Analytics Reporting in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn More About Analytics Reporting in ClickFunnels 2.0.

I hope you’re having a great Day today we’re going to be talking About analytics reporting Access the analytics reporting tab click On the analytics tab on the left hand Side of your screen In the new submenu that comes up click On reporting This page details a number of in-depth And very specific reporting for all of The various funnels and sales in your Account so to start out with we’ll start With with the sales window here you can Choose to track all sales Which will bring you to this page Which shows all sales over the projected Time period and a breakdown of Revenue Refunds over a number of sales By funnel which will show you a similar Page but detail it to specific funnels In your account As you can see you can select individual Or multiple funnels And you can select to check out the Breakdown of the different funnels in This um Breakdown with table here You can also check number of page views Which will show a similar page Showing a barge a bar chart of the page Views over time Which you can then compare to different

Periods You can check out your subscriptions With monthly recurring Revenue by date Or byproduct which will show a similar Page You can monitor your customers course Progress using The uh checking by the the course that You are offering so we have one for Click funnels 1.0 click funnels 2.0 and CF 2.0 webinars because those are the Courses that we have created In the click funnels Academy The course progress monitoring will look Something like this You can check to see the names of Individual courses And click on them to get more Information about any individual course You can also check opt-ins by all Opt-ins opt-ins by funnels and opt-ins By landing page which will be very Similar to all pages page you use by Funnel and Page views by landing page But let’s take a closer look As you can see much like the previous Bar chart this one is also compared to Period but you can also select Opt-ins by funnel And show the buy period and the funnels That are in particular being Demonstrated this Function allows you To do in-depth analysis of the

Performance of different funnels pages And courses in your account In our next lesson we’ll talk about the Live view More information being presented in a Live format for interactions with your Funnels pages and courses For now That’s all we have if you have any Further questions please don’t hesitate To reach out to our excellent technical Support and and product support team Or to check out other documents and Videos in the academy for more Information I hope you have a great day.

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