Best Way to Make $10K/M in 2023, WITHOUT Freelancing

So there's a big shift happening in the Marketplace right now where Freelancers Are shifting towards productized offers Instead so in this video I'm going to Break down kind of where you can go if You're just starting out and get to that First 10K per month and then how you can Switch into a more productized service So you can scale get your time back and Have more freedom in your life so let's Dive in the freelancing industry Obviously is booming with short form Biddles freelancing services like Copywriting blog writing content Marketing as well as funnel Building Services like I do Web Design Services Logo design and there's a lot of Different freelancing services that are Still needed very much so in this Industry but there's a huge opportunity That most people are missing and that is Productized freelancing offers so what I Mean by that is you take an offer and You productize it so that for example You can offer unlimited graphic design For a monthly fee and get that recurring Revenue you can also offer unlimited Click funnels Services maintain growth Optimization for monthly ongoing service And with all of these offers you can Have a front-end offer that is different Than the monthly recurring offer so for Example what you could do is sell Something that is a free episode of

Podcasting services or you could give Out a free short form video editing test And then you can after that offer them a Package then you turn that into a Monthly recurring Revenue but the big Difference between doing it yourself as A freelancer and doing it as a monthly Ongoing sort of productized service is That when it's productized there's a set Roadmap and a phase a blueprint that Each client go through so a typical Freelancer would offer something that is Custom to that specific client but Someone who creates a customized sorry a Productized service instead has a very Specific offer that every single client Go through and so in terms of delivery You can focus on selling only and then Productizing the onboarding and delivery Side of the business for an example as a Funnel Builder what we're doing right Now we're scaling to 100K per month and We're productizing it meaning we sell Specific info funnels for course Creators and business owners of that Nature and we break it down into kind of Like a car manufacturing company and we Say who's going to build the tires who's Gonna build the doors who's going to Attach the windows and for each specific Area there's one person who's a Specialist at that thing so when we get A client we sell them we collect them on Our front we break it down into doing

The math and we see profit margins and We see each of the Departments how much They're taking it's as easy to scale Because we know the lead generation the One who's doing appointment setting Closing we go we get the percentages of Each of the categories if you will and Then each client go through the same Onboarding process through the same Strategy person copy and offer creation Goes in through that if they don't have The offer we optimize it we make it Better and then we create the design and The Branding the motor board the above The fold and then we build out the Entire page and then we move it on to The tech side and then we get the class A quality assurance team and the client To review it from draft into final Product so you can do this is in any Industry you can do this with podcasting You can do this with content writing Which could be blogs it could be daily Or weekly emails for business owners so In fact what we're doing is we're taking The front-end funnel building setup to a Monthly ongoing conversion rate Optimization plus a daily slash weekly Email uh package depending on how many Emails they want and we're building out These micro teams who build the the Funnel who write the copy who send the Emails and we're doing all of this while Also building the large business as a

Whole which is the umbrella business Freedom funnels so that is kind of what I'm doing but I want you to think Differently in terms of your freelancing Business whether you've you've already Been a little bit successful you're just Starting out because it's okay to do a Little bit of the work up front to learn The skills but then a freelancer who Makes 10 15 20K per month they're capped At that point they have to go from being This identity of always doing everything Myself and not wanting to pay for anyone To do anything to being the CEO the Leader the salesperson who just builds Connections sells the right offers to The right people who need it who you Know you can help and then you either Hire someone to build the systems which I recently hired a director of Operations a CEO that was the eighth Person within two weeks and so we're Going ham we're going crazy in 2023 and Everything that we're building we're Productizing it so we have businesses Within businesses who we have different Departments and now when we launch a new Service we just take this team we Implement it we duplicate it we create Sops in fact have the team to create sop So we have everything we need to Monetize and automate that specific Department and then they all support Each other in the big picture of things

So hopefully this was helpful I'll Create more videos about these and Document as we're taking this from 20 30k per month to 100K per month and in Fact we just had our biggest month more On that in the next video

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