Always Sell Less Than Your Demand

One of the best long-term strategies for Selling stuff is always selling less Than your demand which means that if There's a hundred people in line to buy Your thing only sell to 20 or 30 of them Not even 80 20 or 30 of them because it Shows the majority of people not a Minority the majority of people that you Are not available and what happens is You get leverage in pricing you get to Pick the best clients you look at the 100 you go 80 20 and just pick the 20. And so then you get better customers at Better prices that stay longer that have Positive word of mouth and then the Other 80 want you even more and then They tell their friends and then the Next time you open your doors up you've Got a thousand people in line and you Pick 200 but the problem is most people When they have a hundred will take all 100 and then not have demand they never Get past that so you have to let the Goodwill stack so that the compounding Machine can begin so that you never go Hungry again

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