A Prediction on MrBeast

I'll make a prediction the Rockefellers Were built on oil the new generation of Ultra wealthy people built on attention You've got Mr BEAST's Mega amounts of Attention I think he opened up a Restaurant in a local area and had 10 000 people show up at a local restaurant I don't think people still understand Because we as humans can't fathom or Comprehend the difference between a Million and 10 million because we can Barely even comprehend what a thousand Did there are levels to this game and so I don't think people realize that he's 24 and media compound once you have tons Of media the monetization is the easier Part the question is is which way are You going to monetize it you're going to Monetize with their endorsements you're Going to monetize it through companies Are you going to monetize it through Moving markets which when you're that Big you can do that there's so many ways To monetize it at that point that I will Make a prediction that he will be a Sense of billionaire not just a Billionaire but a sense a billionaire

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