A Magic Ladder Worth $10,000

If you don’t know by now, I’ve spend the last few years starting my rare book collection by authors I truly love. This episode I share the gold I found inside of this booklet I paid $10k for, by one of my all time favorites Napoleon Hill.

This book is based of a presentation that Napoleon Hill gave when he traveled around the country. This methodology was developed before he wrote Think And Grow Rich. It carefully outlines the 16 fundamental steps any successful business owner would need to accomplish in order to be successful – in any area of their lives.

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[Music] Somebody asked me today did you really Spend ten thousand dollars to buy that Book the answer is yes It is rare it's the only copy I've ever Seen there are 34 Pages which means That's 294 dollars per page so why would I spend that Because inside of here is some gold I Needed to bring to you [Music] So Brunson welcome to the marketing Secrets podcast today I'm going to be Talking about the magic ladder of Success this is a book that was written By Napoleon Hill in 1921 so I bring it Today to you guys on this podcast Episode we're gonna go over the 16 rungs Of the magic ladder success employee who Wrote about I think you guys can get a Lot of value from this even if you just Master one or two or three of these Rungs it'll help you get closer to the Goals that you are trying to achieve Whether it be in business Sports Relationships whatever it is you're Trying to be successful in I hope this Episode is going to help you so in this Episode we're gonna go deep into the Magic ladder of success walk through all The principles and I want you to look at What things you're missing what things You need tweak and change so you can Actually get the goal that you are

Looking for all right this episode today Is actually brought to you by one of my New companies I'm about to launch called Secrets of success this is gonna be my Personal development mindset all sorts Of cool things uh we'll talk about in That company that business over here so If you enjoy this stuff I want to make Sure you go and subscribe so right now The site's not live but there is a page If you go to secrets of success.com Magic ladder you actually download this PDF right here which is PDF what we're Talking about during today's episode so There's the sponsor go get on the list That way you get the PDF and a whole Bunch of other cool things on top of That please if you enjoyed this episode Ready to review wherever you're watching If you're on YouTube drop a comment down Below let us know if you're on the Podcast please go to the podcast drop Some comments I want to hear what they Are and if you are somewhere else maybe You're on your phone and you're Listening right now take a screenshot of The episode and go and post it on Socials and tag me on it let me know Your favorite thing about this episode What you learned what you wish I would Have talked about and you can also go to Marketing secrets.com scroll down on That page there's a spot where you can Submit your questions those come

Directly to me I can look at those and Potentially cover them in a future Episode so with that said let's jump Right into this episode of the podcast You're listening to marketing secrets With your host Russell Brunson all right Everyone it's Russell and I'm excited For today's podcast episode we were Talking about a book a written by Napoleon Hill that actually bought on EBay for ten thousand dollars uh you Know that Russell's book is like 30 Pages why would you spend ten thousand Dollars for it and it's because first Off Napoleon Hill is my favorite author Second off I am like literally scouring The country trying to find all the first Edition everything from Napoleon Hill And this is a copy of a booklet that I Found that um I hadn't seen before Um I actually had owned this copy of the Book The Magic ladder success which is Really fat and big and was published I Think in 1930 and this one was published Like a decade earlier and this is before Think and Grow Rich before lost success Before all that stuff it was when it was First kind of developing these thoughts In this methodology and his uh Philosophy of success and um it's an Early version of that today I actually Read this entire book I have a whole Bunch of notes and things we're gonna go Over it in fact I doodled out while I

Was reading the book the whole Magic Ladder success and um I had uh one of Our designers design one for you guys And if you want this to the end I'll Give you guys a link where you can go And Download a pdf version this you can Print it out basically success at the Top run of the ladder and these all the Things you gotta do in order to be able To be successful and if you've read lots Of success or thinking Rich the other Ones you know so that these steps aren't The exact same steps in his other books And it's because this is again this is Early on his career you're still Developing these thoughts as Methodologies like what he wanted to Teach on and so some of the earliest Versions which was kind of fun so that's What we're gonna talk about today is the Magic ladder success how you guys have Success in your life in your business Whatever you're trying to do by Following the same principles in pulling Hilltop okay so to begin this we're Going to start on the Bottom Rung of the Magic ladder success the very first step Is the definite aim you have to have a Definite aim something you are searching For something you're looking for Something you're trying to move towards You said in here in this book you said That after serving anything like 17 000 People he said I found that five percent

Of people have an actual aim other 95 Are just followers it's only five Percent people are leaders who actually Have an aim and like I'm going this Direction I'm trying to accomplish this Thing and it could be anything could be In sports could be in business could be In your family life could be in a Relationship but an actual aim of this Is the thing I'm going for and if you Have definite aim then a definite plan To actually achieve that aim right yes I Want to lose 20 pounds and that's that's My definite name that's it no it's like You have to have my definition is I want To lose 20 pounds and then the definite Plan to actually get that is okay I'm Gonna do it by following this diet plan This person this you know whatever that Thing might be so it's definitely aiming The indefinite plan those are the two Things that are successful for the first Run of the magic ladder success okay After you have a definite aim a Different plan then it takes you to the Next step which is self-confidence so Not only you have to have the AIM and The plan you have to actually have Belief that you can do it you know Self-conscious I think I can actually do This right it's interesting I always Tell people that my head job as the head Cheerleader here at click funnels is Just to get you guys to believe that

It's actually successful because it's Not hard it's been proven over and over And over again I think we're two or Three days away from passing 2 000 People to one or two common Club award The only difference between you and them If you haven't hit it yet is because you Lack self-confidence like I believe they Can do it but I don't know if I could do That right so I'm their biggest Cheerleader for you like I know you can Do it I have self-confidence you can do Do it but that's the second rung of the Latter is self-confidence do you Actually think you can do it right so After you've got the definite aim Different plan then you go to Self-confidence the third rung of the Latter is initiative are you actually Gonna go and do the thing right how many Guys have had ideas like I'm gonna do This thing I have a plan to go and do Something but then you don't actually do It I want to be a state champ when I was Wrestling um in high school tons of People like I want to be state champion Bay state champ they didn't have the Initiative to actually go and do the Actual work I want to make a million Dollars I want to lose weight I want to Do whatever the thing is do you actually Have the initiative to do the things you Need to do to actually be successful so They definitely a different plan we got

Self-confidence we can actually do it And then next is we have initiative we Actually go out there and start taking The steps necessary to be successful run Number four is Imagination it's not only To have an initiative to go do the steps When you do they might have imagination Which be creative and to figure out new Ways to solve the problems in this book You start sharing a whole bunch of Examples like Edison initiative you Wanted to figure out how to create the Light but then you'd use imagination Like well how's this going to work I Gotta think through it right because There wasn't a plan and here's how to Build light bulb you have to add Imagination talked about Gutenberg with A printing press the initiative Imagination like how are we going to do This right uh Wright brothers over like Story after story after Story Um they says the two keys having Initiative imagination those two things Together unlock the next level right he Says these two qualities are the main Reasons why the 95 have no definite aim In life like the initiative and Imagination is the next thing that Unlocks that leadership Run number five is action okay you hear This so much in personal development you Hear this in the business world like you Gotta take action you take Massive

Action and go there and actually do the Thing right it's similar to Nation if The initiative gets you started action Is like the momentum that keeps it Happening right taking action on the Ideas like despite fear and like all the Problems that come up when we're trying To do anything it's like blasting Through that and actually doing the Action we need one of the really cool Stories in Napoleon Hill shared here Inside the book talking about action That was so powerful he said a few years Ago I went out to Chicago public parks And interviewed seven of the so-called Down and outs fellows who lie around Sleep with newspapers over their faces While work is plentiful and wages are High I wanted to catch a glimpse of Their particular Alibi I love you called An alibi uh I knew they had what they Believed to be a reason for being Without work each of them said Substantially this I am here because the World would not give me a chance okay so Think of it because the world did not Give me a chance the world ever give any Person a chance other than that which They went out and created by the use of Their imagination self-confidence Initiative and those other all these Mentioned in the latter we are not to Argue the point that if there is no Action all education in the world all

The knowledge that ever came from the Best colleges universities on the Earth All the good intentions plus all the Other qualities mentioned in this magic Ladder would not be of any value Whatsoever okay and so action is the key Like getting action after you have all These things so our job is like as You're learning and consuming you're Listening to podcasts you're studying You're reading books you're watching This video or listening to the audio the Key is not just the accumulation of Knowledge it's the accumulation and Turning that into actual action that's How you have success in any aspect of Your life okay let's continue to move up The rungs of ladder number six now is Enthusiasm okay not just saying oh I'm Gonna have to go do this thing we joke Some of my friends we tease them and Call them Eeyore because it's like the Donkey okay I guess I'm gonna do it like Those people rarely have success in life If people have success like oh this is Gonna be hard okay if I have enthusiasm I'm excited I'm gonna go do the thing And be successful so you take action We're not action with like oh like Dread Or remorse or you know tiredness or Whatever it's doing with enthusiasm by Doing okay if I'm gonna go accomplish This definite aim my chief purpose I Think I'm going after I'm going to do it

With energy and excitement I'm gonna go And attack it right so rung number six Is enthusiasm run number seven now is Self-control and he talks about like the Importance in here of being able to Control ourselves or control our anger Control our frustrations control those Things because as you're going on this Path and moving towards being successful There's gonna be things come up right And if you can't have self-control to Stay focused be able to keep doing the Thing you're supposed to be doing to Continue to take action to not get Frustrated mad or angry all those kind Of things if you can have that Self-control it's gonna help you be more Successful one of the quotes I love he Said in here no person's ever became a Great leader of other men until he first Learned how to lead himself through Self-control self-mastery is the first Stepping stone to real achievement okay So the question for you is like do you Have self-mastery or in this constant Battle in our mind like our like we want To go do something but our mind's like Oh that's easier to go and watch Netflix I want to go run and lose weight oh but It's easier to go to Krispy Kreme and Get donuts right like there's this Mental battle that we're going through Every single every single one of us and Learning how to control our mind is one

Of the big keys to success okay we're Gonna continue to move up the magic Ladder success rung number eight he says It in more words than I'm going to say So I'll say his way first he said rung Number eight is the habit of Performing More work and better work than you are Paid to perform I like to call this Principle the principle of over Delivering whenever you are in any Circumstance or situation you always Want to do more than you were paid for He talks a lot about this and thinking Grow Rich talks about The Laws of Success like this is a one of the Principles he goes deep all the time It's just like look you want to be Successful life always do more than you Are paid for always over deliver if Someone pays you you know 50 bucks an Hour to do something give them a hundred Dollars an hour worth of effort if you Do that over time people continue to Look at your value and it'll increase Always over deliver in all aspects of Your life if you over deliver in your Relationships you're gonna have good Relationships if you over deliver in Your marriage you have a great marriage Over deliver with your kids you have a Great relationship with your kids over Delivering your job Sports your Athletics your business whatever it is Like serving your customers if you're

Over delivering every single aspect and That's how you're gonna be able to help Guarantee your success so that is rung Number eight rung number nine is an Attractive personality oh this sounds Interesting if you've read any of my Books all three.com secrets experts Secrets and traffic Secrets I talk about This concept called the attractive Character right you attractive character Is all about like who are you putting Out there in the world is going to Attract the right people to you and in This book he talks about attractive Personality he said the same things that People are going to want to work with You if you're like always depressed or Sad or not putting those things out There if you want to attract people into Your life to help you to reach your Goals you have to have an attractive Personality it doesn't need to be good Looking that doesn't matter but like an Attractive personality where you're You're nice to talk to you're Pleasant You're not angry people all the time Like people have conversations with you A good book that um isn't this book Obviously but another one to go deeper Onto if you want to go deeper on that is Dale Carnegie's how to win friends and Influence people like how do you do that Like if you understand those principles Of how you present yourself it's how you

And like Del Cara you said it's how you Win friends and influence people which Is a big step in the ladder of success Run number 10 accurate thought this is One most of the world struggles with Every time they hear any knowledge or Information they think it's the truth And sometimes it is but oftentimes it's Not especially today think about Napoleon Hill wrote this back way before The internet way before computers back When they were just typewriters right Before we were having all the social Media where everyone in their dog has an Opinion everyone's telling you what they Think and there's you know anybody can Publish anything it's insane one of the Biggest things I've learned in my life That that when I hear something I'm not Just always gonna say oh this is true I'm gonna take it think through it I'm Gonna test it out and if it works right Then okay this is a good thing I mean The Bible talks about how this is the Principle of the seed right like you Have a seed like it's a good seed or bad Seed I don't know one way to know is to Plant the seed and see for girls if the Girl was like oh this is a good seed Same thing is true with information Coming to you like don't just take Everything this is the truth until You've planted it you've watered it You've tested it you've seen what's

Happened if it grows up in something Good it's like okay that is true Therefore I'm going to continue to use That for the rest of my life all right Run number 11 concentration are you able To concentrate long enough to actually Get the project or the thing done okay Can you focus enough to like like Despite all the distractions and back Again this is I keep quoting what year Let me make sure I have the right year The year that this book was um was Published 1921 so 1921 how hard was it To have concentration right probably Hard like they had telephones I'm Assuming they had I don't think they had TVs in their houses like and he was Focused on concentration then like they Didn't have you know texting and Twitter And Facebook and Instagram and YouTube And Skype and slack and zoom and you Know all like the chaos right and he was Concerned about concentration back then Today was even worse like how in the World do you get concentration she Actually focus and get things done right Now I'm in a room with a whole bunch of Walls and a bunch of books and nothing Else there's a computer Um but even when I'm on the computer I Try to turn off the internet so I can Focus and actually get things done like What is it you're doing to be able to Make sure you can concentrate on the

Goal at hand so you can actually be Successful because there are a million Things that are fighting for your Attention every single second of every Single day if you're not careful and you Give into those things you're never Gonna get to the Finish Line what you're Trying to accomplish so concentration is Key after concentration next running up The ladder is persistency and Persistency is going to lead into the Next as well persistency those like Continue to try and to try and try okay It's not a one-time thing success is not Something that most people stumble upon Immediately right if you were to watch a Movie and you watch this hero's journey And the hero when he tried something He's had success what would you think About that I won't let you down father Good luck [Music] [Applause] [Music] Yeah this movie's really boring he tried And the very first time he tried it was Successful right like persistence is What helps you to grow it helps a Character in a movie to grow and develop And become something amazing and same Thing is true for you right your goal of Getting success is not to make this an Easy path to the end is for you to grow And to become something different become

Something better true success and true Happiness and fulfillment in success Comes from like getting through the Trials and like and struggling and Persisting and and growing and becoming The person you're supposed to be so run Number 12 is persistency which leads us To run number 13 which is failure one Thing he said here was interesting he Said that this brings us to the lucky 13th rung of the ladder which is Failures do not stumble on this rung it Is the most interesting rung of all Because it deals with the facts you must Face in life whether you wish to do so Or not it shows you as clearly as you Might see the sun on a clear day how you Can turn every failure into an asset how You carve every failure into a Foundation stone upon which your house Of success will stand forever he also Says that failure is the only subject on The whole ladder which might be called Negative we shall show you how and why It is one of the most important of Life's experiences persistency and Failure these two runs they go hand in Hand like we are persist and we're going To fail we are persist we're going to Fail and like that process of failing is How we get things closer and closer and Closer until eventually we're successful I think people who have been athletes a Lot of times have more success in most

Aspects of life because they've had to Fail over and over and over again right Like as a wrestler I stepped on the mat Hundreds of times and I didn't win every Match I lost a lot of matches right but I went out there I lost a match I came Back we looked at the film we figured Out what did I learn like how do I fail What do I need to do differently we Persisted we went and figured out a new Plan we came back we tried again and Eventually through that process that Refiners fire became so good that I was Able to beat most people if you haven't Had a chance to fail in the past like It's one of the keys is understanding Like it's okay uh just because you Failed doesn't mean you're a failure Um but the the process the plan that you Had tried before failed right okay cool That's okay come back and retweet the Plan like we figure it out in between Persistence and failure persistence and Failure over time is how you actually Find success okay so uh that is rung Number 13 is failures that was removed To run number for 14 this is tolerance And sympathy this is starting to look Outward not just for yourself and you Should have tolerance and sympathy for Your own failures and mistakes but also For the people that are around you and One interesting thing about the magic Ladder success you'll notice is that

Point Hill one of his uh core principles In law of success and I think can grow Rich is the power of a mastermind he Doesn't talk about a mastermind here he Hadn't developed that principle of that Concept yet but this is I believe part Of it talking about tolerance and Sympathy like towards the people you're Around right like if you're working Towards a goal chances are it's not just You there's other people on this journey With you and like how do you have Tolerance to sympathy for them and the Struggles and frustrations they're Having as well right by doing that helps You get more people to come uh want to Help you along your journey as well Number 15 now is work actually going out There and doing the work necessary to be Successful Um you'll notice that like certainly Every four or five rungs are about like Making progress right there's there's Action initiative work like it's doing The actual thing but I think it's Important because most people think that Like if I don't like they're hoping that They're just gonna Think and Grow Rich Right but Think and Grow Rich in the High process like your thoughts have to Become actions and this is what we're Talking about step number 15 is work Like going out there again and doing the Work uh to be successful if you notice

In Napoleon Hill's writings like he Always Likens things Back To Nature like How are things happening naturally in Nature and then how does that relate Back to us and in this principle he Talks about again it says all nature's Laws have decreed that nothing may live Which is not used the arm which is tied To one's arm and removed from active use Will wither up and perish away so it is With any other part of the physical body Disuse brings Decay and death likewise The human mind with all of its qualities Will wither up and Decay unless it is Used okay so we got to work we gotta Keep putting these motions in process Make our muscles grow our mind grow Whatever it is we're trying to work Towards and then this brings us to run Number 16 the top the last one before Success and this is The Golden Rule and the golden rule is Interesting because Napoleon Hill I Think back in 1912 back in the early Years like people talked more about this Right the Golden Rule doing to others is They would have as you would have them Do unto you right this is a Biblical Principle it's a Biblical statement but We don't talk about it nowadays but it Was it's such a heavy thing in Napoleon Hill's mind like he actually launched a Magazine called Hills Golden Rule um When I was at the Napoleon Hill

Foundation he had a Golden Ruler his Action I got a holy guy pictures me Holding like this is the the Golden Ruler the Napoleon Hill carried around With him everywhere to remember this Principle of like Hills Golden Rule and The Golden Rule like it's such a key Thing like doing to others you'd have Them doing to you and so it's the last Step on the the ladder here to successes Is the Golden Rule and um I can't tell You all the details but the outwitting The devil book the part two of that book I won't tell you the title yet or Anything because I don't want to ruin The surprise when you get to find out About it but in this book it talks about Hitler and it has Hitler's one of the Most successful people of all time he Says like he followed all the Laws of Success except for two and I won't tell You all of them but one of them was a Golden rule he said that's that's why Hitler was successful in doing what he Did but was ultimately not successful in Life because he missed one of the the Runs the latter and one of them was the Golden Rule due to others as you would Have known to you when you start looking At this as a filter through all the Choices the actions you're making in Life it keeps you on the straight narrow Path of success and Harmony and mental Like not being stressed and like all

Those things right we start looking at Through that lens of the golden rule so This book The Magic success you guys um I do live it out here as I was going Like I wanted to wrap it all out and I Decided to give you guys something Really cool is I have my designers Designed this PDF you can take and you Pronounce have it on your uh wall put in Your books and your notes whatever it is If you're watching this podcast Interview you can take notes along the The whole thing if you want and uh I Will put this up for free for you guys You can go and download it at Um secrets of success.com magic ladder M-a-g-i-c-l-a-d-d-e-r we'll make sure That the PDF is there for this right There now we can download it and have it With you as you guys are taking notes or Thinking through these principles in Your life Foreign Podcast talking about Napoleon Hill's Magic ladder of success again so many Cool principles so many great things I Hope you guys got a ton of value from This if you did please share this video Or this podcast episode with somebody Who you love and you care about Especially someone who's trying to have More success in life it could be in Business could be in sports Athletics Could be in a relationship whatever it

Is um these principles from Napoleon Hill are Timeless and they're things That can help serve you and serve them So please share this with anybody you Can on top of that if you have any Questions you want me to answer about This book about Napoleon Hill about any Of the cool things we're talking about During this episode again if you go to Marketing secrets.com there's there's a Link there where you can submit your Questions I get those links directly to Me and I'll try to answer them on a Future episode here uh on the channel or On the podcast Um with that said you guys thank you so Much for listening I appreciate you all Go stay to Napoleon Hill he is the man So many good principles and so many Things I've learned from him and Continue bringing back more cool and Napoleon Hill stuff in the future so Without saying you guys so much Appreciate you listening in and we'll See you guys on the next episode

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