Analytics Rundown in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn more about Analytics Rundown in ClickFunnels 2.0

ClickFunnels Education and I hope you’re having a Great day today we’re going to be Looking at the analytics overview And access the analytics overview by Clicking on the analytics tab on the Left hand side of your screen This will default to the overview but if You do find yourself on the reporting or Live view versions of the analytics tab You can click on the overview tab in the Submenu to return to the overview Foreign The overview describes the performance Of your pages sites and funnels in your Clickfunnels account Let’s go through it now Total page views describes the total Number of views on pages in your account Total opt-ins describe the total number Of people who have elected to opt in Sharing an email address and any other Relevant information on a page Collecting that information in your Account Total orders describes the total number Of complete orders And conversion rate is the successful Conversion of a page view Into an order If there are no orders as in this case The conversion rate will be zero

Total product sales describes the total Value of products sold in your accounts And this A total opt-ins chart will actually show You In which funnel each person has opted in You can expand this view by clicking on Show all Given number of funnels which will then Show all of your funnels And the opt-ins from all of them as Opposed to just the top performers Finally Total customers shows the total number Of individual buyers who have access to Your account You can also select individual funnels In your account for your Analytics Change the period that you’re viewing And choose to compare to a previous Period previous year Average of a previous period or average Of a previous year you can also change From the daily to weekly View The overview of your Analytics Section of your account In future videos we’ll talk about the Reporting Tab and the live view tab For now if you have any further Questions or concerns please don’t Hesitate to reach out to click funnels Support Or to view other videos or lessons in The academy for more information about

This product Have a great day.

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