A Framework to Overcome Obstacles

So one of the Frameworks I like to use To overcome obstacles is hypothetical Situation get agreement and then meet The situation this works better if You're in service but if someone says Hey I don't like this solution because Of XYZ reason then you say if XYZ reason Weren't an issue would you do it and if The person says yes then you say awesome Well I can accommodate that what card do You want to use and then it's done Because they've already gotten the Agreement they've committed to saying That if you solve that problem you do it Because they don't know that you can't Solve that problem really easily on the Flip side if they say well no then you Get to the core reason of why they Really don't want to do it and then this Often vanishes because you resolve the Real problem especially if you get Caught in a Zone you're like not sure What to say they're like well I need to Think about it and you're like well if You didn't need to think about it would You do it great what would you need to See if someone's like it's too expensive Okay well if it weren't too expensive Would you do it and it gives you a Second to catch your breath and get an Agreement at the same time from the Person and then you get into problem Solving mode which is where you want to Be rather than combative mode because

Now you're on the same side of the table And trying to solve this problem Together

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