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This is unspeakable he's been doing YouTube for 10 years and has 200 million People who watch his videos every single Month we're gonna break down his Business and how he's going to go to a Billion plus let's dive in I have so Many puns that I want to say like Speechless unspeakable I don't I won't I Won't do any of those but I want to this Was an idea that air rack because he and I were talking he's like dude you should Do this kind of like a mini series for Your channel talk with people with big Audiences like how would you think Through what opportunity to go after it So I feel like so many people are just Like lost like what do I just like yeah What do I sell there's so many options Like I could sell energy drink I could Sell germax I could sell these Conference tables like it's literally Endless yeah you could launch umbrellas Or you could launch Kleenex boxes that Are unspeakable unblowable Um one down and make money and so the Problem is that a lot of I feel like YouTubers influencers see one influencer Do something make some money and then Think oh I'll do the same thing and then End up with a massively under monetized Like opportunity okay we've got the Market here we've got the brand here and Then we've got different monetization Vehicles like what is the thing that

Kind of overlaps all three that works Really well so there's like three kind Of vehicles so you have unspeakable the Main thing the biggest thing it's like Driving all the revenue yeah and then You have 0 to 60 which is a new business That's actually why I'm here in Vegas For SEMA it's an automotive shop paired With content and then the third idea Revolved around a consumable product I Don't I won't say what we want to call It yet because the names are still kind Of in the air unspeakable but it might Be it's not unspeakable but basically What we I really want to build a company Similar to what Red Bull has because I Know so much about content and I know so Much about you know all these platforms I could build a marketing company sell a Consumable whatever fits that like Target audience that I'm trying to Target but and that's all primarily Driven off the Unspeakable channel right Uh I don't know I I probably want to do Like a separate channel for it just Because unspeakables kind of got its own Thing like it's for kids you know what's The age uh I would say a large majority Are like 12 to 16. so right now I sell Merch for unspeakable but my idea was to Kind of launch like a toy brand Um and just see where we can go with That we have talked about the energy Drink idea right yeah so that's what I

Love but that would be that third idea I Don't know I just don't I don't feel Like it would fit the Unspeakable Audience maybe it would maybe yeah but Um they're just a bunch of kids and I Just don't you know like I wouldn't call It unspeakable yeah if I was to launch a Drink no for sure well it doesn't have To be exactly what I mean yeah yeah but The other thing that worries me is like So I'm unspeakable right the brand Revolves around me the question is how Long Can I be unspeakable yeah like you know Right right now I'm almost 25 years old When I'm 13 years you know when I'm when I'm 35 am I still going to be wanting to Do that Probably not Um like I've tied myself to unspeakable For the past 10 years so I can't really Get rid of it I can't like hire some Other people to come in and just kind of Like change who I am you know that's Like if the rock was like oh I don't Want to be the rock anymore so I'm gonna Hire this guy like it just doesn't work You know like I love the energy drink For like the crazy all the stuff that You're you know filling your house with Sand today I'm gonna be feeling my Entire Island house with sand Maybe I'm Wrong right yeah it could it could fit The Unspeakable audience but I want it

To like expand I want it to go to like You know like skateboarders and Snowboarders and like I I don't want Just like kids that love ball pit balls And Nerf guns to drink my energy drink You know what I mean yeah I see the Original distribution base it's just Like the launch pad and the only thing That keeps it going is new distribution And the product itself being good enough That people who are in the first ring Tell their friends and like that's the Part that most people up they're Like I'll just slap my name on this Thing it's white label I completely Agree I just know that I'm not going to Want to film Videos for the next you know 30 years of My life like there's already plenty of Days where I dread videos I still love Them like they're so they're so much fun But I I know in like I know when I'm 36 Years old I'm not gonna be like oh yeah I'm so ready to you know fill my house With balls and yeah let's put on let's Put all the sand in I don't know if I Could see me doing it for that long but When you start doing the car stuff isn't That still gonna be video too Yeah but uh we're actually looking for Like co-hosts so I just want to be the Creative brains of the channel just kind Of like help Direction can we segue real Quick into the car shop thing yeah is

The primary motivator for the car shop Making money eventually franchise is it To have like lots of locations or is it Just for content to have a spot to make Content so there's like three branches To the business like you have the shop Uh you have the content side and then You would have the marketplace side Which doesn't exist right now but we're Working on building it like Parts yeah So like parts custom mods and things Like that yeah that I see being the Biggest part of the business I have a Lot of people that follow me that are Actually interested in cars because when I first started my unspeakable Channel Like Six years ago older now all I did was Car content oh yeah so I started doing Car Vlogs I had like a GTR I went to Like car meets I like went on rallies Because uh at the time I just did daily Vlogs I was just like yo guys this is my Life that was what the Unspeakable Channel was like six or seven years ago And then you started seeing what was Hitting and the crazier you did Yeah yeah because YouTube like six years Ago was like Vlogs like Casey neistat Was like the biggest YouTuber and he Literally just walked around New York City making really good entertaining Videos but it was just a day of his life Yeah that's what YouTube was you had a

Bunch of other creators like Mr Beast And other guys come in and they're like Okay this is the new YouTube this is Challenges yeah where people are like All right survival this survive on this So I was like I need to like change that So that's where everything else came in And so if we're optimizing around how do We make you the most money short and Long term right and really more so long Term it's clear that you love this one Like I mean just from like your energy When we're talking about it yeah and This is just like your cash cow Perfect world is this didn't start just From a business perspective yeah is that You only had unspeakable you're making a Good amount of money from unspeakable And AdSense every month of all the Things I'm going to do I'm going to Leverage the existing massive media Audience that I have and find one thing That they can all buy and then that Would be all that you would do then we Have a phase out plan for you getting Out of so it's like okay next six months Or next 12 months you're co-hosting one To three people who are with you in the Shows as regulars and then you just do One of these and then they're leading at Most of it and you're making a couple Appearances and then You fall off the table Yeah Yeah Unspeakable could transition to

Something like Red Bull when you think of Red Bull you Don't think of one person like you just Think of like crazy anything crazy yeah Right I still think that an energy drink Is not bad I feel like the energy drinks Market is so saturated totally if you Put the same amount of attention to Making the product the way you do videos Where it's like how does it taste in the Beginning how does the aftertaste like If you like if you were to break it down At that micro level of really making an Exceptional product you're excellent at What you do so like that character trait Will carry over you know what I mean if You apply it to this so if we're Analyzing opportunity it's number of Units sold times gross profit potential Per unit divided by competitive mode Number of people times the amount of Money made so like for me we do deals With a very tiny percentage of people But the amount of money that I make on a Deal is significantly higher and so for Me that cross-section even though it's Itty bitty bitty still makes it worth it For me right because for that small Person helping them go from 10 to 100 Million is very meaningful yeah and so I Can help a tiny amount of people a lot And then help everyone else for free And so we just have to figure out what That slice is

What do you like this so you've got the Car thing you dig that what else do you Dig like what is your what are your what Do your people know about you I mean just Having fun with friends and just making Videos it's just kind of the whole vibe Of like yeah so you get money from AdSense and whatnot but do you have any Other brand sponsorship deals like Integrations into videos yeah okay so Which so what are those advertisers Nerf Legos Elmer's Glue we've done some with WWE okay Five Hour Energy pop Pockets Honey like the website yeah yeah a bunch Of like small mobile game companies do They reach out to you do you reach out To them they all reach out to us really Of opportunity Vehicles the game would Be by far number one it would hit the Most amount of the audience you'd make The highest gross profit per User it's Operationally from a fulfillment Standpoint the easiest to handle the big Hard part is like building a software Game that's actually really good I've Seen so many YouTubers make games and Doesn't matter the following that they Have like if the game sucks the game Sucks the game sucks the game sucks like I like the energy drink angle the only Issue with these though is that they're Cash eaters Which sucks

What I'm gonna say you may or may not Like so just take it for for what it is How can you do more of what we're Currently doing Because like of the plays like I like That one a lot High likelihood of Success right within your wheelhouse Like there's only a couple tweaks it's Like okay find the other co-hosts like If you're like well that's kind of hard It's like well so is building a Software company like it's all hard Right it's all hard but like this one You know like all the other variables You've got down I feel like doubling Down on the media might be the play you Could probably like tomorrow 5x how much Money you make just by building out the Sponsorship bar that's all that you have To do I kind of limit my scale on Unspeakable because I have to be in all The videos right yeah I have to figure Out who my co-hosts are and start Sprinkling them in seeing how the Audience reacts to them finding one or Two people that are three people that They really like and then rotating them In and to the point where ideally and Speakers will be a group two or three People that are kind of like hosting and Leading things along playing off each Other characters right yeah so like Scaling the content that way because I Think the growth for the channel could

Be so much faster we put out 52 videos a Year right we could put out 100 That are all the same quality of those 52 but it's just limits all my time Because you know I have to sleep Eventually but when someone pays you a Million bucks or whatever to do a year Of sponsorships it's like that goes Straight to your bottom line that is not Common like which is why media Businesses are wonderful business like Warren Buffett had all of these Newspapers because it's media it's one Of the most profitable businesses on the Planet and you're good at it which is Hard what's the saying where it's like I Don't know who said this but it was like If you're good at sales you can you know Make a million five million 10 million But if you're good at marketing yeah you Can make billions right Um well there's Instagram from Naval Ravacon which is you only sell because You don't know how to Market and you Landmark is you know how to build a Product yeah and what's cool about your Product is that it is both marketing and Product it's one of the unique things About the media business is that how you Market the thing that you have is also How you fulfill that thing that's only a Media thing like no other businesses Like that where the marketing is the Fulfillment if we were to plan this out

And say hey if you could Forex your Income in the next four years would you Do it just from the Unspeakable income Well if the answer is yes then it's like Well then we could reverse engineer that Like that's super doable I would bet That in that four-year span there is an Opportunity like somebody who approaches You who's got another energy drink brand Is like we already have funding Etc and We just want to face for it or we want a Brand to associate with and then you can Do a brand deal with that company but You do it for Equity litmus test number One is like you love the product the Road path for unspeakable now feels Pretty clear to me how do you feel about That no I like it and then you also have This car thing Even here building the the car parts Thing like that'll definitely make money I like I like that as a business model And if unspeakable didn't exist I would Say yeah just do that you thought about It before you built it you were like I'm Gonna build the content arm I'm going to Monetize over here and sure we'll make Some money at the shop whatever if That's a complete business model in my Mind and it makes sense because it's Fully integrated into the videos it's Like hey we just put this custom mod Thing on the lambo by the way you guys Can check it out I've got 20 available

First 20 can go get it on the shop side I already have a partner so to kind of Run and operate the whole shop the shop Okay yeah the shop is what is going to Open first okay the content it's kind of Like whenever we get a piece of content Whenever we get access to the new Mercedes that came out you know my main Role is just to kind of oversee like Direction and making sure they're Creative is you know on point the Marketplace doesn't even exist yet if You were to do the marketplace it would Take the same amount of energy and Attention and effort as scaling Unspeakable likelihood of achievement Lower than unspeakable yep upside about The same you already have a partner Who's running the Ops that's good I Think all you need is just have somebody Who's Junior running the content who Wants to like Mentor under you which you Have I'm sure can find somebody who Would just like live with you and read This stuff this is the main thing this Is the baby this is what you're the best At I really want the best in the world At do more of that and then the only Thing that you're going to attribute Over here you're dropping the Marketplace you have the partner to run The day-to-day Ops is just somebody to Run the content for the car shop and Then you can sell sponsorships and

Whatnot that'll go through there which Is actually kind of nice because then This one starts to merge with the path Of this one so that your attention will Start to consolidate in terms of like How you make money and how you think Through things but now it feels really Simple yeah Feel better easy enough yeah well both All of these are hard this one has so Few unknowns based on what you already Have in the experience congrats so on Everything thank you so much yeah he's Right

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