Are you answering the call?

You are the hero and we start in this Place called The Ordinary World we all Want to achieve something we have some Dream some Vision something we want to Go for right and sometime in our life We're sitting here and we're in our Normal world so for all of you guys your Normal World wherever you live right You're in your home you're doing Something right you're comfortable Everything's fine nothing's bad but You're just like I'm comfortable and all Of a sudden you hear the call and the Hero's journey they call the Call to Adventure it may not be an audible I Call but you feel how many hasn't felt That before you felt that call of like I Made for something more immediately Every single time in every single story Throughout time I have to hear the College Adventure first thing happens is The hero refuses to call no no no I'm Not ready for that I'm not worthy for That I look like I'm 11 years old I'm Scared to death I talk too fast I'm not Want to be on stage it's like I'll do Anything but not that and so this Direction right here is Faith right I'm Gonna do that thing and also here that Refusal to call which is fear

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