Always remember… God put these entrepreneurial desires in our hearts to pursue them!!!

Most of us as entrepreneurs we feel Guilty like I'm pursuing my Self-interest like I want to build a Business I wanted to do common Club Award I want to make up much money You're like I can't say that because I I Feel bad about it Brooke Castillo who's Gonna be up here next she says something So powerful the other day on a call she Said that so many of us like try to Shrink because of that we have to Understand like those desires were not Placed in Your Heart by you those Desires to pursue something were placed There by somebody else we didn't create Ourselves God created us he put these Desires in our heart for us to pursue Something right all of you guys can Pursue your dreams all of you guys can Pursue your interests all you have to Create something and nobody else loses Everybody grows together that's what's So amazing about what we actually do Have you guys have watched the Documentary The Last Dance by Michael Jordan so cool to see him the greatest Basketball player of all time go out There you watch his team like he was Crazy and he worked hard but by him Pursuing his self-interest what did he Create he created a team a culture a Legacy okay as you are pursuing your Dreams the wake of contribution that Will go behind you will change the lives

Of tens of thousands or millions of People

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