Be willing to negotiate everything except your values

Be willing to negotiate everything Except for your values I used to think Of negotiating as a zero-sum game and It's not at all you can find a way where Both parties get better than they were Before which is the entire point that is How a negotiating works if you're doing It well I didn't understand that I Thought everything was an arm wrestle I Thought everything was like this for That no give I was ruthless with vendors But then I realized that this long term Doesn't create good relationships and They will not be loyal to you at all Which long term has a more negative Impact than giving them the extra 10 I Negotiated everything including my Values because I was doing business in a Way that was contrary to the values that I wanted to embody it's balancing both Your need today your need in 10 years And their need today and their need in 10 years I found my middle ground of

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