ClickFunnels 2.0 Review + NEW Pricing // HOMEPAGE REVEALED

ClickFunnels 2.0 Review what is it what’s the Pricing everything is now revealed on The new home page for ClickFunnels 2.0 Um you can find the link in the Description to check it out and they Also have a free two-week trial if you Use my link I’ll send you a bunch of Funnel templates for 2.0 a bunch of cool You know bonuses that you can use uh to Grow your business using ClickFunnels so Let’s take a look the the main question Here is well I think most people are Thinking about Especially in my in my industry funnel Building funnel design is Where do click funnels fit in in the Marketplace as a whole are they still Just for Internet marketers or are they Going mainstream Um you know sort of branding themselves As the website builder and the funnel Builder and everything Builder so I Think that’s been the goal is to go to All in one like that sort of Industry Where everyone wants to build the only Business uh just one platform instead of Having You know a Blog on one platform their um E-com you know stock physical products On one store and sales funnels on click Funnels So and I haven’t seen everything because I see they have like multiple different Like if you click at landing pages for

Example you can see they have a separate Page for that so I haven’t even I Haven’t even seen all of this uh but I Thought I would turn the camera on and Record my live reaction so let’s take a Look at it click funnels uh struggling To get constant flow of customers meet Click funnels getting people to to your Website and turning them into Happy Paying customers is what we do best So again going mainstream they switch From having a niche uh keyword funnels As the main thing And um this could be from for for SEO Purposes uh getting people to your Website turning into Happy paying Customers which is basically what a Funnel is so see your computer skills Needed works for every type of business Markets say deliver like a pro no Contracts cancel anytime Learn more in the video below sign up For free below At some point in your life I don’t think The audio is coming through so we’ll Skip this already watch the video Because I was like what is this but yeah It’s a it’s a short I think two minute Video that explains why you need a Funnel to sell more your services so Check it out link below Um it’ll take you to the home page World-class entrepreneurs love using Click funnels Damon John Tai Lopez

Eileen Walder Trustpilot so wire funnel exactly you Sell the thing that sells the thing so If you need a funnel like you can use Click funnels right uh Let’s face it website without paying Customers it’s like building a store in The middle of this or so without a Single Road leading to it I think that’s The main thing that people don’t Understand is the funnel is a sales Process and click funnels is a tool to Use it so you still have to know how to Build a sales page how to create an Offer how to design write copy all these Things and drive traffic Your final secret ceremony success it’s Different between okay the two billion Dollar websites That don’t that do uh without a funnel No customer sales confusing buying Process sadness stream customers uh with A phone steering customer simple buying Process sales uh Global opposite of Sadness Happiness do you feel do you like Feeling the opposite of sadness sign up For click funnels free trial today okay I mean when you look at it like this it Definitely looks more modern you know These I hate these old school templates Sorry click funnels Um they hurt my eyes I need glasses Because of your templates in the past

Click funnels funnels customers to you We’re the original funnel Builder Um the first level platform to send to Get people from sites like Facebook Google YouTube Instagram Tick Tock bring It into your store If you’ve ever been on one of those Sites you’ve clicked on ads I’m sorry if You know what they’re doing the page you Don’t know right afterwards probably on One of our funnels guess what you’re Inside of a funnel right now yes they Really do work so selling them on why They need funnels but that’s not what Click funnels does it gives you Everything you need to market sell and Deliver your products online all in one Convenient spot Exactly so that’s that’s the main thing The main difference between 1.0 and 2.0 Is 2.0 has everything all in one and 1.0 Was more of a a page builder a funnel Builder And you didn’t have your blog there you Didn’t have all of that on click funnels One click funnels is your website so Your funnel Hub exactly what funnel hubs You can So building oursel publishing a Blog Used to be a grind what would normally Take forever to design develop cannot be Done a single afternoon experience Insanely fast loading speeds which means A whole lot more conversion sales I love

The copywriting because I teach the I call it the feature benefit and impact Where you have something like a feature Hey you can build websites right and Then the benefit is extremely Um fast loading speed load speed and Then the impact is which means a whole Lot more conversions and sales for you For the customer page builder I don’t Use regardless of your computer skills So that you don’t have to worry about The tech overwhelm Um it doesn’t beautiful page some prefer For you to plug in your content and flip The switch So you don’t have to be a designer and Worry about staring at a blank screen Click funnels are Praises uh What’s this Squarespace WordPress and Wix Learn more about websites I think the Website thing yes they go on mainstream But also they want to have it there in Case of SEO keywords and all that So definitely looks more modern more Clean Is your membership site Your CRM Email marketing Analytics And here’s how we have all of this Workflows let’s click workflows for an Example Collect sales leads and conversions on Autopilot so they’ve built like

A sales page for each of the features as Well increase conversions with Advanced Segmentation And has user experience with CMS Third-party collaboration boost Engagement with personalized messaging By some process profits with split tests And more Yep that’s one of the things we do when We build funnels for clients is we Always split tests so I’ll go into this By the way is inside of clickfunnels 2.0 So I’ll go to funnels Uh you’ll see there’s still some stuff Like conversion boosters coming soon Um at the time of me recording this at Least so crave funnel And just create a new one Let’s click funnels pick the title for It Um because I want to show you the split Test so let’s say you have a an opt-in Page you want to split this two Different ones to see what’s converting Better So you would then click Let’s see Oops page Do we have new templates as well I still think they’re adding templates Because I saw somewhere they’re adding More templates let me see Okay so one thing here you’ll see is my Style guide so

[Music] Um let me see my Star Guide here I need To edit style and update the The font to be let me see Colors So on lightest background exactly on This one lightest I want the content to be there we go So now on light background Same thing And let’s do colored There we go so now We save this Actually I should probably edit the Style and save it there Update there we go So now when I update it it should be Updated on Everything here yep there we go so There’s some some new templates up Uploaded for me This is also in Test mode so I can just toggle that off Update and now I can add for example if I do Split test page I can add in there we go So now I can add in another page Choose this one create page and I can Send 50 of the traffic there 50 to this One and I can see what’s a winning Funnel and I can add more of these if I Want them to go somewhere else so like After this there’s probably A what’s it called a confirmation page

For each of them if I have different Lead magnets that I attest but then After that I can have both of them go to The same place if I want to have an Order form or if I want to have an Upsell like I can add that in here and Create this flow which is pretty pretty Cool and so that’s the main thing that I’ll be using obviously the website the The blog and and all of that the CRM but For me it’s mostly about like hosting One umbrella which is the website the Funnel Hub and I call it funnel Hub Because I mean that’s what everyone all The experts call it where you have like One page that goes into multiple funnels So like a mother of funnels and each of The offers have their own funnel so even Here you’ll see that when they sell why You should use click funnels for online Courses they have a page with online Courses start module why don’t any Normal course So on and so forth Advanced course Management inside of your course Shopping cart coming soon Global Products A b testing CRM email marketing I just tested the Email marketing recently uh created let Me see if I sh if I find actually let me Just show you the email editor was was Pretty cool so let me find The funnel

Free template So let me show you the opt-in page Let’s put together this simple opt-in Page and then it took me to my Confirmation page and then I sent out an Email to that lead that I used to test If it works because I’m in the process Of moving everything over so I’m testing It in fact I’m recording tutorials for All these things as well for uh those of You who are in in our courses our paid Programs So uh very excited uh I would say the Last thing that I want to say on this To not make the you know the video too Long is I’m happy they’re going mainstream and Building more beautiful branding and More simplistic and clean and modern Looking everything and what I’ve heard Is even the templates are going to be That and they’re not going to be the old School traditional like man the some of The templates in the past they hurt my Eyes and I’m happy to see to see these Upgrades see these updates to the Platform in fact it’s not even an update It’s a brand new platform so if you want To check it out you want to get two Weeks for free just I use the link in The the description below send me an Email to support and I’ll Send you a bunch of templates that you Can use with this that I’ve built and to

Help your life and as a business owner Way easier when it comes to doing Copywriting designing billing funnels All the tech everything and we also have A community that you have to join when You use my link so that said appreciate You I’ll see you in the next one.

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