Right so clickfunnels 2.0 just announced At fun lacking live we have to talk About this and i’m going to watch it With you so here’s the reaction video That i was a part of that they just Announced as of today at phonaking live The first day the first session let’s Dive in [Music] [Applause] Okay we had a chance last week to show a Couple people and uh i’m gonna show you Guys a video of their reactions to click Funnels 2.0 you guys ready for this All right here we go If you’re watching if you’re one of like 10 people on the planet who have ever Seen clickfunnels 2.0 top secret message From russell brunson now i’m getting Nervous hold on i’m putting i’m Moisturizing my lips for this secret Don’t show anybody else so this is the Inside of clickfunnels 2.0 This is great this is so cool yay Goodbye wordpress i’m going to cancel Kajabi i’m like dad I’m not using you anymore Oh my god new global products set it up Once and it’s done so i’ve been waiting For this Probably two years hold the phone Seo optimized hold these smokes worth The ability to collaborate and be able To have my whole team you can see

Exactly what they’re doing it’s real Time and the whole google doc thing Click funnels better than google that’s Tagline you’re welcome it makes building Funnels way faster page speed Improvements huge it builds now the way That he’s taught us to think that’s the Funnel pages well my favorite things is Like if i want to see the pages i can Just quickly click on a different page And it pulls new pages universal menus Across everything I don’t have to copy it 50 times to Every step of this funnel anymore that Is going to save me hours the amount More speed we can get stuff live is Unbelievable like dude look at that Split tester building funnels with click Funnels now is going to be even easier Than ever before they’ve listened to all The feedback we gave them over the years And they put it in there now it’s almost Like the market leader is coming back And like patting everyone else on the Head and going oh good try yeah and it Looks like clickfunnels just grew up Clickfunnels just graduated it’ll feel Like click funnel is only better this is Like click funnels 10.0 not 2.0 This is so awesome [Music] Oh All right so couple of things yes 2.0 is A brand new platform i’ve known about

This for a couple of weeks because i was A part of the small team of people Who’ve been not working on it but i’ve Been for over a year now having meeting With clickfunnels and and i guess giving Feedback from funnel agencies kind of What we want but i didn’t know until a Couple of weeks ago that they launched a Brand new platform not clickfunnels Updated upgraded a brand new platform Scratching the entire clickfunnels as You know it so when people say oh it Doesn’t have as fast load speed as this Other platform well it does not only Have the same now it has better now Because they Launched it in the internal team built The similar pages as you could find on WordPress or whatever platform and then Tested it again and had better Performance which is the most important Thing i’ve been providing trainings Tutorials templates and everything that You need once you’re using the platform But the platform itself needed an Upgrade and that’s what this is and i’m So excited if you’re new here make sure You subscribe we’re gonna have a ton of New updates over the next coming days Upcoming days i can’t talk it’s like 10 11 p.m here but i’m excited and we also Have a facebook group where i’m gonna be Dropping all the updates and everything So join the group below subscribe smash

The like button so we can get this out To more people and i’ll see you with new Video tomorrow because for lacking live Is still going [Music]

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