9 ChatGPT Prompts for High Converting Sales Copy

Right so chat GPT is super powerful for Writing sales copy for your business but The question is how do you use it Because the inputs determine the output So knowing what to tell chat DBT is Crucial in order to get the right Information from it so that you can get More traffic get more leads close and Convert more of those into sales for Your business we're going to start with A few different prompts that you can use I have nine of them let's see if we can Get through all of them the first one is Really just telling chat TPC this give Me a framework for how to give the right Prompts right so you can give more Context another way to do this would be If you say hey um here's some context Before we get into the copy so that you Understand my business is that cool and Chat GPT would say yes understood how Can I help you right so now let's first Get the Frameworks for this so I want to Be specific clearly State one Information you want me to provide sort Of starting with the end in mind provide Context yep got that use appropriate Language what ambiguity provide Additional details yep gotcha so context I have a funnel agency business where we Help clients increase conversions with Modern sales funnel systems our services Include offer creation strategy Copywriting and design it includes more

Than that branding Tech integration Automation and things like that but Let's start here all right the next one Then is write an email for my Weekly Newsletter about this topic so let's see What it says first based on this context Here's some specific Parts you could use For your funnel agency business after Creating what are the key elements Including successful sales offer for our Clients this is even better because I Was just looking for for just to kind of Give it more context and if I had said Here's the context don't write anything Yet before I ask you to understood it Would just say yes understand understood So you can talk to this as a real human Being which is great so now I'll say Write an email from a Weekly Newsletter About uh you just change the prompt so I'll put a list to all prompts in the Description below or you can opt into a Newsletter to get the PDF as well write An email for my Weekly Newsletter about Offer creation And then what you can also do is just Expand on that so it asks you when when I asked hey you know what's the Framework it said be specific so I could Say Hey you can write this in the voice Of Dan Kennedy for example or Grant Cardone or garyvee and um Elon Musk in Fact let's do Elon Musk for the next one But this one will get an email we can

See kind of what it gives us as a Foundation and then you can tweak it so Let's say it gets you to 80 you can Tweak it to 1995 100 so it's your own Voice your own brand voice your own Messaging and so that it's actually Factual because sometimes it gets a few Things wrong so subject creating winning Offers for your business uh welcome to This week's edition of uh the funnel the Funnel show today we're focusing on one Of the most critical elements of a Successful sales funnel offer creation That's true without the offer copy the Sign doesn't matter because they're not Aligned to an offer that converts an Effective offer is the the Cornerstone Of any successful sales funnel it can Make all the difference in converting Potential customers to paying customers To help you create winning offers a few Elements to keep in mind so here's what I would do I would actually rewrite so Re-write the four bullet points into a Story format using Dan Kennedy voice Let's make it more step by step without Sounding actually that's good You can also say hey I want this to be Very like straightforward tough love and Then it'll be like hey look man this is What you need or if you say I want this To sound more friendly and empathetic Then it could be hey understand that It's hard to write copy and create

Offers so here's a few things you can do So let's see what it says here's a Step-by-step guide on to create a Winning offer written the voice of Dan Kennedy identify your target audience I'll let your unique value proposition Create a sense of urgency so on and so Forth I don't want to spend too much Time on each of these so let's go to the Next one and just wait for it to finish That one we'll say provide an outline For an online course in this industry so Here's one that you can create if you Have a course you're creating a course You have a coaching program I'll just Say online course for this prompt Prime Online outline for an online course Teaching how to build a high converting Converting sales funnels I can also say Act act as a business consultant You have 20 years of experience in this Field provide an outline for an online Course teaching how to build High Converting sales funnels right in the Voice of Russell Brunson so let's see What it gets there so uh what you want To do before you assign tasks is you Want to provide roles so you say act as A business consultant act as a Storyteller act as a math teacher Whatever it is right like act as a Stand-up comedian hello everyone my name Is Russell Brunson I'm a business Chart my knowledge expert experience

With you in this comprehensive online Course building High converting sales Funnel here's an outline introduction to Sales funnels number two understanding Your target audience number three uh Creating a winning offer before building The funnel let's see if it goes into Design and automation as well I could Also say Um give me an outline for a funnel Agency course because that's what I have Called and funnel designer Shameless Plug actually let's see what it says If we expand on it right so I finished Building the the funnel optimizable Conversion scaling and automation so Building is probably a part of the Design and that sort of things strategy Split testing different elements add one Module on how to to build funnels for Other people Including lead generation and sales Don't write the other modules again Hopefully you can understand that hey You have to write everything again Here's the additional module perfect see AI is smart seven building funnels Waters in this module will cover how to Build sales funnels oh you know what we Can also do I know this is more prompts Than the nine I mentioned but we can Also because I want you to expand and go Deeper on each of these as well so uh I Want to ask you to give me a title so

I'll just do one of them as an example Can you give me a a nice title for Module seven Let's see if we can just do that A nice title yeah no wonder it's like Thinking hey what's this man thinking Nice title building funnels for profit Okay lead generation and sales for Clients turning vulnerable into thriving A few options gotcha Consulting Mastery Helping me distract information with Sales funnels I can also say can you Include the word funnel agency and give Three more options told me guide for Funnel building for clients become a Funnel consultant Ah that's not bad Becoming a funnel consultant I always Say it's it's not just a design service Even if you're building a designing and That sort of thing you're Consulting Telling them what funnel they should use Why how it's going to work and then you Do it for them you charge High ticket For that billing foreign agency the Financial blueprint masking funnel Consulting with sales funnels awesome Thanks and then we'll go to the next one Brainstorming give me 10 headlines I'll Just change this to five for people Wanting this outcome so for people Wanting to start and grow a success for Funnel agency without having to go Through these pain points so without Having to send out proper annoying

Pole Source write them in the voice of Gary V I just added that that part to Show you kind of different angles uh Just to get a different type of writing Style from chat GPT when you ask for Headlines you can always start without The hey write them in this voice and Then you from those you can say uh give Me from this one specifically like let's Say this one building a funnel agency Leaders and sales for clients I could Say give me three more options from this Specific title and then you can do that From this title create a subject line And write an email it's like an Organizational chart you just go down And you go deeper on each of the outputs That it gives you based on what you gave It based on what it tell or told you to Do to get the output so you say hey what Frameworks do you want me to use for Giving you prompts it tells you you say Okay great boom you do that like I can Even ask it what are some questions I Should ask you to get the right prompt Or to get the right information sure Here are five headlines for your entire Audience's style of garyvee scaling your Funnels without setting your single Proposal my previous strategies from Zero to Hero how I built successful Phonologies without annoying proposals No more cold calls to no more rejected Proposals secret for growing your phone

Agency all of these could work for my Program for the final designer uh let's Go to the next one explain to me how I Can use AI to get more of this outcome Even if I'm a beginner I've never used It before right so I can tell gbt Explain to me how I can use ad to get More of this outcome so you just change That to get more leads and clients for For my funnel agency even if I'm a Beginner I've never used it before and Chat GPT you can see I don't have a Space there but it understands it's AI It knows what you're looking for as a Beginner you can leverage ad Chad Between the following ways to get more Leads and clients for a funnel Agency Number one lead generation you can use AI powered chat Bots to automate lead Generation by engaging with prospects on Your website capturing the contact Information this can help you save time And resources increase your chances of Converting leads into clients that's True I could create a chatbot flow add It as a widget and then use as a quiz Sort of like bucketing and asking them Questions and based on what they say I Tag them and put them into buckets of This is a course creator now let's send These emails about you know how to use Funnels as a course creator 24 7 Customer Support also has a chat bot Content creation sales marketing chat

About virtual assistants overall Ai and Streamline your business process awesome So can you give me a few examples of Promotional content can you give me a Few examples of promotional content I Could use to get more clients can you Expand on on the third Point content Creation and give me a few example Points we use to get more clients so I'm Again using what it gave me about Content operation and just asking can You expand on this hey I wasn't sure About you what you mean about this one Can you expand a little bit and so we'll Wait for chat DPT to do that and Meanwhile I will take a look at the next One which is summarize the benefits of This for someone like me who's wanting To summarize the benefits of Sales funnels for someone who is a Course creator so they can understand And see the understanding see why they Should hire me for the funnel Building Services so we'll do this one after Let's see here if we can get a chat GPT Maybe we made it tired Awesome it woke up again sure here's a Few examples of promotional content you Can use to get more clients for your Funnel agency in the context of content Creation blog posts you can write blog Posts that showcase your expertise in Funnel creation social media posts okay So it's giving me different content

Types and then what I could say is okay Network error I'll just refresh this but What I could then do is expand on each And say give me five different social Media examples example posts I can use I'll just stop generating and we'll do The next one for time's sake summarize The benefits of sales funnels for Someone who's a course creator so they Can understand and see why they should Hire me for funnel Building Services and By the way as we waiting for chat GPT Here let me just say also make sure you Subscribe because this is more the Overview of chat DPT and we have way More videos about like specific hey if You are a consultant here's how to use It you know I have an ebook that I'm Writing right now with 101 different Prompts so depending on when you're Watching this that might might be Available in the link in the description As well and like all these things that I'm doing because I've been building Funnels for years and built over 500 Funnels and it's only been the last like Year two years that we've used Ai and so We're constantly you know showing more Content about Ai and these things so Network error again so let's see here What it created but cell phone is a Market process that helps increase Conversions grow the revenue yep Increase conversion rates Builder

Qualified leads improve customer Experience increase customer lifetime Value data driven insights so you can Expand on these and create content about Those things so that people see how they Can not only like what you do for them In examples but why they need funnels And and sort of selling the thing that Sells the thing okay so without going Too deep on that let's just refresh and Go to the next one so the next prompt That you can use is create a blueprint For this Niche on how to get how to get This outcome create a blueprint for Consultant on how to get more clients Using sales funnels so we're looking for A blueprint or a step-by-step sort of System it's kind of like if you look at A course it's the modules it's the faces That people go through and so this is Used for brainstorming it could be for a Book you want to get the chapters in Fact I could ask it we can do it Together I can ask it to turn these into Chapters for a book as well all right so Let's see what it gave us uh here's a Blueprint for Consultants how to use Sales funnels to get more clients Identify your target audience develop a Lead magnet build your landing page Create a follow-up sequence offer a low Risk trial close the sale continue Optimize okay that's good blueprint now Turn these points into a book and use

Each of them as a chapter right a title For each chapter so let's see if we can Do this um sometimes you want to tell it Like hey act as a you know consultant or An advisor or as an author and turn this Into a book you know so you give a Little bit more context so here's a Suggested outline for a book on using Sales funnels for Consultants to get More clients defining your target Audience the foundation of your sales Funnel so go up and see I definitely Identify your target audience second Develop a lead magnet a crane compelling Lead magnet so you can see it gives it Titles as well and then I can say for The first chapter give me three more Options to choose between you know Between just for time's sake I'm gonna Go to the next one but you can play Around with these as well to get more Experience and the fun is really where You start talking to it as a friend so We'll do the next one probably real life Examples of how to best use this tool so I'll say I provide real life examples of How to best use I'll do chat GPT for Business owners and show me how I can Help people like me get the most Benefits out of it so show me how it can Help people like me building funnels Who are building funnels get more Clients in our funnel agencies so that's Just an example of like let's say you do

Anything it could be a freelancing Business you design logos I don't know You build websites you provide video Editing services or you have a course You have a Consulting program coaching Program you can say provide real example Real life examples of anything right so Provide real life examples of coaches Using chat DBT for their sales pages and It'll just give you a ton of examples How you can start using this and create Creating your own uh prompt because it's One thing to have the framework and then It's like going three levels deep on That and getting like headlines and then Outlines and then for an outline get the Content the content for the first Chapter or the content for the email the Content for the landing page and then You can say hey can you rewrite this Section of the sales copy the last one That I have here I'll do a bonus after This one as well the last one that I Have is create a summary in Boiling Point format from this text so then you Would just take like this and you would Paste in your your text here okay I Think you get the point you just like Take a a long form uh actually let's Save this one and do it after I have Given you the bonus because it'll give More sense then so so I'll do act as a As a professional copywriter with 15 Years of experience and write a complete

Social media post about how to use how To lose weight we'll do another because We talked about funnels a lot for stay At home dads where it's complete social Media post about how to lose weight for Stay-at-home dads even if they're busy So now this is where you can start Playing around with more copywriting Formulas so copywriting Frameworks and Like all these different things where You know if you say hey write a social Media post about this it can just give You attention all stay at home Dad are You finding it difficult to lose weight Exactly sounds a little bit salesy so I Will say uh now rewrite this using the Hook Tory offer framework Um but make it less salesy and more Um pathetic Okay so I don't know if I interrupted The workflow here but it didn't finish That one so I could just go in change This and have it rewrite but let's see What it says here do you ever feel like You're stuck in never ending cycle of Work family trying to squeeze in a Workout look at that copy trying to Squeeze in a workout that's how I feel I'm a dad I'm not a stay-at-home Dad I'm A business owner and a dad and I'm like Trying to change the world and help all These people and also try to lose weight And like stay in shape and like for Different reasons right we've seen

Content status last just like you Successfully achieved their weight loss Calls even with the business schedule Here's the story one of our clients the Same of us will overwhelm and Discouraged he was working long hours Trying to be a good husband on Dad look The emotional aspect of this he was Trying to be a good husband and Dad it Felt like he never had any time for Yourself sound familiar bro this copy in Order to break the cycle make a change It's amazing I won't bother you anymore Today that's it that is nine different Prompts I know the last one create a Summary in bullet point format from this Text we can to see if if we can get it To do that from that post or the copy Okay somewhere involved from this text Above just to kind of give you an Example Um how it works but this one is more Story format so I don't know if it'll Actually create a bullet point from this But when you have like a chat and you Have like these answers already the Prompts and the outputs it'll use that As context when you ask something simple As you know create a summary in bullet Point share the story offers a proven System so the one way this would be Super helpful is if you have a text from A sales video a vsl and you want to get A bullet point summary to say hey I know

This video is of interest to you and Here's what you'll learn when you watch It or hey this book would really help You grow your business and here's kind Of a sneak peek of what's inside and It'll have like the bullet points of That and even with the chapter you can Say here's the copy of the chapter but Here's the the sort of short version of It the the summary if you will so you Can ask it to summarize you can ask it To brainstorm write copy create emails Like all these different things so that Is it for the video I appreciate you for Being here make sure you like subscribe All the good stuff and as always we have Links in description to everything if You want my help with something if you Want like a free download of a different Prompt for AI funnels we're building Businesses using AI we're also building Funnels using AI for clients and making Money that way so check out everything Below I'll see in the next one

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