Are you ready?! This is going to be SO much bigger than anything we’ve done… #FHL2023

Today we're working on funnel hacking Live we are like 330 days away from the Next event and normally don't start Planning to about six months ahead of Time but this time we've got something Crazy planned for this year's fhl so Decided to start really really early Today we built out the framework the Structure the through line the messaging All the stuff that's gonna be core to This year's funnel hacking live and now It's about plugging in the right Speakers the right spots to give you Life-changing environment and events so This year we're thinking about if we Could bring any celebrity can you Imagine if we had Or if we had Or if we had Yeah there's one person we can get it'd Be amazing but for the most part the People speaking at funnel hacking live They are funnel hackers they're people Who are doing this in the trenches every Single day because it's pretty cool to Learn from those people but same time The coolest is seeing people like you Who are doing it every single day

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