Attention all freelancers desperate for work 🚨

One of the biggest turn-offs for Prospective clients when hiring a Freelancer is if the freelancer acts Desperate for work if you act like you Really need the money and you're really Nervous to close the deal it's going to Turn them off and they're not going to Hire you it's going to make you seem Unprofessional and the clients are going To be wondering man if they're so good Why are they so desperate for work Shouldn't they have a lot of other work Shouldn't they have a lineup of people Wanting to hire them and so it's going To make them nervous and not hire you so Instead take a breath take a chill pill Don't be so anxious about closing the Deal but instead change the frame of the Conversation and act like you're Considering whether or not they are a Good fit to work with you this is going To make you seem a lot more professional And it's going to make you a way more Appealing option as a freelancer

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