Best free ways to get customers

The two most profitable strategies for Acquiring customers if you don't have Tons of cash and you're not funded Beyond just creating content and Creating a brand is to get Word of Mouth Which is referrals it's not just having A very good product which is important But reminding and encouraging people to Share it my podcast I just decided to Say hey guys if you could leave a review And share this with somebody that would Be great we 20x the number of reviews That we were getting and our growth Skyrocketed if you remind them at least They're more likely to do the second way Is through Affiliates which means other Businesses or groups that have your Desired audience that's where if I was a Yogurt store I would go find those Groups and you say hey anybody who goes To your clothing store I'll give them a Free yogurt you just enhance the value Of what they're selling and you let a Hundred businesses carry you as they Flood you with all their customers a you Just have to make it good enough that it Benefits the customer and B that the Affiliates actual thing becomes more Valuable with the addition of your thing Too

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