A Step-by-Step Guide on Adjusting Prices During a Project

Welcome to our blog post where we will be sharing a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to effectively adjust prices during a project. We understand that pricing adjustments can pose challenges and uncertainties, but with our expertise, we aim to provide you with valuable insights and strategies to navigate this often daunting task. Join us as we delve into the key considerations and practical approaches that will empower you to make informed decisions, maximize profitability, and ensure a successful project outcome. Let’s dive in!

A Step-by-Step Guide on Adjusting Prices During a Project


As a content writer and SEO expert, we recently had the opportunity to work with an agency that specializes in building software using a tool called Bubble.io. This unique experience allowed us to be in the client seat for the first time, giving us insight into the process of expressing our exact needs and working through pricing and contracts. Throughout this project, we discovered the importance of adjusting prices when the project scope exceeds initial expectations. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to effectively navigate these price adjustments during a project.

  1. Clearly Define Project Scope from the Beginning

One of the crucial steps in ensuring a smooth project experience is to clearly define the project scope from the very beginning. This involves thorough communication and documentation of the desired features, functionalities, and deliverables. By being explicit about the project scope, both parties can have a clear understanding of what is expected, minimizing the likelihood of scope creep.

  1. Anticipate Potential Scope Creep

Despite our best efforts to define the project scope, we learned that it is often difficult to anticipate all aspects of a big website or software project. Clients may realize that they have gone beyond the initial project scope, requiring additional work and resources. It is important for both the client and the agency to be aware of this potential scenario and be prepared to address it.

  1. Monitor Project Progress and Scope Changes

Throughout the project, it is crucial to closely monitor the progress and any scope changes that may arise. Regular communication between the client and the agency is key to staying up-to-date on the project status and identifying areas where the scope may be expanding. This allows for timely discussions about potential price adjustments.

  1. Have Open and Transparent Discussions

When it becomes evident that the project scope has expanded and additional work is required, it is important to have open and transparent discussions with the client. This takes courage, as it can be uncomfortable to bring up the topic of additional payment. However, by expressing the need for price adjustments in an honest and collaborative manner, it is possible to find a resolution that works for both parties.

  1. Assess the Additional Work and Resources

Before determining the appropriate price adjustment, it is crucial to assess the additional work and resources required to meet the expanded project scope. The agency should carefully consider the time, effort, and expertise needed to execute the additional tasks. By having a comprehensive understanding of the added workload, a fair price adjustment can be proposed to the client.

  1. Negotiate a Reasonable Price Adjustment

Once the additional work and resources have been evaluated, it is time to negotiate a reasonable price adjustment. This should be done in a fair and transparent manner, taking into account the value the client will receive from the additional work. Both parties should engage in a constructive dialogue to reach an agreement that reflects the increased project scope.


Working with an agency to build software using a tool like Bubble.io provided us with invaluable insights into the project from a client’s perspective. We learned that it is important to clearly define project scope from the beginning, anticipate potential scope creep, monitor project progress, and have open discussions about price adjustments when necessary. By following this step-by-step guide, clients and agencies can effectively navigate the challenging task of adjusting prices during a project.

FAQs: Adjusting Prices During a Project

  1. Can a client request price adjustments after the initial contract has been signed?
    Yes, if the project scope expands beyond the initial agreement, it is appropriate for a client to request price adjustments to accommodate the additional work.

  2. How should agencies handle a client’s request for price adjustments?
    Agencies should carefully evaluate the additional work and resources required before proposing a reasonable price adjustment. Open and transparent discussions are key to finding a resolution that works for both parties.

  3. What if the client refuses to pay for the additional work?
    In such cases, agencies can refer to the terms and conditions outlined in the contract. It is essential to have a well-defined contract that addresses potential scope changes and price adjustments.

  4. How can agencies prevent scope creep and the need for price adjustments?
    Clear and comprehensive project scoping, regular communication, and diligent project management can help minimize scope creep and reduce the need for price adjustments.

  5. Are price adjustments common in the software development industry?
    Yes, price adjustments are not uncommon in the software development industry, especially for projects with larger scopes. They allow for fair compensation when the project requirements exceed the initial estimates.

Remember, open and transparent communication is key in successfully navigating price adjustments during a project. By following the steps outlined in this guide, clients and agencies can ensure a fair and mutually beneficial outcome.

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