Biggest issue in relationships

One of the worst things that I see kind Of dating marriage whatever industry is The labels that they ascribe to Situations if you're not having a date Night once a week if you're talking About business if you're they just Insert something they then say it's bad Let's say hypothetically Layla and I Were so busy with work that we did Nothing but work didn't have a meal Together for a month if we both didn't Have a problem with it because it was The season that we were in other people Might say that's bad what they really Mean is I don't prefer that in which Case I say cool live your life your own Way but don't live mine and if we're Both good with it then there are no Problems and so that's where I feel like A lot of people get off-roaded because They adopt someone else's preferences And ascribe good or bad meaning to their Own circumstance and then say we need to Change something or my girlfriend gets a Date night every Thursday why don't we Have a date night every Thursday because Now the fact that we don't have one is Bad and so for us as long as there's no Discrepancy we're usually good

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