ActiveCampaign vs ClickFunnels – Who Is The Winner?

Hey there guys my name is marcus and in This video i’m going dive into ActiveCampaign vs ClickFunnels.

The first thing i’m going to compare are Advantages and disadvantages and Actually my recommendation for you and I’m going to talk about the pricing Plans and main features So active campaign and click funnels are Completely two different Tools use them separately but You can combine them right with each Other and let me explain Click funnels is amazing for when you Get a landing page and you want to Create a Sales funnel in which someone enters the Site they put an Email and then just like you play around It send it for Different kind of emails on the forward Email you you send Sales and you just earn money for Example right Active campaign is mainly direct in Email marketing you won’t be able to Actually create a landing page or create A sex sales funnel But what you can do is to create Automation With emails with click funnels so Someone you get a landing page on ClickFunnels someone is going to enter The email then the email will go to.

Activecampaign database To your subscribers and then you just Easily target Them through the automations active Campaign which Are much more complex and better Comparing to click funnels So that’s like really simple you can Really play around it uh when you would Go to the pricing And what about advantages and Disadvantages of active campaign Active campaign is a little bit Expensive is the first thing The second thing but you get like good Product for it the second thing is that Learning curve is higher so it’s Actually time to learn Comparing to click funnels because click Funnels in my opinion is really easy and Simple to learn and master Then the third thing is that sometimes It can be slow Active campaign can like for you so this Is something you need to keep in mind And the fourth thing i don’t even know If there is a four thing but this is Pretty much it yes that you don’t have Landing pages but Click funnels is the right way if you Want to go with a landing page Now about the pricing you can see it Right here Two 2500 contacts 130 for the

Professional or plus 100 And like even the plus is enough for Even light version When you compare it to pricing click Funnels again it’s hard to compare Two separate products right you got a 100 300 or 2500 per month I would go with a light version and then You would see how it goes So that’s pretty much it to go even Further Um i don’t know what else should i tell You Like i just don’t know just combine These two tools Uh active campaign got integration for Click funnels And it can like work really great for You So yeah thank you very much everybody For watching if you have any questions Ask me download comments i’m really Happy to help you Um activecampaign is amazing with the Side tracking with even tracking And with advanced automations and you’re Not going to make a mistake if you Choose it So yeah see ya.

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Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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