Build the talent or buy the talent

Can either build the talent train Someone Etc or you can buy the talent we Just went to try and interview as many Vendors as we could for each platform I Thought of it as like how can we get a Killer on every platform all they're Thinking about is how to grow this one Thing the whole Playbook is go find Somebody who's really good interview Lots of them if you don't learn from Them on the interview don't hire them Because then they don't know more than You do it honestly becomes pretty clear If you talk to like 10 LinkedIn vendors Who actually knows what they're talking About so once we get the person we make It clear to them that we're only going To be doing this for three to six months With you because our goal is to Absolutely copy everything you're doing And bring it in-house since we're very Upfront about that everyone's been cool With that you get all the learning that They've already learned across other Companies for me that's shortcut a lot Of the figuring it out

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