Builderall vs ClickFunnels (Review From My Own Experience)

Hey everybody kurt here welcome to my Channel In this video i’m gonna compare ClickFunnels with builderall now these Are two softwares that i’ve used myself Extensively in the past And also Recently as well so i know these two Software’s quite well so i’m gonna Review these two side by side and Basically tell you which one i would Prefer over the other Now what do these two softwares do first Of all click funnels is mainly a sales Funnel builder they do have some other Features such as you can sell online Products they also have their own email System they have a lot of different Things going for it and a lot of side Products as well so a great uh Great business to promote as well Because i have a lot of affiliate offers Builderall is an all-in-one software Which has about 40 Different Apps you can use for Many many that you can build apps Actually you can do sales funnels uh Landing pages so many different Membership sites so many different Things so they have some things that are Overlapping but definitely i would say That builder is more of an all-in-one Software whereas ClickFunnels is very.

Strong in terms of sales funnels and Just making sales online Now what um let me just bring this one Here i’m going to compare the uh prices Of together because the way to View them side by side i think the best Way to look at at it is is in terms of The prices now what uh builderall has Going for it is definitely the price and The number of apps that are available in The software so if you look here Click funnels has is starts at 97 per Month um you can’t go with the yearly Planner they have a yearly plan which Will bring the price down to i think About eighty dollars uh which i think is Is a reasonable price for the Um quality of landing page sales sales Funnels and and all the other things That they have But the 97 by itself is a serious sum of Money especially when you get started Online Builder all on the other hand um has a Much sharper prices and they also have Another wordpress plans a wordpress plan So if you Just want to have everything hosted on Your own wordpress you can also uh get The wordpress uh feature as well from Builderall now they have a very sharp Price now the main the most popular one Is the 6990 which is still you know Quite a bit lower than the 97 and that’s

The monthly price um so you can cancel Any any any month that you want any time That you want But they have the cheetah plan which is A very cheap entry price 14.90 and you do have one domain three Sub domains 2 000 subscribers and Automatic approval as an affiliate So that is a sharp price for especially For the different tools you’re not going To have access to all the tools you need To go to the 79 Dollars but if you just need like a Sales funnel a landing page and so on Then and then email software then this Uh definitely is a very very sharp price Click funnels is pricey 97 per month but They have excellent sales funnels and Landing pages so um and also what is Good is they have you have a lot of Things that you’re promoting maybe you Have some affiliate offers and many Times they will give you their Sales funnel or their landing page that You can use and import into click Funnels directly so uh for many of these If you want to use their their sales Sales page then you need to have click Funnels so there’s a lot of benefits in Using click funnels if you just want to Have landing page sales funnels and sell Things online But it is pricey now what i don’t like With uh builder or with builder all is

That they they have their own things Called mail or bus or is it click Funnels um they have their own Um let me just see here they have their Own email system in um builder all which Um it’s a good system but it’s not my It’s not my favorite what i like with um What i like with click funnels is that They do have their own email marketing System system um but let’s be honest not Many people actually use it and it’s Very easy to connect your own email Marketing system to click funnels such As um get response convertkit and so on So i do like the flexibility that Clickfunnels gives you and that is uh Not so easy to do with um build raw Because they have their own email Marketing system and what i don’t like About build raw so much is that they Have so many different apps and you Wonder you know Am i ever going to use this one do they Really work well because if you have 40 Apps in one software system it raises The question are they all very effective I mean i like to use the software that Really focus on focuses on what they’re Good at the sales funnels the landing Pages so i do definitely prefer click Funnels over build raw for those reasons The flexibility um the you can have Their own email marketing system they Have excellent

Sales funnels and landing pages Builderall has of course the pro that They have a very cheap plan that you can Get started with They both have good affiliate programs So um good tools both of them but i do Prefer click funnels for the reasons That i mentioned I’m not using either one at the moment I’m always looking for the best Opportunity out there i’m reviewing Build raw because they have made some Changes which makes it a more attractive Option so i’m definitely looking into it I’ll leave a link below to the All-in-one software i’m using at the Moment but definitely if you’re gonna go Between these two i would definitely Choose ClickFunnels at the moment but You never know what’s gonna happen with Builder also do stay tuned subscribe to My channel i’m gonna review build raw More in detail thanks for watching i’ll See you in the next video.

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Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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