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So guys it's Black Friday and wanted to Do something special because everyone Else is selling you 10 different courses They don't sell anymore because they're Old school outdated they don't work Anymore I wanted to do something Different which I've never done before And that is hosting a two-day event and I'm asking myself this question how can I make the next year the best year of Your life how can I give you everything I've learned after building funnels for Russell Brunson Tony Robbins Dean Garcia's Robert Kiyosaki over 500 Funnels in my career and like what's the Missing piece and courses are great yes You're gonna get a seven figure funnels Course and that works for you no matter What business or industry you're in but Then some of you build funnel spotter People so I'm gonna give you a module on How to get clients the legion the client The sales all of it the systems you need To scale a funnel building business when You have all of that information like What are you gonna do with it going into 2023 and a lot of you I think feel a Little bit overwhelmed with a lot of Courses so this two-day event is more Like a a workshop meaning it's not my Backstory it's not inspiration it's not None of that it's not a two-day hype Event where we sell you something else Now this is a two-day event day one we

Focus on funnel building seven figure Funnels foundation design copywriting The strategy funnel stacking and linking And all these things that create Multiple streams of income for you so Active passive income all these things And then day two is funnel building for Those who want to get client or maybe You have a Consulting business coaching Business you can see how we get clients And how we do all of that on day two you Can get access to live you can be there You can ask questions you can also send Us our your questions before the event And get the replay so when you have all Of that what else do you need well we Have a membership called the freedom Funnels insiders Academy we're gonna Give you lifetime access to this so Instead of paying monthly fee of 97 per Month when you join this bundle of Black Friday Cyber Monday you're also gonna Get lifetime access to that where we Give you deep Dives on different topics It's a case study maybe you know how Pedro made 8 000 in four days in his Funnel building business and then I do Another one where I show you how I make Six figures from YouTube right and so That's like what's working right now Then we have another one which is a Longer master class which that one is More of a deep dive so we take one topic Each per month and we do a cop running

Method class funnel design you know Start to finish all these different Things that are deep Dives on specific Topics that you can watch quickly and Just get the thing that you want to Watch and learn from and it's not a Course with hundreds of videos It's deep Dives in exclusive content that you Won't find anywhere else so that's Available to you free included in this Bundle so if you have any questions on This we have an FAQ below as well so go Check that out it'll answer all your Questions and I can't wait to see you Inside

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