Boost Your Income: Tips for Webflow Designers to Earn an Additional $500 Monthly

Looking to boost your income as a Webflow designer? You’re in luck! With these helpful tips, you can earn an additional $500 per month or more. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established designer, these strategies can help you increase your earning potential and take your freelance career to the next level. So, let’s dive into the actionable tips that can help you grow your income as a Webflow designer.


Web designers work hard to create webpages that consistently receive an exceptional rating. It is a difficult process to design a website that meets the demands of the customer as well as meets expectations when it comes to search engine results. As a result, despite putting in long hours and hard work, many web designers are unable to charge as much as they would like for their services. However, with the right strategy, it is possible for web designers on Webflow to boost their income by an additional $500 monthly. This article will outline some tips for Webflow designers to implement and start earning more income.

Offer a Value-add package

Many clients have a limited budget and may not prioritize spending on their website. Therefore, instead of charging more for design services, try offering an SEO optimization, site performance, and page speed package. This package requires minimal expertise and time investment but provides massive value to clients. Additionally, to tap into more marketing budget, pitching this package towards the end of the project as a way to further optimize and market their website might be appealing to the client.

Use Sim Flow

To determine which clients need this value-add package, use a tool named Sim Flow to audit and score client websites. This tool uses various factors to identify areas for website optimization, together with giving the website a score out of 100. This score can then be used to pitch the package referred to in the previous heading.

Charge for Site Maintenance

Charge clients on a monthly basis, automatically for ongoing site maintenance. This can include services such as updating plugins and software, checking for broken links within the site, refreshing page content and ensuring SEO optimization of the website is still up to date.

Prioritize Marketing and Advertising

Clients often allocate most of their budget towards marketing and advertising. Therefore, a savvy designer could pitch the optimization package in tandem with marketing services that would add value to their website. This strategy might enable web designers to charge higher prices for their services, as part of a package deal, which would appeal to those looking to invest in the growth of their company.


  1. Q: Is offering an SEO package to an already-designed website worthwhile?
    A: Absolutely! Most websites can benefit from SEO optimization, and if your client’s site is already fully designed, optimizing an already in-place structure would be less time-consuming than creating a new design from scratch.

  2. Q: How do I know if my client could benefit from my value-add package?
    A: Use tools like SimFlow to audit the website and look for optimization and speed opportunities.

  3. Q: Would it be difficult to charge for site maintenance monthly automatically?
    A: Not at all! There are many reliable platforms out there that can handle monthly automatic billing.

  4. Q: What do I do if my client does not have much marketing and advertising budget?
    A: Offer them package deals that combine both marketing and website optimization. This could help them to see the value and be more willing to invest.

  5. Q: Are web designers on Webflow able to earn an additional $500 by following these tips?
    A: Yes, by using these tips, many Webflow designers have been able to increase their income by an additional $500 in a month without too much stress on workload.

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