ClickFunnels Certification Program (Honest Review By Top Funnel Builder)

All right so i just want to clarify Something because i am Bombarded with messages and questions And comments both in my paid program in The private community and also in Messenger so I want to put out a quick Statement but just my two cents on the Uh training so for those of you who Don’t know there was a training at it’s a russell Brunson’s Clickfunnels certified program which Basically A group coaching thing Where you know you get a bunch of Bonuses software’s and support to um get Clients and build funnels for other People but you’re certified so you’re Going through like the click click Funnels platform and everything And so obviously me as the ceo of Full-time funnel designer like we have Over 448 people now in ffd so i get a lot of Questions like what do you think are you Joining um You should double your price like you Can go to my profile check out the Comments it’s pretty funny and i love You guys so Uh there’s it’s like uh it’s weird Because You know i love russell brunson i love

Clickfunnels and everyone there I’m sure the program is going to be Amazing and at the same time i feel like I feel like a competitor i don’t know if If i’m weird feeling that if i should Feel that way but i feel like a Competitor because at the same time i Have my own coaching program like you Know we help people get clients And we do it differently so they have a More of like a I don’t want to say traditional but it’s More of like a more You know you have a Strategy session with people you show Them like the different funnel steps use The software Guru that shows like here’s the steps And Um i’m sure it works great for a lot of People but my approach is very different My approach is more like inbound Marketing Uh get people come to you like i close 90 of my clients in dms so i think my Version or my way of doing it is just a Different Type of um Funnel agency you know i think And also i didn’t feel like a lot of the Um training was focused on design and i Know that’s the thing in like the click Funnels community where people don’t You know put a lot of emphasis on the

Design and one of the things that i Promise myself the most on is beautiful Design and i’ve had so many people who Say like that’s exactly what i want and So the way that i close from there is Different because i can show my Portfolio and the portfolio closes and Does all the selling versus me being Like a strategy person And again like they both work because as A funnel builder or funnel designer like You can get clients through visual or You can get clients through strategy so There’s no right or wrong it’s just two Different Ways of of growing your business and With my You know one of the things that i teach As well is like outreach with loom Videos Where you actually show like i have Images they use a software i just have You know images of like every single Funnel type so if you work with Authors then you use a book funnel There’s like the different funnel steps But it’s in canva it’s a slide that you Show people like real quick hey here’s The funnel the pages that will include Here’s an example So it could be like here’s an example of A funnel that i built Or it could be Um here’s an example of someone else

Like you know brussels book funnel and That’s the one that we’re gonna model And so my version is just maybe a little Bit more simplified it’s like hey Profile portfolio and promo posts And then knowing how to market yourself Outside of that so you have a mix of Like valuable content and not just like Spewing your funnels on facebook So i don’t know like people are asking Me for my opinion i’m not gonna make a Decision for you you probably know if This is for you or not if you watch the Training you probably feel inside like Do i want this but i’m scared because It’s ten thousand that was another thing Like people reacted i saw the chat Um and there’s two parts to that as well So like that’s why i’m like There’s like the side which is like 10k Is a lot if there’s like books where you Can learn a lot for like 10 bucks Um and then there’s free youtube Trainings and then there’s like 997 you Know courses mine is 797 right now People are saying like you should double Like make your course uh 5 000. like i Have a good friend of mine in voxer sent Me a message like you should like you Should charge so much more and you’ll be Rich But anyways that’s besides the point There’s there’s a lot of ways you can Learn i started with a book then i

Bought a course then i invested in Coaching so whatever works for you do That don’t take my advice don’t take Anyone else’s advice just like you know What’s best for you and if you feel Scared like i really want to join it um I think it’s worth 10k And i can find a way to you know use the Payment plan for payments of i think two 997. And if you if you want to join like do It and then ignore everyone else because You know it’s russell bronson and like i Love learning from russell brunson so But at the same time i’m like I’m not gonna join Uh and nothing against russell or anyone You know the coaches it’s just like Why would i promote someone else’s Program when i also teach it the way That i have seen that it’s worked best For me and the people around me so it Doesn’t make sense really it’s almost Like i i you know if i were selling cars And i was driving one brand and i really Loved it and then someone else said like Hey this car is also good and someone Else said like it’s more expensive but It’s also good I don’t know if i would promote that car Just because it’s you know what i mean Like it’s probably a bad example But that’s kind of what i feel and That’s the summary of um my thoughts

Right now i shouldn’t probably make a Video at 3 30 a.m but i stayed up um had A ton of fun Jumped on the webinar 11 pm And russell invited me unmuted me You know Turned the camera on around 2 30 a.m so three and a half hours it Was a ton of fun and russell if you’re Watching this Uh Thank you for having me on appreciate it And uh let’s keep building together Because Still build up your all your projects That we’re working on uh i’m excited to Be a part of clickfunnels 2.0 the dev Team the You know we’re working on the editor Um a lot of good stuff just like Tweaking and i get to use my experience Of building 400 Funnels by the way russell gave me a Huge shout out Uh and he said like Uh frank kern reached out to him Yesterday and asked like hey who’s the Best funnel bill like who would you Recommend and he’s like You know here’s ghost and like reach out To ghost so i i love russell like Imagine Him having like this huge successful Business

And he’s still there like recommending People like me a small you know A small nobody in finland in a small Country small town just building funnels From their home And with a wife and two kids to sleep And i should too So anyways a lot of rambling excuse me Still sick But um that’s that’s that’s what i That’s my thoughts right now and i’ll Probably make another video Following up by the way uh and you know If this is all you came to watch the Video then it’s okay you leave right now Because i don’t want to take this uh his Webinar it may turn into a pitch i’m Just saying if you’ve been thinking About joining full-time funnel designer My program and 450 people and if you Can’t afford 10 000 for russell’s but You still want to get access to someone Someone who has like the course with Over 100 videos literally start to Finish you want to get a coach on like Weekly q a calls where you can ask Questions you want to get like seven Figure funnel templates you want to get All the plug and play tools you want to Get shot like literally show me how to Get leads and clients like we have that In full-time final designer you can Check out the comments on my profile What people are saying about it like i

Should double the price make it five Thousand and it’s 7.97 right now we also have a memorial Discount Because memorial day And most of my my community is in the us And so we do like a 100 off and it’s Just 6.97 So i know no fancy editing my editor is Asleep i just wanted to put this video Out there if you want to join awesome i Would love to have you if you can’t join Don’t feel the pressure to join that’s The way i am and i’m sure that’s the way Russell is that’s the way you know most Good people out there they they don’t Want to push something if you can’t do It but if you want to do it and you’re Afraid if you’re nervous you’re making a Big decision Then they’re like You know do it anyway and and you know If that’s the case i would also Recommend that you join any program Where you know you want their help but It’s scary like it has been the same for Me when i joined coaching programs Sometimes they were good sometimes i Wouldn’t do it again i wouldn’t Recommend it but that’s life and you Never You never know until you try it um so Don’t be afraid like i think the regret Of not trying and not doing what you

Want to do Like is bigger because what’s the Fastest way to learn Is by hiring someone or paying someone Who’s doing what you want to do and kind Of living the life that you want to live And then just getting closer to them So anyways that’s it love you all uh if You don’t want to join full-time funnel Design that’s 100 okay and you’ll still Get a lot of value At least i hope from the youtube videos That i put out here so That’s it i’ll see in the next one Subscribe like the video all the good Stuff we have a new video coming out i Think tomorrow or in two days called 10 Ways to do split testing to increase Conversions on your landing pages no Matter what the platform is they use That’s it much love i’ll see in the next One.

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