Affiliate Marketing Funnel (How To Make A CrapTon Of Money)

Learn how to build affiliate marketing funnel and make crapton of money with it!

And we are officially live welcome Jim Welcome Dave how you guys doing today Barney oh great man before we started Recording I was mentioning how strange It is that I am the most mature person Here with my normal head of hair and you Guys know you can wear it it actually Helps me a lot the zombie one last time Was really good I’m ready oh we got Whatever you throw at me I’m ready Russell brunson very cool let me set This up for you guys today so uh what we Are doing is for fun Fridays this is Episode three We’ll be doing is every single you take A product randomly on top of our head to Try to build an entire funnel around it Last week I shipped just bunch stuff This week nobody shipped me anything so But we did get a big question a lot and It’s number one question I think they Probably get so dave is one of our Partners here and click funnels He runs the entire affiliate business Development everything in Dave what’s The more question you get from every Single person who’s not affiliated but Who wants to win a car from us how what Do I have to do to win a car how do I Promote clickfunnels I want to win a car And I want to promote clickfunnels where Do I go what how do I do this so we Thought how much fun would it be today If today we focus on building out an

Affiliate funnel for clickfunnels And I can show you guys how to make a Crap ton of money as one of our Affiliates and then then it’s I’ll just Give you guys the affiliate funnel how Many just want a Philly funnel at the End oh yeah me alright cool so that’s About all the context we’ve given Anybody so far so other than that we Were just making this up off the top of Our heads and alright so one thing I’m Gonna do something really quick because My brother who is the video guy has to Leave here in like two minutes so I’m Gonna record a bridge page video just so I can send it to him and then I know Where to get things started so there is We’re cheating a little bit but it’s cuz We have to so give me one sec he has a Recording a bridge page buddy I’ll Explain the context and why we do this Here in a second I’m recording it really Fast so hey everyone my name’s Russell Brunson thank you so much for joining my Email list now if you check an email I Sent you a bunch of really cool things All the reports all the cool stuff we Talked about funnels is coming to your Email but down below if you Check out there’s especially going to Check out it’s gonna tell you a little More about funnel hacking which is one Of the coolest things in the world you Click on the button downloads can take

Your page and register for webinar Register for the webinar show up it’s Happening later today you do not want to Miss it Again thanks so much I check your email From email for me I got some cool stuff And resend to you that’s gonna show you How to build some amazing funnel thanks Again and I’ll talk to you soon All right so I guys send that to him Real quick because he reacts alright so I my phone I use the wheat transfer app Do we transfer things so no they have an App they do so I uh I record tons of Videos on my phone and then I never know How to get him off my folks I hate ITunes it’s all confusing so I just send It and that’s how it works okay alright So he’s got that where 33 so he will Have the video here in a few seconds and Then we’ll have the video okay so back To work so you guys I’m excited so just For everyone who’s watching so click Phone’s affiliate program if you are a Clickfunnels member you are already in Affiliate funds member like I don’t Understand what you were waiting for and What you think like needs to happen for You I had a guy who messes we don’t Facebook the other day he’s like hey Russell so I had had a quick thumbs down A year ago but I kind of cancelled it And I’m just trying to slide if I should Get it or not and I was like a year you

Cancel the year going for a year you’ve Been sitting around gotta click phones Account on Mike I actually do you Honestly hate money that bad that you’ve Weighed in the entire year to really Like well I’m just trying to decide dude It’s a free trial go get it and then we Like anyway so you don’t click throws Account yet like you should not be here You should just go quit your whatever You’re trying to do go get a job Somewhere else because you’re not going To be successful in this business with That one like it’s it’s it’s come to That but if you do have one majority an Affiliate so congratulations and so what I’m gonna show it real quick just so I’m Gonna show my screens yes can all see This just you guys to see where to get The the affiliate links how do I do this Again sorry we got a a remember how this Whole thing works It’s not their screenshare there we are All right can you guys see my screen Well it’s like a screen inside of Screens I’m screwed It’s like one of those crazy things Alright moving it off alright do you Have elsewhere screen now the kendo yeah Cool okay so if you are in here and you Go so I’m gonna go to my account real Quick so if you go to your account at The very top here so the account and it Says affiliates you click on that and

It’ll take you into the affiliate Program and I don’t know any accounts in The state and this is cool we’re rich We’re ready Oh making money alright now a couple of Things down here they’re cool if you Would get as of today we’ve got the Clickfunnels affiliate program is in Here it makes little bigger shakes and See we’ve got funnel scripts is in here In from the University this week we’re In the process of migrating over all of The click fought all my products into Here so by next week you’ll have the Dot-com secrets book for webinar script You’ll have the funnel Friday’s links Like everything we have will soon be in Here but as of today we’ve got three Three core actually four things we got The click funnel stuff final scripts Funnel University and basically you’ve Seen here you see all your staffs me Quick here on affiliate links they give Your affiliate links and so this is how You can kind of grab your affiliate Links here and there’s a video here Talking about the car contest did you Want spend like a minute telling people About the car contest alone I met like I Don’t even know this is part of Clickfunnels Absolutely I get this question quite a Bit and that is we are we’re giving away Cars and also Commission’s it’s not

Either/or so you get 40% recurring Commissions plus as soon as you get a Hundred members you get five hundred Dollars towards the purchase release of Whatever your dream car is and with two Hundred clickfunnels users you get $1,000 a month towards the purchase or Lease of your car whatever dream car That is so as you can see here how many Cars begin way so far 14 14 and if you Watch this video you’ll see some of These guys cars they get away it’s crazy But what’s cool is check this out yes See this right here what’s your dream Car how closely you’ll see how many Members you have to eat your car so you Pass this little blue line we pay five Hundred dollars towards the lease of Your dream car when she passed the Green Line you get thousand bucks where Dream car so you guys this is a Seriously we gave away 14 cars in the Last 12 months we want to give 100 in The next 12 months so anyway and then You scroll down here and there’s Different pages you can promote there’s The click launch trial there’s the Webinar different things like that and You get your link so that’s kind of I Just want to show you guys that real Quick so that as I’m grabbing my links We have to waste time explaining that During my 30 minutes cuz every time I Get stuck you 30 minutes look um

Alright so that’s that’s context okay so The next thing we’re gonna do so we’ve Really got a video back already Hey Russell real quick you don’t mind go Back to that real fast show the Difference between the three as far as The you have the clickfunnels free trial You have the funnel hack two webinar Which is what your average one just Talked about okay so right here this I’m Sorry you gotta love it Alright so if you see here there’s There’s a free 14-day trial you can Promote there’s the funnel hacks auto Auto webinar in front and then there’s Fun a little giveaway these two do the Best in all honesty and and I’ll kind of Walk through the process we’re gonna be Per owning both of these in this funnel And then and then down here you get the Link so you can here’s the link but then You can set tracking links things like That So here’s the 14 day trial so there’s The direct link or you can there’s Different pages you can promote so you Kind of see the pages look like you said Tracking IDs you’re like let’s do Facebook ad ad number one that way you Can see which which self came from from Which facebook ad you scroll down There’s banner ads and email subject Lines and then right here is the auto Webinar someone from the auto webinar

There’s the link there and yeah that’s Cut out all that and though you’re Looking for it awesome thanks cool Alright Don’t forget funnel scripts oh yeah and Final script so let me come back here if You want the best converting product of All time we actually funnel scripts is Killing it for us right now we’re Spending about a thousand bucks a day on Facebook and making like four or five Thousand back so it’s like pretty much Free money so um there’s final scripts Links and everything so you can go Promote that as well and get paid Commissions alright so with that said I Want to talk about strategy really quick And then we gonna start building out Some crazy funnels because people always Get confused on the strategy part of This and so this is true if you are Gonna be a Philly for quick funnels or Affiliate for anything and all See this this strategy behind this will Work for any business even if you’re not An affiliate so I want to I want to Explain something so we’re gonna bust Out our paintbrush program right here Because we don’t have a whiteboard Program that I know of yet so this is The best we got all right so what I want To do is is what I want to explain is Basically what we’re gonna be building Is that we’re gonna drive traffic into a

Landing page okay it looks like all the Landing page and I use a curse word we Have a headline here what was it a curse Word I can’t you can’t just leave it in Our company call the lead page you get In trouble yeah so we got some coffee Here which funnel scripts is gonna Create and then there’s gonna be a block Right here where they opt-in right now They’re gonna be opting in for something Now what we’re gonna do here is there Were second page here we’re gonna have What we call a bridge page and that Video I just record the very beginning Isn’t going here this is my bridge page Video this is where if someone typically Comes into your into your squeeze page They don’t know who you are the cold Traffic this bridge page where you start Building your relationship with the Person so that’s why I video I recorded It on my cam Russell checking off some Cool stuff and then down below there’s Gonna be something down here there’s Gonna be a button that I push them Somewhere so I’ll have a call to action Somewhere and so it notes my video I Said call to actions gonna go to webinar Page so that’s gonna be my affiliate Link for the the webinar page I get paid Money as an affiliate so that’s how this Kind of model works right here is that This is the affiliate offer I’m setting The bridge page in between us hope

I said squeeze page bridge page me Explain what it is I push them to the Affiliate offer and they start getting Emails now from me promoting he usually The first email or something’s gonna be About the free thing that they opted in For and then the next email is gonna be Promoting this webinar over here but Then one thing I know is if someone came In this funnel like they came in about About talking like you’ll see in a Minute as we create this page the the The Hooksett about funnel so some of This is excited about funnels they come In here they opt-in and talk about Funnels here they got free About funnels the webinars about funnel So their mindset is like I I like Funnels I want to learn about funnels so Then what we do is then we start Transitioning we add in a second offer In here my second offer is gonna be Funnel scripts because we know people Want funnels now they need funnel Scripts and then third thing is going to Be funnel University so I’m gonna plug In different offers to my email sequence So the next email sequence next three or Four emails we’ll be talking about a lot Of scripts and then funnel University And that’s kind of how it works now the Reason why this part of this model is so Good as a lot of people try to become Affiliate marketers and for this video

Top some senior way mileage a lot of People try to come fill your markers but They struggle because they feel like Program pays in 40% or whatever it’s Late they buy ads on Facebook and then The drive traffic to landing page and Then let’s say they make they make money But not enough to cover their ads to Them because only half the money you big If the other half goes to the person who Runs a product and so if you want to be Gonna fill you have to understand this Process right here and that’s why I want To share this with us before we start Building so let’s just say I’m in Philly I come over here and I spend money on Facebook guys let’s say I spend a Hundred dollars on Facebook ads right And someone comes in here they opt-in And some people see the call-to-action And some people come see the webinar now What happens a lot of time is is we Think I spent how dollars on Facebook And then you look in like two days later That make $1 back and a lot of times Doesn’t work that way so you have to Understand like this is the funnel this Is a this is a long-term strategy so I Spend a hundred dollars on Facebook they Come over here and let’s say email Number one it’s a free thing so I don’t Make very much but a couple people Bought over here so let’s say by the end Of day number day number one I made I’ve

Made ten bucks right that’s the most People say oh in our marketing is a scam I spent $100 and I only made 10 but what Happens then is then day number two I Send an email about the webinar right Here right I send an email out and Suddenly this $10 average goes up to Like $15 the day number three So since day number one since day number Two day number three now it’s up to like 25 dollars and they day number four I Put some urgency and scarcity now except To like $75 so ice love me my money back Here I cause in our marketing things a Scam I spent seventy five spend 100 I only Made seventy five but then what happens Then you transition out offer number two Which is funnel scripts okay so email Number five is going out talking about Hey you got your funnel ninety to write The copy it’s really really cool and Awesome big people percentage takes here And all of a sudden now from this Product you passed under $10 mark and This you guys this is what we call our Break-even point Okay so right now we find out this Funnel it takes us five days to break Even now guess what’s cool about that it Means every single penny you make after Day five so day six seven eight nine ten One hundred two hundred six hundred Million every day for the rest of your

Life every penny you ever make from Those leads is 100% pure unadulterated Profit yay and so that means day number You know day number six here the next Email goes out and your $125 now you’re One hundred sixty or $50 then you’re two Thirty and then you’re two and it keeps Growing and that’s that’s how this Internet marketing affiliate page that Makes sense you guys now did some Awesome cool so that’s the reason why we Have a whole bunch of offers that’s why It’s not just click phones that’s what If clickfunnels in the book and the Funnel scripts in funnel university Because we want you guys at affiliates Making money and so when you have a lead That comes into your funnel who wants to Know about funnels we have a whole array Of things we can sell them okay and that Way you can all make a crap ton of money The other cool thing like I said is that Somewhere in this place not only find a Break-even point you will also somewhere Pass your hunger member mark which means You get a free car from us and somewhere Down the line you pass with 200 members Mark which means you get a better car From us and so that’s kind of the Strategy so does that make sense Hopefully yeah okay so strategy is done Now we can get to actually building out This funnel so I’m gonna hold it over Here yes yeah go fast

The biggest thing these thing will do Copy for right now is all the landing Page stuff that’s probably the key cuz All of this everything back here is all Affiliate stuff and well some emails but The main thing is this so so how about Let’s do this let’s uh let’s start the Egg timer and then you can start Quizzing me on questions because I think I can build the funnel faster to the FE I’m pretty sure so we’ll spend copy up Front a little bit and then okay before We do that can I um can i I’m using a We’ve got two different headline scripts From every week we’ve been using the the Killer headline scripts and I want Everybody to see the short headline Scripts which make kind of different and Quirky type of headlines so we could get You your headline for your page now page Now and then while you’re building the Thing I can ask you questions and we can Work on the free report script thing is That cool oh that’s awesome Um you wouldn’t even cool we can even Just do a whole bunch of headlines for I Can email subject clients to it would be Kind of cool we can do that too okay all Right subject guys you know subject Lines is one of the things a lot of People have a hard time with everyone Understands I’m gonna create a Facebook Ad but they they forget the whole Breakeven funnel and the sequencing that

Takes place afterwards so that would be Super cool Kim okay all right okay all Right so listen someone start a timer And then we’re gonna start talking Through this in reality movie do you get To all the scripts who knows we’ll see This is so much fun okay all right guys I’m starting to sing in three two one Oh wait I gotta write this time I didn’t Do 30 seconds all right okay so the First thing I want to say for this Headline here so one thing that black People mistake is that I’m gonna talk About a free report or a free thing and So like oh crap I have to go make a free Report I have to go make up and I want To tell you one of my dirty little Affiliate marketing secrets um usually If you’re an affiliate the people have Already done all the hard work for you So for cliff final check this out if you Go to strong link blog click phones comm What you’re gonna find is that I pay Someone insane amounts of money to write A blog post every single day and there Are some of the most amazing blog posts In the world how about just selling Digital course she’s in high converting Sales final part to I launched another Digital course so we can do it a free Report showing you how to launch a sell Your digital course and then I can just Link to these two articles and that’s One of the big AHA is I hope if you guys

You don’t have to go write your own Report like use use cool stuff half of My free things I give away or YouTube Videos like I did this campaign where it Was all about eyes look to YouTube and I Found The Dropper Kiyosaki video if I Can find it real quick Yeah Kay sake saving is it saving money And it was like why Robert Kiyosaki says If you’re saving money you’re a loser And then I found this video of him that Was like yeah six million is six minutes This little 106 minute video Talking about life you’re saving money You’re a loser and that was what they Often was and I just sent a link here to Check out here’s we opted in for here’s Robert Kiyosaki’s video and that was it And we’ve got a huge list off of that so You guys know crazy over there yeah so There’s a big we’re dropping value gold Bombs over here but that’s like Something to think there’s that you’re Happy so we’ve got we’ve got cool stuff Over here so Jim what do you need for me To get the headline busted out for this Landing page we can give away some cool Stuff I’ve already I’ve already filled It out so I’m taking a break flip it Over to me and then all we got to do is Just I want you to see the difference in The headlines you know the stuff this Does and let’s let’s see if we can adapt When I want you to see these you know

Cuz they’re a little bit different so You either like I’m gonna hate them okay Okay so um are you sure your screen yeah All right are you seeing this short Headline scripts booming Zia okay so Short headline scripts is over on the Left-hand side it’s right underneath the Killer headline threat and so these are Designed just to be a little shorter a Little more pithy so on this ask you a Bunch of stuff so two to three word Keyword topic it’s funnel marketing our Person is an online entrepreneur Negative event or circumstance old Website socks and let’s change that to Website sucks your website’s just change It to website size two to three word Design result or outcome make more sales Expense they’d like to avoid web Designer then a thing a product topic is About funnels person with the inside Track is a designer adjectives either Positive or negative will say profitable And one to two word group of odd people Say entrepreneurs so we click Submit oh Look now that was fun and easy and that Changes every time you hit the button Just just because I felt like doing that When can have this month from with the Mouse without visiting an adult web site It’s not on every one of them there’s Little Easter eggs and funnel scripts Just for fun so okay um you know if you Pay for web design you need this trick

There’s one how risky is your funnel Marketing how entrepreneurs are changing The funnel marketing industry Little-known ways to little-known way to Make more sales 90% of online entrepreneurs don’t know About this trick must-have funnel Marketing products being sold for next To nothing online entrepreneurs are in For a big surprise A phone marketing site you can’t afford To ignore tips for online entrepreneurs Any of these jumping out at you or you Like go back to the other scription okay Seeker funnel marketing strategy to make More sales that’s not bad What are online entrepreneurs doing with These new marketing funnels five weird Things are five nicest okay well I mean Do any of those jump out at you you want Me to go I like your funnel marketing Strategy I’ll make more on my cells as Like a pre headline so I mean you guys It’s pre headline okay we run the other One for like or should we do the report One for the for the main headline and Body copy or should we do the other Headline one we can do we can do the Report one what I would do next would be To come up with it before I even created The report I would create I would create The title for the report I would create The title and this one’s pretty quick so What’s our central topic it’s funnel

Funnel marketing and our main keyword Phrase is sell more online right Yeah I’m just made I mean I you know we Can fill it out however we want the main Result Bay one is make more money make More money make more sales which one yes Yeah Yes what do you guys think at home the Viewing audience we can always change it Alright so our audience is online Entrepreneurs and online entrepreneurs So that’s it so that’s I mean that’s Super easy I mean that doesn’t take any Time this is the name of the report yeah This is now we’re coming up with the Name of the report so I mean this is There’s a what do you say a crap-ton so There’s a there’s a double crap-ton here The experts guide to funnel marketing For online entrepreneurs the online Entrepreneurs guide to funnel marketing Quick and easy funnel marketing secrets I like that one okay let’s go with that One cuz we could really go down a hole Can I show can I show them one quick Cool thing though yep please okay cool One thing you guys know that when you Have a cool report or a book or a title Or something it’s always good to try and Own the the domain name for it and People are like all the good domain Names are gone but what what this script Does actually is it takes every single One of these ideas and it gives you it

It brainstorms all the different Potential corresponding domain names and If you just copy this and you go over to GoDaddy and you um go under all products And then bulk domain register and you Paste this in here you will be amazed at How many cool domain names are available So like all of these domains are Available so you know funnel marketing Survival Guide com funnel marketing Guide com the funnel marketing system Works so just that’s a neat little thing That this grip does so what’s the title That you want it what we decide Dave we’ve got the quick and easy funnel Marketing secrets okay alright so I’m Gonna need to know that okay real quick I’m gonna why are you right now I’m Gonna ship back over here to show a Couple things I’m doing so people know See what I’m doing over here There I go all right so I’m trying Either report done so what I did is I Went to I mean I typed In funnel to find an image so I this Funnel right here this is like a funnel Of a road I don’t even know but it looks Cool so I’m gonna buy this it’s like Thanks a dollar or two I’m gonna buy it Real quick this is gonna be the cut in The design of the e cover that we create So I’m downloading this and then Chris My faithful designer is in the wings Waiting so uh I’m gonna send him the

Picture right now and then I’m gonna get The headline so he can start doing here On skype so this thing’s like I don’t Know how to make a cover but any Designer does like there’s things called Action script so they buy the action Scripts and then they can take an image Take headline in five seconds they’ve Got they’ve got an image so I’m doing That real quick just FYI so you keep Going Jim excellent show how I magically Show up with this cool heat cover here In about two minutes okay so are they Seeing my screen again yet yeah yeah Okay so now I moved over to the free Report scripts and what this does is This is going to make the some opting Copy and a cover letter and some other Stuff to promote a free report but we’re Gonna we’re going to kind of hack this a Little bit because what I’m doing is This is based around creating a report By answering five questions but what I’m Doing is I’m running over here So I started filling it out what’s your Name Russell Brunson site you’re welcome To to funnel scripts com tile of the Fruit report is the quick and easy Funnel marketing secrets and now what I’m doing is I’m going over through his The blog and I’m just grabbing the the Most some of the most popular posts and I’m just grabbing the just grabbing the Title of each of the posts and you’d

Probably want to grab the URL too but You know I’m just this is for this is For illustration purposes in supply what That we’re tamanna scenes of why I clean This left okay I’m hurry and daddy Now you messed me up I’m sorry all right I need one more so here we go so the Ultimate blueprint accidentals Chrome Extension and what’s this bringing on The married Goodkin affiliates really no Killer copy I can start on the phone Over here while you’re doing that cuz I Warm I can make enough time I’m sorry I’m hurryin Orys why you know so I’m clicking on add New funnel I’m gonna create an opt-in Funnel cuz we’re not selling anything Weren’t affiliates this once I click on Collect emails I call this one the click Funnels affiliate funnel them I call This one funnel or uh to call Friday Funnels yes Fridays dang it someday I Will get that title right the first Probably not to the hit all rights is Building the funnel now in this phone With you guys look at this there’s only Two pages in the funnel there’s this Landing page and then there’s the bridge Page and everything else is an affiliate Thing so it’s a really simple one just Like this so I’m going to just grab any Page because it’s my matter cuz I’m Gonna delete everything like I normally Do feel free to jump in and cut me off

Whenever you want to show anything cool – well I mean I’m just I’m filling out The rest of the thing I can show you Guys you know I could show while I’m Filling this thing out again if you flip It back over to me just tell me if you Can see it I found the five things that We’re gonna do how to launch and sell Digital course ultimate marketers Blueprint 18 Chrome extensions anatomy Of a profitable funnel five strategies To build your traffic so those are going To be the things that can be compiled Into the report we’re going after online Entrepreneurs big results they really Want sell a lot more online big how to Secret they want to know how to create Funnels that sell fast bribe that They’re gonna get a free report and it’s Gonna and so we’ve create a free report For you that explains the top five ways To make your funnels make your Funnels payoff fast big takeaway or Reveal that will make on the next page So how you can immediately get started Creating funnels creating what kind of Funnels effective funnels awesome fun Let’s say awesome funnels mea awesomely Cool funnels amazing I got a I got to Get my Russell thing Russell my Restless So the sales put the page we’re Welcoming them to is the sales page is Click funnels calm the product were Ultimately want them to buy is click

Funnels and then the headline or sweet Offer the product What’s a you got the headline on here Everything you need to market sell and Deliver your products online we’ll just Use that because I like it and then Jim Real quick on that link that they be Putting in it that be their affiliate Link right no yeah yeah ultimately it’s Whatever whatever page you’re trying to Send them to so yes your affiliate link Would go in there but I don’t know mine Off the top of my head otherwise I’d put It in all right over here on this side I’m plugging in as plugging the Sub-headline way before I’m waiting on The report headlines right here I’m Gonna have with the report script we Getting ball points we’re getting what Exactly’s coming out the other side the Script so I can plan for here in page Okay so basically what’s that’s gonna Pop out is it’s going to give you a Script that you can read off it’s also And I’ll give you the video script and It’ll also give you some just some basic Bullets it’s only going to be like three Bullets gonna be a headlines and bullets And that’s you know it’s pretty much it Because you’re using a video it’ll give You I don’t know if you’re looking at The screen my screen but it gives you a Video script it gives you also the some A cover letter that you actually can put

Into and in this case this cover letter That it makes for you really you could Just you could just link these things Straight to the It’d just be a one-page PDF they’d be Gettin and you could link directly to The to the blog posts so it’s it’s gonna Give you some in this case since for What you’re building you’re just gonna Need a few bullets yeah that’s it I mean So I don’t know how much you want me to Give you at this point tell you I’m Ready for bullets whatever you got em But I’m still building stuff out on the Sides get all the structure in place yes And see I got I don’t have headline yes I have the pre headline we put in there And I had the other headline that is Coming I put an image that’s gonna be Coming from Chris here of the report and I’m gonna add right here some the bullet List are you waiting on a headline for Me you know you know I can’t write Headlines while I funnel bill the same Time it’s impossible I thought it gave You the headline already you gave me a Pre headline we want it we want a Headline headline for the report Headline for the report just be the you Know free report quick and easy funnel Marketing secrets mmm that’s what I Needed because we’re awesome and then You got three you got three bullets yeah Is down all you have to do is pound your

Desk in the in the video in the and the Font size goes down it’s awesome how it Works and click phones you stand on the Desk a little easter egg you pound the Desk and cool stuff okay you ready for Those bullets oh I’m ready and these are Coming straight out of the things so how You can sell a lot more online yep get The top 5 ways to make your funnels pay Off fast ways to make your funnels get The top 5 ways to make your funnels pay Off fast and then how to get started Creating amazing funnels today and a Whole lot more And it’ll it’ll also Manono it kind of Gives you an idea of you know how your Boxes and stuff should look over here Obviously we can’t design them all but I Mean in in the opt-in box we have it say Yes I’m ready to discover how to create Funnels that sell fast and sell a lot More online please send my free report Now nice you know hey I’m a huge email Box – the bigger it is the better in my Opinion so size doesn’t matter Russell Yes it does That’s revered okay if it’s got a red Dotted line around it everyone will Notice in the report now make this huge – so we make this like 30 Oh that’s 60 35 I like these well at Least a little icon will do icon email Like uh uh Twitter video playbook that’s Kind of cool oh it’s cool little book

Icon I’ve ever seen that one now as Always new stuff popping up in quick Funnel okay so this page is kind of Structurally good I think I need Something that’s a crown though to make It really pop so I mean the background Image you see if we’ve got any cool Background second it can grab page or Something oh I like that it’s almost too Dark though yeah it’s too dark oh yeah That’s right listen the man with the red Bandana I know what a beach looks like He’s in San Diego he he’s the only one Qualified to tell us what beaches are How’s that one We gotta make all the copy pop now Differently so make this throw a little Background shading behind this I’ll crap Around eleven minutes okay gotta pick up My pace Chris has told me is PC crash And while he’s building the image house Can I um can I kind of share a couple of The other while you’re doing that can I Share a couple of the things that this That this specific thing makes for People so they can understand what it Does yep Okay so it also writes your cover letter Like I said in Case you could just turn into a one page Report but it just writes everything out For you so it says you know hi my name Is Russell Brunson welcome to quick and Easy funnel marketing secrets you’re

About to discover the secret of how to Create funnels itself fast we’ve created This meaty free report for you to give You the answers these important Questions and challenges every online Entrepreneur faces and then it lists off In this case its titles of all the it’s The titles of all the blog posts so if Your suit also if you’re serious about Wanting to get started creating amazing Funnels today make sure to check out This exciting resource right now and Then it’s got I mean it’s linked I mean It’s linked to your whatever it is and Then enjoy Russell Brunson then it’s Also got if you were gonna take those And you were going to actually compile Them into a report it makes a little Sponsor box that you can sprinkle Throughout your report So it’s click funnels everything you Need to market sell and deliver your Products online click here now to sell a Lot more online so it makes a little ad That you can just copy and paste Throughout your report then on the it’ll Write your conclusion page for your Report as well so on the last page is Copy and paste this in so there you have It the quick and easy funnel marketing Secrets this media free report really Delivers the goods when it comes to Answering these important questions and Challenges every entrepreneur faces but

As you can see this is just the tip of The iceberg when it comes to how to Create funnels itself asked if you’re Serious about wanting to get started Creating amazing funnels today and you Want to sell a lot more online then you Need to check out click funnels right Now click here have a great day Russell Brunson it also makes a video script Audio script for you that I know Wrestles with his hand motions and his Innate ability I was able to do it those Of us who aren’t that gifted you can Create the and this will make the first Draft you can modify it however you want But you know hi my name is Russell Brunson welcome to funnel scripts calm In the next few minutes you’re gonna Discover how and I should I can I Actually I should say click funnels Welcome to welcome to click funnels in The next minute you’re gonna in the next Few minutes are gonna discover how and Entrepreneurs from all over the country So or all of the world sell a lot more Online we’ve even put together this Meeting 3 report for you That explains the top 5 ways to make Your funnels pay off fast specifically Addresses the questions of how to launch And sell your digital course the Ultimate marketers blueprint the funnel Hacking and 18 Chrome extensions to lift Your productivity while working online

And more just enter your first name and Email address click the send my free Report button below and you’ll instantly Receive the free report by return email Also in the next page you’ll receive all The information that shows you why you Really can create funnels that sell fast I go ahead put in your name email and Click the send my free report button and Instantly receive the free report by Return email that might be a little long But it’s it’s certainly easier to edit Something down than it is to you know Try and come up with it in the first Place and then it’s got you know just The basic text that you can put right There which is very similar to what Russell has built on his so it gives you The headline the bullets it shows you Where your video would go gives you used Some copy for your box and then it also If you don’t want to do a video it gives You a it gives you a version that that Would just be all text so you could do That and it’s it’s just basically all There for you so then also gives you the Download page stuff so you know it gives You the text that you would set up for Whatever page where you’re actually Going to deliver your PDF or whatever it Is you’re doing so you know it restates The three main benefits and then it Gives them you know download right here And then it has to remind you to put an

Ad on there so this this really just Makes it easier it also writes the Autoresponder message when you’re when They get real quick I got seven minutes Let me show real quick gonna do that Okay yeah make it so I ended killing the Backgrounds cuz I thought it was ugly And this will convert way better so it’s Super simple super easy just FYI sorry And then all right so that’s page number One it’s going too fast sorry Oh crap in Chris’s email thick you going Right get email for that picture all Right you want me to keep going yeah I’m Okay so what this also does is it right To basic autoresponder message so this Is what you’d send out when they first Opt-in again you can edit it however but You know Free report you just requested download Hey here’s the free report you just Requested from us at funnel scripts Quick and easy funnel marketing secrets You can grab the free report here you’re About to discover the secret of how to Create funnels itself fast we’ve created This media free report for you that Gives you the answers most important Questions and challenges every online Entrepreneur faces by the way if you’re Serious about wanting to get started Creating amazing files today make sure You check out click funnels right now Click funnels calm enjoy russell brunson

PS if you want to sell a lot more online You need to check this out now so in the How does that funnel report Look right here got a sweet yeah that’s Very cool it’s too legit to quit Disappear good it is and then this that Was so cool alright I’m a managing your A backup Jim okay and rights the second Message to send out 24 hours afterwards And then this also if you have a list And when you’ve set this up as a way to Segment your list so if you you want to Send out an email saying hey we just Created this cool new free report this Rights the email for you to send now to Your list to tell them about the free Report that they can opt-in for so that Again I mean they’ll get segmented and There’s a way for you to push that and Get people into that funnel and again Another one that you can send out to Your list 24 hours later to follow up With them and then also if you’re doing Blog posts and other stuff like that These rights right stealth closes for You so that you could put them in your Author box you could even put them in Your you know in blog post whatever so By the way if you like this article you Love this free report I just published On the top five ways to make your Funnels pay off fast it’s called the Quick and easy funnel marketing secrets You can grab it for free here and then

You just put in the link and so it’s got Five of those you know one more grab This meeting for your report hey by the Way you’re something I think could Really interest you it’s a very meaty Free report all about the top 5 ways to Make your funnels pay off its title Quick and easy funnel marketing secrets And you can grab it here for free so as You guys can see we we used this not to Create our own report but we use this Actually Create a report that create content Sales copy and stuff that we could use As an affiliate to promote somebody Else’s stuff so I think this is pretty Awesome what do you guys think I think It’s killer man that’s exactly what People need it’s a tool where they can Have to get the stuff done super super Fast as you can tell Russell’s the Anomaly’s I’m down to four minutes I’m Gonna take over for the last four Minutes that’s okay so we get everything Done Okay so pace number two now and the Funnel is the British final so first Page they opt in second page to come to Bridge funnel bridge funnel it’s the Video I made saying bridge page video Down here to watch the webinar links now I’m gonna come into my click funnels Account I’m gonna go to my affiliate Center to get my affiliate link for the

Auto webinar come down here and scroll Down to Phil Ochs auto webinar darn you Okay so this there’s my link for the Auto webinar so I’m gonna grab that come Back here and click funnels where we add Clip funnels so many page tabs open we Take this link right here and we’re Going to turn that into my affiliate Link I have it open in a new tab I save It and boom so first part of this funnel Is done so we walk us through it real Quick how it works just you see it live So you come right here first page drive Traffic to they come here they opt-in Put the email address then click send The report now which then I opted in and Takes me to page number two all right I Set the button anyway which page number Two now is this page which says check Email for the report and then video Right here pitching them on why they Swatch the webinar I click on watch the Loaner now boom takes me through my Affiliate link to the webinar page they Register for this webinar and if they Make a sale boot if they watch the Webinar and make it and buy you guys They pay 400 bucks if they don’t watch What I’m gonna take the trial you pay Forty dollars a month for as long as They are a member all right so that’s The first step now second how to do Really quick in my last two minutes is That I built my email campaign so ideal

The other doing a kinetics action X Gives you so much more power to do stuff If you have an upgrade to action X yet You’re insane but for right now I’m Gonna do everything here the automation Tabs they get faster so click on Animation tab and it’s gonna say what Emails didn’t go out so I click on add New email first emails coming from Russell Brunson subject line is here is Your free report Or yay the thing it means wrote all the Those email once you got two minutes In road theory I wish copy-paste emails He write so two minutes it’s like a Template email delivery said I would go Out zero means it’s gonna go out Immediately and then come down here Click create email then I would open the Email editor guess I’m using email Editor yet it’s awesome I’m I come Delete pictures here I could write Something like hey here is your free Report yay and that can even like grab I Can grab this right here and put a Picture of the report my thing so they See it and then have a link right here That tells them to download it well the Way you’re teaching them how to do it You can actually create the free report Right there in the email with the links To the individual articles and stuff you Wouldn’t have to deliver a PDF that Would actually be the smartest yeah so

If I had more two minutes I’d copy and Paste everything over but there I won’t Think about as email letters they take String delete all there’s too much stuff With template so anyway I’ll stop there So I save it boom that email is gonna go Out day number one so that gives me Right here from this there is my first Emails my second even I was going to be Promoting the webinar so I come right Here I click on add new email and say my Name Russell Brunson you know the lay I’m saying since that one day later Subject of the line and then why would Use like um an affiliate center here and I would just grab grab this email swipe Copy because we’ve proven this name Converts like crazy I can find their Site subject line there choose an email I come back here I then copy this email And I replace the links with my Affiliate links ah where’s the pages all Right click the email open the editor The text copy and paste it I changed out The links with your name ah Brunson and Then I would take my affiliate link Again affiliate hard to save me to say Fast I’ve grabbed that and that’s where I would link all the reserve your seat Buttons is the Linked our timings oh we almost Got it done today I think you did get That one done we’ll give that to you Oh all right your inspirations yeah

Oh save it and then you see there’s Email number two and like I said you Guys then that point what I would be Doing is I would just start going Through and build out the second email For the webinar on the third and if you Look at this aside the affiliate center You guys we try to make your whole life Easy so it’s like here’s email number One you should send out here’s the email Number two you should send out oh here’s Email number three and then after the Webinar sent out this email number four Five sees the same emails all of our top Affiliates have used to which is built Up click funnels these affiliates these Emails convert like crazy right I copy And paste those in I build out a three To five day email sequence right here Protein the webinar and then I pick off For number 2 inches funnel scripts so I Come down oops I’d go back to the Affiliate center I would come down here Now to funnel scripts click on affiliate Links and then I do the same thing I Would come down here it’s email number 1 Let me write your copy these subject Lines work amazing and you copy this and That’d be the next email and then this Could be the next email and then you do The same thing for funnel university you Just keep building that billing that Campaign out now one thing I want to Mention I kinda sure some of you guys

Are thinking like so Russell all my Email is just promoting crap to people And the answer is yes well kind of know What we do is that is in these emails Week I’d like to have some kind of call To action every email but you sprinkle It so it’s like it’s kind of like like Why do you guys watch TV why do we all Watch TV right it’s because it’s it’s Entertainment it’s a right watch Commercial sorry it’s cuz it’s like These commercials but they’re wrapped in Entertainment right so like we were Watched The Bachelorette I would watch That book like Dave uh promotion but I Just can’t I threw one of the buzz but They watch that you watch like 18,000 Hours of commercials because you want You have this content right so what I Would be doing is I would be going back To the clickfunnels blog cuz we’ve got Something I mean again we pay a guy Insane amounts of money to and he is Awesome if you guys know Steven he’s he Is amazing and he writes and to quickly Our resources and check out tons of it So like I would send something like hey Let’s see so I can find one let’s say It’s uh six clever ways to onboard JB’s Forex product launch so my Mimi email Number six like hey you’re six clever Ways to onboard jayvees check it out and You link to this article so you gave him Content you like by the way if you

Haven’t watched the clip webinar yet Here’s a link to register that so I’m Given the content and then I also I wrap It with the pitch right say need a does The clickfunnels radio podcast right so Look at all that here’s the podcast he Do with with Alex Mendoza and here’s What he did with with Brad heart here’s What he did with Marshall silver so I You can promote any of these like just Grab one sec hey yeah do you guys hear The the click phone’s rated episode Sean Boss they’re checking out here it’s Awesome by the way if you have a guy who Quit Falls account yet boom here’s your Affiliate link you come back in to get An affiliate link for the free trial all Right you guys can do this literally With any of my cutting I do is all Related to two funnels right grab any of My videos you have permission to use my Videos in your marketing linked to my Videos and then boom push people to your Affiliate link back to one of the core Offers and so that can I show what can I Show them one thing like funnel scripts That if they want to come up with their Own it’s something really cool to help Them that’s super quick definitely okay So this this is the Seinfeld you see in My screen the Seinfeld email topic on His scripts mmm-hmm all you got to do if You’re look if you want to think of Something that you could do a little

Article about or a blog post or just a Podcast you’ve got to fill in two blanks So who’s your target audience in this Case we did online entrepreneur target Topic funnel marketing you click the Submit button and now we got tons of Different things you know what what are Three insider funnel marketing tips Every online entrepreneur needs to know What’s your number one time-saving tip For funnel marketing what’s number one Funnel marketing time waster online Entrepreneurs need to avoid we make this Any easier for you guys seriously listen This has got a hundred different things That you could create a little snippet Of content with then and use and then Say and I’m gonna give you guys the Ultimate ultimate ultimate shortcut okay If you’re looking for a transition here It is by the way In other words here are two funnel Marketing trends I see coming in the Near future number one everybody’s using Funnels including big companies and the Second trend is that those who don’t use Funnels are going to fail by the way if You haven’t seen it already you need to See the funnel hacking webinar whatever Content you do you can transition from Free content to paid content simply by Using those three words by the way dot Dot dot and then tell them whatever you Want related to it and it works great

The prepositional phrase close we’ll Call it the by the way close there you Go really good so I mean that’s a cool Script that that’s in there that y’all Need to use sweet Jim final scripts is Like the gift that keeps on giving like They’re seriously so much stuff from There that like I didn’t even know half Of the stuffs even in there half the Time I was logging I’m like you kidding Me like I go today I wrote something and Then I went in there I was like I wrote This thing and this would have just done It for me so and we got more stuff Coming this year too I mean there’s a Lot more stuff coming it’s awesome so For any of you guys who are on here Right now we are on photo Fridays calm If you don’t have funnel scripts to link Them directly you don’t even have to Watch the webinar there’s a direct link Down below it’s 300 bucks a year I have Paid copywriters $300 for a headline so Like literally the first headline you Use will make it free and then it’s Amazing So get final scripts final universities Down below if he has didn’t get your Funnel you black card yet there’s like This is like an entire internet Marketing course I was gonna ship out on DVDs like eight DVDs and I found out That nobody has DVD players anymore Because Steve Jobs hated DVD players

Apparently so instead we put on this Little USB Drive you pop it out and this Is we should be for free we enjoying Finally University we also have a link To the funnel hacks a special offer so If you don’t have action action and you Want to test it out for six months for Free you can you just invest a thousand Bucks you get all the funnel hacking Training which is intense and amazing And you will love it and in fact we had An inner circle three week three six Weeks ago Brandon and Kalyn were there And I asked my said why he has invest $25,000 to join inner circle he said Because we invested a thousand dollars In funnel In the funnel hacks training and ROI so Far and that is $400,000 we made in the First year from that thousand dollar Investment and I think what’s up what’s The IRA like what’s the percent it was Insane right so we figure if we gave you Twenty five thousand dollars that’s the Same ROI like we’re gonna be bajillion Air so anyway the three links are down Below here on final Friday’s com I wanna game right now after that story So anyway I was fine you guys that was So I gotta get it a cool hat for next Time so Jim where do you get your cool Things indeed what are you I’ve got them In a funnel that you can pick them up at Cool hats from Jim calm and one-time

Offer Dave I noticed that your hair Color has changed all the pictures I’ve Seen of you you’re blond and now you’re A brunette I mean I’m only your Hairdresser knows for sure big boy Absolutely right buddy absolutely so Dave one last thing I want you to Mention so froze you guys those who are Listening who like they didn’t even know They were finished I want to be filling One way into cars like like what like Where should they go right now what Should be the first thing else I just Watching this video like 10 times go to What’s your dream car calm and then Let’s give some information real quick On exactly how they feel like program Works over real quick overview what You’re looking at is you get 40 percent Commission recurring mean lifetime You’re always always always going to get It in addition to that we’ve got Basically a couple different offers the Free trial offer we then also have the Photo hacks webinar crushing it on the Floor last webinar guys fact we have a Huge huge promotion coming up next month Will tell you about shortly in addition To that we also are giving away as many Cars as we can possibly do in the next Year the goal is 100 we’ve already given Away 15 and you get a car $500 per month With 100 users and $1,000 a month with Two with 200 users only 200 members like

It’s crazy schedule simple the only Reason why you shouldn’t focus your most Of your time energy I mean in click Funnels affiliate is if you hate money Or you hate free cars so if you make Money You hate pretty cars like do something Else but if you like those things There’s no other there’s no other Logical option as far as I’m concerned What’s your dream car comm go get a man What’s your what’s your dream car calm And it’ll be awesome so thank you Dave So much sure come and save me special Guest thank you Jim as always be my Co-host here on frontal Friday’s Appreciate both of you guys had a great Time We pretty much got a funnel most I will Actually for this episode I will post The share funnel link on funnel Friday’s Page here maybe not for another couple Hours cuz I gotta like catch my breath But look for look for it share please Share this page let people know about it And that will post the link now see Justin can rip it off and start becoming Amazing affiliates for us so that’s it You guys any last words for any of you Guys before we before we bounce for the Day I hope everybody had fun cuz this Was actually a lot of fun and it was Very I thought very educational so Thanks for having us it was great Dave

Dave you changed before you go go in the Car alright we’ll see you guys all next Week bye everybody Fine.

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