A company that has a $10m net worth

A company that has a net of 10 could be Worth like 80. is what you're saying Yeah 30 million Top Line 10 million Bottom line we'll just use that as the As the number everything depends on the Churn within the business it's two big Pieces one is how big is the market how Sticky is the revenue so if we're Gobbling up market share and it just Keeps compounding and stacking on stuff Because everyone keeps loving the thing That we sell then it's going to be Tremendously valuable if it's a much More transactional company then we're Going to get a much lower multiple you Know the range is huge there I would say It's probably like six to twelve for a Company that was doing 10 million it'd Probably be like you know maybe eight to Twelve you know a certain percentage That be rolled in equity a certain Percentage that would be seller finance Certain percentage that would be you Know Consulting back and then a certain Percentage that would be cash you know All those things added together might be The 8X but you may be cash portion might Only be five or whatever so we're Talking a multiple of ebitda right now Or yeah

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