A message about the upcoming recession

This is a message to everybody who is Deemed in not a Central Business during Covid the good news the recession will Not be as bad as a hundred percent of Your business not being able to be open The covid period shifted money around There are people who got super super Rich because all of the dollars that Used to go to gyms used to go to Restaurants got shifted towards other Ones that were deemed essential virtual All these things that boomed I think the Equal opposite may happen so if you had Your Heyday during covet and everything Was amazing you may not be nearly as Prepared as the people who went through The hardship of 10 12 18 months where They literally were not allowed to do Business and made do you know what it Looks like to work double time and You're just gonna have to buckle up for Understanding that to have the same Amount of sales that you were right now Or a few months ago you're just going to Have to work twice as hard and that's Okay and everyone else who doesn't You'll be able to glob up all that Market share in the meantime

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