 funnels link Is in the description To those products but let’s dive into The first step that i would normally do Which is to decide the overall Theme so i’m just going to delete the Background here And maybe go with something like that And i want to get the overall feeling of The above the scroll So instead of people having to go down And watch the entire funnel i want them To feel Like this the brand that they can trust I want to look professional and i want To make them Hooked into actually checking out the Funnel and so one of the first thing That i’ll do is Font and colors so i’m actually going to Go with Something like this so this is a Template here in canva I’m just going to use these as Background images you can see A couple of ones that we have here and So the first thing that i’m going to do Is i’m going to download one of these I’m actually going to choose Jpeg for a smaller file so that has a Faster load speed And i’m just going to download that one For now save that right there And then let’s see if i open that in

Finder Let’s see the the size of this info we Can see the size of this thing is 52 Kilobytes that is perfect And we’re then gonna upload that to the Page editor so i’m just gonna go here Click upload or i can also drag in the Image To this page there it is and then we’re Gonna load that Into click funnels and boom gonna double Click That so this is the background that We’re going with I’m going to make the font white And maybe the bottom color let’s see An orange type of button we’ll see we’ll Start with something like that Move this down a little bit just like That Change this to White font and then go to the next one So now for the font Obviously the first tool is click Funnels the second one that we’re going To use the resource that we’re going to Use is the font When you’re here the theme or the group Of fonts that i like to use Is in basic and sans serif and then you Can preview by typing in A word you want to see so you can see Examples of these Fonts for example mont is a font that i

Use a lot But let’s say that i wanted to do Exactly what i told you so i would type In You can see i’ve you know tried a couple Of these 200 Submit and i can see the signer here With that font and so let’s say i want To use something like this All i would do is i would just click Download Save open it up and i would go to Click funnels so now we’re going to Upload the font so we’re going to go to Account details you just go To here account and to digital assets So here’s where you upload your font i’m Just going to grab the one that i’m Going to use Actually let me show you so you just Click here new asset you choose the file You call it something hit Add and that way it’s going to be added As a digital Asset here so i’m actually going to go With something more Artsy like recoleta for an example let Me show you what that would look like We’re gonna find the semi-bold one i’m Not going for a Super like masculine bold type of font I’m going with this one I’m gonna go in here to my css code Which by the way you don’t have to code

These are just things that i’ve added Because i wanted to Take the sign from here to a 10 out of 10. so i’m just gonna change it for The headline which means now i have This instead and i don’t want it to be All capital Or sorry uppercase i want it to be just Like that so I’m gonna write done for you beautiful Funnel designs for Personal brands so i like this font it’s A little bit artsy let’s see Spacing maybe even a little bit bigger [Music] Okay so then this one i don’t want the Button to have the same font i want that One to have Gilroy so you can see i’m using gilroy For The other ones so i’m actually going to Move this one up Only headline and actually going to add In here So we have icon bullet list button so on And so forth And boom now we have that for the button So here i’m going to say C funnel portfolio that will do Just make that the same font as the text And I’m going to add some spacing here as Well on the button I’ll make sure it’s on elevate just so

It has this little Pop and then make sure that the font Here is 1.5 Line awesome so here i’m just going to Type in [Music] Seafoam portfolio okay now we want to Change this To me so i’m just going to type in Ghosted and hopefully there’s Some images of me i’m just going to go With this one i know i use this one a Lot but it’s just an example of A funnel so it doesn’t really matter let Me change this logo as well There we go all right so now we have Above the fold done And we’re going to go to the next step Which is to you know obviously continue Building up the page and Depending on what offer you have you’re Going to use Specific sections to communicate that so For example I’m just going to duplicate this and Drag it down here And change the color of it so this is How i like to build out The next step of the funnel is to Sort of build one section at a time and Then duplicate it when i have The feeling for kind of how i want the Page to look so for example What is the next thing after done for

You beautiful funnel designs for Personal brands We do this we help you with this call to Action the truth About non-converting funnels We just had a coaching call with my Students so my my brain is a little bit Fried Well we’ll use the copy that i come up With i’m gonna move this down to like 46. it’s a little bit smaller than the Main headline this one is still the same I’m gonna use some images actually let’s Go to my course funnel Maybe this one so just so i have Something to use On this page i’m gonna change it to that Delete this Boom there we go and we’re gonna delete This Create another section I’m gonna switch these around and now We’re gonna use another image this one For example And we’re gonna talk about our solution Instead so that’s the problem the truth About non-converting funnels And we’re sort of creating this gap of Like hey this is why it’s not working Here’s how we’re different and i Wouldn’t use as the headline but i’m Showing you the Structure of how we’re building funnels Not going into the fully

Advanced version of it but the simple One that you can quickly use to Build better funnels and i can obviously Just clone the The buttons move them down here and Same thing here i’m not sure i would Have the button on all of them but i’m Just showing you kind of how to use it If you’re new to clickfunnels or any Page builder it’s usually the same Now what i want to have is i want to Have three icons So i’m gonna go to icon view and for This one I’m gonna use the same background image Let’s actually download the next one as Well page Two so i’m gonna go to page two download The jpeg version at 75 That was good size it looks great and We’re just gonna Call it background two and we’re gonna Use the icons from This site iconfuse.com now you can go to Omni You can see different versions and Styles i’m just going to use this Simplistic minimalistic Line icon theme and so we’re going to Type in Funnel this one we’re going to mark that One We have selected icons one message So that’s one thing and then sales

So i have three icons i’m just gonna Click download I’m actually gonna make them 128 pixels Png or svg we’re going to save that I’m going to open it up and open them in Click funnels so you just add a new Element Right and you can find icons here as Well but i like to upload Custom icons with my color and you can Have gradient icons you can have more Options when you’re uploading them As an image probably going to put it to Like 75 or 100 pixels so then we have them right Here we’re going to just Upload them to click funnels and boom There we go And so the first one was the funnel okay Then i’m just gonna Copy this one move it down here Make it a little bit smaller And clone that one as well [Music] And i’ll probably make the headline a Little bit bigger and maybe add some Shadows behind these Or background image but just to keep This video as short as possible i’m just Going to leave it like that because The point was to show you the different Resources and so moving on to the Testimonial section what people are Saying about me

Again we’re going to delete this one and We’re going to Upload the next background image Number two there we go all right so now You can see we have backgrounds in Between these columns Or behind these three columns and so What i’m going to do is i’m going to go Into columns And i’m just going to scroll down here Until i see that it’s marked you can see That it’s marked right there It’s highlighting the column and so i’m Going to click that Go to background color i can change it Or i can just go here and remove it Entirely and so i’m probably going to do Something like 15 so you can see here 15 Of white so let’s just try that for This one [Music] Okay so that leads me to the next Resource which is These testimonials i’m gonna actually Add a laptop To them so i’m going to go to smart Mock-ups which has A lot of different mockups for pretty Much anything print Clothing packaging but i’m going to use Technology and multiple devices actually I’m just going to use the laptop One because we want to have something

For The testimonials and so i’m going to go And find some that are isolated So maybe something like this and i’m Going to upload an Image to it so i’m going to remove the Macbook logo right there I’m gonna upload an image but what i’m Actually gonna do Is show you guys how you can use canva So for example i just created this to Show you It’s just you know text image and the Background so what i To show you is how you can create these In canva and i’m just going to download It Jpeg again same process so this would be A person if it’s a testimonial it would Be The person the face right and just the Play button on top of It so they click it and the video is Going to start playing Or you can have an image of a person Right it could be just an image and a Written testimonial I’m just showing you the the tool which Is smart mockup so Page five i’m gonna download that it’s Not a background but we’re gonna Just call it that and then as we go here We can just drag it in there So now if this was again a person

I would download it and that leads me to The next tool or the next resource Which is tiny png so tiny png Helps you minimize the size of your Images so now we’ve downloaded from here And we know that it’s not small enough Right if i Open it right here we can see that it’s 463 kilobytes So we would then add it to tiny png There we go it’s going to compress it to 139 so Again i could probably download it in a Smaller format and get it under 100 kilobytes but let’s just go with This one now Download it boom you can see the quality Is still there It’s a little bit you know it’s not as Good but it’s almost there And then again i’m just going to upload That here and now you kind of start to See the process Of how it works so if this was the Compressed one I would just you know import it boom and There we go I’m then going to delete these just like That And clone these again i don’t want this Headline to be all capital boom Awesome again we’re going to Move this one down awesome so then we Have and yes i have notes

We have click funnels canva the font Smart mockups icon view And tiny png and you might be asking Yourself what’s the Seventh and the last one well that is This right here so i’m not gonna show You too much of it because it’s a Spreadsheet that’s inside Of my course full-time funnel designer But what it has if you saw a glimpse of It there It’s over 70 different resources and i Just picked one of them What that resource helps you do and Obviously it’s a paid one it’s inside of This Course a full-time funnel designer which By the way if you haven’t checked it out Check it out below link is in the Description basically shows you how to Build funnels and charge for it and make Money building funnels for other people To 10k per month just building funnels Which is a lot of fun Again as i was saying this resource Right here You can for example you can get Illustrations like many pixels has So we’re gonna pick a category like for Example Web design and then we’re gonna pick the Type of the Design or assets and we’re gonna choose This one

And then i can go to clickfunnels and This is what i like about this I can choose this blue right here and Get the exact same Type of asset inside of My illustrations boom and then i can Just again Go through the same process download This compress it if it’s too big Upload it to click funnels add it here And so on and so forth so You can see how quickly i’m building out This beautiful page Right from just going through the same Process of The font the images the colors the Icons and really what it comes down to Is Having a good funnel strategy so these Are the seven Assets or resources if you will but if You don’t have the Skills if you’re lacking the Understanding of a sales process if You’re lacking the strategy behind Funnels Your funnels is not going to convert Because the copy and the design In the first place is going to be messed Up because you don’t have a structure so Obviously it sounds like i’m pitching And yes if you want The course you can get it if you don’t Want it totally fine we have a lot of

Content here On youtube as well but uh yeah that’s That’s pretty much it for this video And if you have any questions drop them In the comments below and make sure you Go Check them out and see what questions You have so i can make another video Covering that also make sure if you Haven’t already subscribe to the channel Post notifications On like this video so we can get out to More people inspires me To create more content for you guys with That said i’ll see you in the next video.

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