Best time in history to start an online business. Here’s why. ✅

This might be the best time in history Ever to start an online business if you Look at the business landscape Everything is Shifting so with that yeah Some obstacles but also a lot of Opportunity the way that I see the Market right now is is the best time Ever to launch an online business Because a few years ago it was great With social media and the scale of that People moving online and when you think About the trend and the timing of this And apply it to your landscape a few Years ago when I started building Funnels it was pretty new and so I had To figure out a lot of these things Myself and since then I've built 500 Funnels for a lot of like big Brands and I've learned a lot and I started getting Questions like hey can you teach how You're doing this how are you getting Clients and I was pretty shocked to be Honest when I found out that most people Are doing cold calling call emailing Like all these things but people asking Me like wait you're getting hundreds of Clients without doing that there's a Such thing as leverage so I look at the Lens of the market needs this solution How can I position myself in the middle Of the traffic the next thing is Probably looking at the marketplace and Looking at the needs that they have in Digital format

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