Behind the Scenes of CF 2.0 and “Your First Funnel” Launch…

Clickfunnels 2.0 how are we going to Launch this thing two years ago we Started building it a year ago we told The world about it and right now Expectations are high people are going Crazy the demand's insane people wanting This and that the most chaotic stressful Tiring emotional rollercoaster week of My entire life how do we do it how do we Execute it how do we launch it I'm gonna Tell you on today's episode yeah there's A lot You're listening to marketing secrets With your host Russell Brunson okay Today we're gonna talk about your first Funnel challenge which was the relaunch Of Click funnels 2.0 if you saw any of These ads like this can I let you in on A little secret if I did invest want to Know the first thing I'll do I'd build a Funnel you may have seen the actual Funnel someone walking is behind the Scenes what it is how it worked why we Did this way and uh some of the results When we launched click funnels 2.0 We had been working on clickfunnels 2.0 For two years it's like how do we bring This into the world now the obvious Answer is we need to use a funnel Because we know that right uh but which One a funnel is like a tool there's so Many of them right and we're good at all The tools like I'm really good at Webinars really good at product launcher

Really good at challenges really good at Books you know like whatever it is like We could do them all but it's like What's the tool that's gonna be most Useful for us to to launch 2.0 so that Was the question not only like were we Trying to launch a funnel to launch 2.0 It's like we're still trying to build 2.0 we're eight years into 1.0 and You're still fixing things and tweaking Things and stuff and so two point I was Like this massive undertaking which you Know the software is 10x what click Funnels one point is right like in two Pointers like you scroll down you find The funnels tab it's like oh here's Funnels and that's the one thing that it Does which is all clickfunnels 1.0 but 2.0 does everything else it has websites And shopping carts and stores and blogs And like it does all different things Right and so we're trying to get all These things done as quick as we can to Be able to launch if you've launched Anything and this this is true like info Products but even more so softwares like As you get closer and closer to launch Date it seems like this isn't gonna be Done this is gonna be nice you have to Make these decisions like we're not Gonna do this we're not going to like Whatever those things might be right and So just knowing as we're going through This there's these two things we're

Juggling it's just like we have this Product we'll be working on for the next Two decades of our life at some point it Needs to go live at some point we have To launch it like when is that and how Do we get it where it's good enough that People can start coming in and then you Know it's also the same things like when You test something yourself a million Different times as soon as you get you Know 16 932 people to sign up in a week For it um they're gonna find a lot more Bugs we couldn't find on our own right And how do you handle that and so There's a lot behind this and so I want To tell you guys just kind of lift the Curtain and share everything it all Started with Um realizing the type of funnel we Wanted to use for uh the launch 2.0 was A challenge funnel we've done a couple Little challenges not never one that was Like really big scale before a couple Months prior to our launch Dean gracio Seen Tony Robbins did their big Challenge and so we participated in that We were one of the top five Affiliates Again like I think every year they've Ever done it for a lot of reasons one You know you make good money number two You're gonna go hang out Tony Robbins But also I wanted to be able to see a Deep level behind the scenes what they Did and why they did it so I can

Understand because I knew that we were Going to use in similar model model to Launch click funnels um 2.0 So the next question like what's the Hook going to be this one this is a Painful one for me because it shifted a Lot initially we're like what's the big Premise of Click funnels right the fact That you can bootstrap a company you Don't need VC money and things like that Right like this year finally we did the Bootstrapped entrepreneur of the Year Award right like I bought And writing a book called bootstrap to Tell the click funnel story like Just knew like that was the hook like Bootstrap that's gonna be the hook that We're gonna use right and as we start Talking about though we realize that Most small entrepreneurs like new Entrepreneurs coming to the world They Don't Really relate to bootstrapping the Way that traditional people are right if You think about bootstrapping what is it The a small entrepreneur coming into our World think about I was like well the Thing they think about is Shark Tank That's closer they think like oh if I Get a good idea I go on shark taking Pitch and get some money to fund this Business so I was like hey bootstrapping But like the the Shark Tank angle is the Most interesting now most of the Sharks Actually use click funnels for some of

Their businesses and so we have good Relationships with a bunch of them but There's one specifically who is like Probably one of the biggest proponents Of Click funnels and that's Damon John It's funny me and Damon have spoken at Different events in fact at 10x in Vegas Where we set the world record for the Most sales ever from stage I spoke Damon Smoker afterwards but we didn't see each Other and we spoke somewhere else like We've we've crossed paths we've never Actually met and so um but we talked on Social a couple times and so I thought Man he'd be a really cool person to have And one of the guys on his team told us They said like when we do shark tank Deals If the product we're buying if it Makes sense to do with click funnels we Built and click funnels launched over There and so I thought of this really Funny hook I was like what if the hook Was basically the like the shark right Damon John who's you know he's like the The vision of like what bootstrapping Looks like on small entrepreneurs like I'm gonna come to a shark he's gonna Give me money we're gonna launch this Company together right what if Damon you Came to Damon like hey will you will you Find my company you know like we invest In my company Dame's like we got two Options number one like I can invest in Your company but I'm just gonna go open

A click funnels account and launch it And take half a company or you could Just open a click funnels account and Launch it yourself right and so I was Kind of premise my message I'm like hey I had this idea for a hook that'd be Kind of funny would you be interested in Doing this or just kind of out of bounds I was nervous to ask them anyway but I Asked him and he wrote back he's like Actually that's pretty cool uh hit my Manager and let's figure it out so I was Like oh my gosh she's cool with it like Ah this is so cool and so that began and So initially it was me called the Bootstrap Challenge and we're talking About a bootstrapper company Um but you bootstrap it instead of boot Shopping with Sharky boot shopping with The funnel and so we started moving Forward towards that we wrote scripts Towards that we had Damon on calls and We mapped out what was going to do and What the scripts are gonna be and how You know and he was bought off on Everything the point was like scripts Were locked everything was good and then We're supposed to go film fly down and Film all the videos with him and then Fast forward to my Mastermind So I'm with my category Kings uh which Is one of the groups my inner circle Where Pirates Cove so you guys know uh Barry Baumgart Gardner she's the one who

Runs uh funnel hacking live runs our Virtual runs our events she runs events For most people for Tony Robbins for Everybody right and she was kind of Behind the scenes running Tony and Dean's launch and one thing she said was Interesting as we were talking day Number one of Pirates Cove she was like Before Tony Dean launched the thing they Tested like 10 different titles through Ads and she said the titles that out Converted were the titles are like in Action so if you look at Tony's it's Like own your future challenge like it's It's like an action word like you're Gonna own your future right if you Notice any Deans or Tony's always based On something like that they tested a Bunch and that was what worked the best Was something like oh in your future I Was looking at ours is the bootstrapped The bootstrap challenge which is like a More like a noun right it's like oh it's Just a thing I was like we have to we Have to come a different name and I Couldn't think what it was and I sat There for three years called stressing Out about this because I knew like if I Make this change everyone's gonna kill Me especially Dan just sitting right There because he's like I wrote the Scripts we got everything locked like I Have a plan and towards the end of the Week I was like I think for this to work

We have to change change it and my Thought was like it's almost so simple It's like your first funnel challenge Own your future challenge your first Funnel challenge I guess action is Something that they're working towards Right bootstrap not working towards it's Just a Thing versus your first funnel on Something you're working towards I'm Gonna get my first funnel that done Right and then what's cool is like then I was like the Miffy is your first Funnel challenge box and so it's like There's congruency between the landing Page message and hook hook story offer And then the thank you page hook story Offer and so I kind of called audible But we did it and we made that shift and Then we went back to Dave and John like Hey we're still doing boost chat but What kind of boost Shop's like the Secondary message like your first funnel Challenge like it became like it's still The same message but kind of like we had To like Shifted a little bit to make it fit into This new kind of framework that we were Doing In the process holding we flew the Entire team out so copywriters funnel Builders designers programmers like Everybody we flew them here to Boise Because we had to figure out how to Record it because interesting it's not

Just a funnel right there's the Challenge funnel there's like the emails That go to it there's the ads that go to It right to copy the creative the ads From there there's a whole bunch of Steps that go into building this or any Funnel it was fun because we had a Chance you know we have a remote team um We have like around 400 plus employees And contractors around the world to work For click funnels and we have an office At Boise and Office Atlanta and they're Both small offices and so what's cool About this is everyone had a chance to Fly from all around the world wherever They were at fly to be in office of Voicing so we could sit there and have You know what Tony Robbins says Proximity Is Power we had a chance to be Around each other as we were talking and Thinking and brainstorming like what's The hook what's the angle what's the Sequencing to be what are the emails you Say like what do we need to create so we Can have these things in place we made Those decisions and it was Off to the Races We're jumping in a plane we're flying to LA to go film with Damon John I mean Come on like it's Damon John he's way Cooler than me or you combined but he is The coolest people of all time right It's like we ran like those big Sound Stage warehouses with green screens and

White screens all sorts of stuff with All these scripts and teleprompters and All this stuff and like I get there Before he got there it's like I'm seeing Things everything he was waiting for him To show up and waiting or waiting and Also like all right Damon's in building Like oh man and so first time I've ever Met him in person so went over there and It was just like I don't know I'm always Awkward especially like first time Meeting people what's up man how's it Going what's going on I went good yeah Good to see you Saturday guys Thanks being part of our project yeah no My pleasure excuse me anyway I was true To form very awkward uh we met he's like What are we doing today I'm like well You've seen the scripts right like we're Doing that he's like oh yeah whatever And he was just he was really cool he Was fun to work with we got out there Got him all dressed up went out there And a whole bunch of the first ones were Just him to camera right so we had lines And scripts and he's reading him and Doing his things and it was just kind of Fun watching him and uh but in the back Of the mind I was stressing out sitting Back so I was like I know that me and Him a whole bunch of ads were filming Together and some of the ads I don't Know if we'd gotten them completely Approved through him and I was like what

If he doesn't want to say him you know He's making fun of himself in these Things and we're like is he gonna be Okay with that is he gonna you know and So he filmed all the ones he did first And then I was like you know me and him Have to go out there and the other thing That stressed me out is like Damon John Is like he's Damon John he's like the Founder of food we like one of the best Dressed people in the world like I'm a T-shirt jeans guy who dresses once a Year for funnel hacking live so I'm Trying to like dress where I'm not in The suit and tie but I'm like the cool Like internet nerd version of that so Got all dressed up and then it was me And him on on camera together anyway it Was it was hard but um we did it we kept Going back and forth and eventually we Got all the lines in and all the scripts Done and there's like this one that like Hey we have another script we wrote just Want to see if you're okay with it so Possible teleprompter and damage reading He's like he's like oh seriously you Guys are like I all right whatever let's Do it and we're like oh and like anyway We're so excited I was like so stressed Like he's gonna hate me when this is all Over and uh and from that we've got all These amazing ads for the registration Page for the ads the retargeting ads for Like all the stuff around this challenge

With Damon by himself with me and Damon Together and then the end of it is Basically um we wanted Damon to present At the challenge but again with timing And stuff it was just difficult so we Decided to film his his session of the Challenge as an interview while we were There so set some couches got all the The lights perfect and then I had a Chance to actually interview him there At the end of that crazy day and the Whole thing was it was just one of those Things where it's like your nerves are High anxiety stressful you're moving a Million miles a minute you're having a Lot of fun you mean like somebody you Looked up to for your whole life and Like just all the things all the anxiety By the time it was done I was just Wrecked and as fast as it all started it Was gone and he took off and he was on To the next Damon John thing who knows What he was doing and that was kind of The end of it and it was um it was Amazing and then we had a fast forward Back and Dan his team's editing all the Videos as fast as they could because We're like a week away from The Challenge now for the launching of it And then we're coordinating with the Speakers and like the the curriculum and Honestly like it was tough because even Like what I was going to teach kept Changing and shifting and changing and

Shifting even the week before the launch Like I think on Wednesday or Thursday Before the training started like I was Shifting it again like moving where the Speakers were at when all sent in we had It mapped out where it's like it was it Was perfect after finally hard Coordinated hard coding in the speakers Getting it all done traffic was going Launched as we were going um we started Getting a lot of leads and so I'm gonna Go through just a couple of numbers real Quick from the promotion we had 221 101 People registered for the challenge During the promotional thing which is Amazing so we had 16 932 people who uh Signed up for click funnels 2.0 on the Thank you page which is pretty amazing And so that's kind of Step number one Before the event ever happened right Then what happens is then everyone gets In there day number one happens and uh We do the training The training went went awesome and then We had two guest speakers who spoke Afterwards and at the end of that made a Pitch for people who weren't VIP because They said hey if you're a VIP member First off you click funnels trial for 30 Days for free number two you're gonna be On these live Zoom calls with speakers And so we did a pitch right then right After uh after day number one training And I think from there I can't remember

Exact numbers was like another thousand Two thousand people or so went and Signed up for VIP and got click on those Trials at the end of day number one Because they want to be in the VIP uh Training happening afterwards which was Amazing the biggest headache we had is Having almost 17 000 people joined click Funnels 2.0 in one day you know in a Couple days and then day number one Giving them all homework assignment and All 17 000 people logging into click Funnels and doing that homework and we Had all sorts of issues with the Software crash and the template's not Working and the themes and like by Giving to everybody Um we started finding out what mistakes Were very very quickly and so it was Tough and then the Facebook group it Turned into this negative thing like I Logged in and it's crashing I can't get My my login another like it was all Encompassing all night long like I was In the Facebook group I think for five Or six hours like responding questions Getting things sending them to the dev Team and like going back and forth and Back and forth and back and forth I went To bed that night like just in tears I Wanted to cancel the entire event cancel 2.0 Russell's gonna run away just be Done and I decided on day number two Like I needed to reframe this because

Like we're losing the audience we're Losing everything so we got 221 000 People and it's just chaos right now Right and so day number two I started by Changing people's attitudes and I did a Big reframe that went really really well And what's crazy is my two guest Speakers they too were Garrett white and Annie Grace and Annie went first and she Gave an amazing presentation but she Also kind of like reshifted people's Perception uh helped him understand like How big this this mission is and what Each person individually is called to do Like focusing on that and it was amazing And Garrett came in as you know Garrett Just yells a lot and you did a good job Though I got him to not drop a single F-bomb the entire time which was made There's only one reason they bring me Around here one simple reason fire but Today I get to do it with no language Which means I get to use all the fire With no but he also had people like take Accountability like yes software's being Worked on things are like we're fixing Bugs as fast as possible but quit trying To figure out ways to like to prove this Wrong like take ownership like this is Your life this is your future like get In there and like just do the things and Like you know if it doesn't work it out It's okay like just keep working out It's gonna like we're here for you right

And by day number two it shifted like The tone in the Facebook group went Positively everyone's excited everyone's Like it just it shifted everything in a Powerful Fastening and from that point forward The rest of the event was amazing day Number three trading went great day Number four the stacking the clothes the Guest speakers everything was perfect Day number five we did The Logical Repitch and then there we had a chance To watch the video uh interview with Damon John and that was the the first Five days of the challenge and after Friday challenge done we decided to do This bonus live event day which was kind Of crazy where Jenna Kutcher was going To speak and Grant Cardone is going to Speak and Myron golden and like all These like huge speakers were flying in For this last day it was almost like Having a mini fhl at the end of this Thing like it was like the most chaotic Stressful tiring emotional rollercoaster Week of my entire life so much chaos and So anyway next day starts I kick it off Jenna comes in and Jenna I mean she's Amazing she does her stuff it was Amazing Grant comes in the backstage and And we're outside before he gets on we Asked a couple questions and then he's Like hey you're gonna be me and so I Jump on stage we bring him in which are

Interviewing him and it was crazy like I've always liked Grant Cardone I love Grant Cardone like he stepped up and Delivered for us in a way that was Amazing this presentation was it was Powerful it was funny it was hilarious That day was amazing we did a re-pitch At the end sold a whole bunch more People into it it was so tiring that Night I've never laying in bed and I was Like I cannot believe we did this Now obviously the desks have settled a Little bit I looked at the stats Yesterday to kind of get an update and Of the 16 17 people who joined click Funnels 2.0 during that time obviously There's going to be attrition and Cancellations and churn all those kind Of things but even right now we have Over 10 000 people that came in during That segment during the challenge we're Still active click funnels 2.0 members Uh which is amazing it's what we did Year number one at click funnels uh the Entire year we were able to to do that In in a week which is a cool way to kind Of kick off the click funnels 2.0 and we Have so many updates over this year I'm Gonna share updates on all the things We're doing because I know a lot of you Guys are curious like what are all Things you do to grow your SAS company But the big the big beginning part was This it was kind of like the the launch

Pad to get it into the world it's been a Lot of stress a lot of headaches a lot Of work Um but it's also like the fruits of now It's done you know we were talking about And building click funnels for two years We worked on the launch for six months Um we did the launch over at six or six Seven day period of time uh and now it's A month or two later it's like oh it Worked like it's out there in the world Like our vision our dream is now being Used by by tens of thousands of people Around the world to continue to grow Every single day so that's some of the Stories behind your first funnel Challenge launch uh how we got click Funnels 2.0 into orbit and um I hope you Guys enjoyed this episode you probably Noticed the the change format in the Marketing Seeker show we're doing less Of me talking about marketing principles More just kind of showing like here's The practical application of all this if We're talking about happening in all Different businesses we own I hope You're enjoying if you are let us know If you're watching on YouTube uh let us Know in the comments down below and also Make sure that you subscribe and turn on Notifications that way when the next Video comes out uh you get it in your Feed as soon as it comes out um thank You guys again so much for listening

Hope you enjoyed this episode and we'll See you on the next episode of the Marketing Secret show

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