7x More People Will Say Yes If You Do This

The power of the default option the fact That they went from removing the tiny Cups to only giving large and bucket Sized cups for yogurt encourage people To use more yogurt themselves and they Do that because it looks silly in Comparison and so whenever there's a Possibility that you can set the default Where someone would be encouraged by Implication to use more just like the Fast food upgrade of like do you want Medium or I'm assuming you want to meet Them or hey I'm assuming you want a 32 Ounce when you give the default option Many people just like organ donors it Went from I think it was like 10 or 15 Of people opting into being an organ Donor to getting 80 of people to become Organ donors by simply saying you not Want to be an organ donor versus do you Want to be an organ owner so if you have The potential to get seven times more People to say yes to something just Imply that that's what everyone else is Doing and you can do that through his Default options which is one of the most Powerful psychological selling Tools in Existence and no one even knows it's Happening to them most of the time

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