ClickFunnels Funnel Examples // Revealing My 12 Best Client Funnels

12 different funnels in 12 months i’ve Built closer to 50 60 funnels this year I’ll share with you the lessons that I’ve learned over the projects and what They mean to me and hopefully that will Give you a perspective into the products That you’re working on or are hoping to Start working on in 2022 so this is the First one funnel fridays this is the Funnel template that i built for click Funnels when they were doing funnel Fridays and it’s basically like a mini Show where russell brunson the Co-founder of clickfunnels and jim Edwards he’s the author of copywriting Secrets and he’s also a founder of Funnel scripts they jumped on i built The funnel live people could ask Questions all the good stuff and so what This was is a couple of designers me Included we built funnel templates People jumped on could get these for Free and you could just use them with The funnel scripts that they provided on Funnel fridays pretty simple free plus Shipping book funnel nothing too crazy It means a lot to me because this was One of the first one that i built for Click funnels and obviously as a funnel Designer from finland small country one Of my biggest goals was to work with Click funnels And uh build funnels for them so this Was the first

One of the first times when i actually Got them as a client Yes it’s just the template but still Like it still meant a lot to me and i Remember jumping on funnel fridays on Their uh shows to see like when russell Opened the different funnels we had Seven different designers seven Different funnel templates and he’s like Let’s pick one of them to build out live Now and update the scripts and Everything and he was like yeah i’m Gonna pick this one and i remember the First one first time he picked mine i Was like i called my wife was like hey Come check this out and i was excited Because you know he picked mine and uh Just i was just fanboying so this one is For photography for creators this is a Course funnel for their photo course I’ve probably done videos about this on The channel already you know obviously Every client funnel means a lot but this One i remember when they reach out one Of the biggest things that i love about This brand is and these people like they Have a great social media following in Great skills like truly they have like 800 000 followers in total i mean just Take a look at their their photos the Before and after the editing skills Everything is on point and that’s one of The things that i really love about the Clients that i get to work with

Is the fact that they actually know What they’re doing yeah just a fun Project and i can see the the design is Pretty light it’s pretty minimalistic And we’re instead highlighting the Photos the images because You guessed it photography for creators I like the design of it i like the theme And just had an overall great experience Working with them this one is special to Me because this year 2021 i worked a lot With funnel empire and so shout out to Alex we’ve been building a lot of Funnels together this year we’re not Business partners we’re just working Together on different funnel projects When we see a good fit so this one was Special to me because I really love what he’s talking about Rethinking you you should check out Their brand It’s all about self mastery but in a Different way than most people would Talk about like it’s not about mindset On a surface level it’s about Consciousness self-awareness high energy And vibration like what i loved about This one was that as i was doing Research he gave me access to the Program the rethinking e program And i went through it to learn about the Messaging like what’s the copy that i’m Going to write and i actually learned so Much from

The actual research these lessons i Still take with me To this day so this one was special to Me for that reason one of the reasons This one coin insider pro here’s a great Lesson when it comes to this funnel so This was a lead funnel you can see is This the next bitcoin or ethereum They’re talking about a you know new Cryptocurrency project you can see the Images that i’ve been using A lot of curiosity because we want them To Discover where to buy this and so you Know pop-up takes them to the next page And on the next page we have a video Where you know the founders behind coin Insider pro they’re talking about the Project and how people can invest in it So this one was special to me because i Think a lot of people feel Like they shouldn’t have to work for the Clients me i mean i’ve almost built 400 Funnels so it’s sometimes like like i Said i don’t do sales calls like who Says that i i have the right not to do Sales calls you know like so that’s ego Speaking if i want to serve people if i Don’t help people and they want to jump On a sales call or a call just to figure Out like if we’re a good fit for from Their perspective maybe they had a bad Experience in the past like i can Understand why some people want to have

That call to see like who i am i’m a Real person like it happens and so just Like with this client for me it was Important to show how it could help them We talked on instagram actually Instagram dms usual attack on messenger These are like big people like they are This you know a big brand behind this This is the side project like for who They are as people as as a person as a Brand and what they’ve done already i Mean i’m talking like Multi-multi-millionaires You know i would have loved working with Them and so that was the mindset i would Love to work with these people And i talked to them i was like hey i You know i’m happy to to show you what i Can do for you it was a great reminder To Don’t be afraid To Serve and provide value first before you Charge for it this one was special to me The school of online business tools Trading stores you need to start an Online business and uh she’s obviously Very successful she’s also a previous Coach to me so if you guys know The 37 funnels bundle that i have but Basically plug and play my 37 highest Converting sales funnel templates she Was the reason behind me launching these Funnel templates

So she’s very good at like low ticket Front-end tiny offers you can scale And i think right now i have You know 1 500 people who bought the Funnel template bundle but you know She’s had a business that’s done over 3 Million i hired her as a coach to launch My front-end offer a while ago maybe a Year ago two years ago since then i’ve Been able to build this funnel for her i Like the theme i also like that i got so Many images to choose from i like that She’s good at what she does she has Results for people had a great overall Experience building this funnel i also Like how it turned out shout out to ali And uh next one fun ladies yeah so this One was special to me because it proves Two different things number one results Matter and with results your design your Funnel doesn’t have to be crazy long or Complicated so here’s one example you Guys know i have funnel templates and Pre-made tools that i give out to my Students and when we launch funnel Agency lab it’s a three-in-one coaching Program in mastermind where we do three Coaching calls per week i mean it’s Intense when you join our program to Build a funnel agency to 10k per month Like we go Ham we we give you the assignments we Coach you it’s like i said three calls Per week and so

What we needed here was to launch it Quickly and just work with people in the First like beta round if you will and so The funnel is simple let’s take a look At this super simple salesfiddle who’s Behind you know this program and we have A little bit of info behind us so just a Credibility section And then just like i talk about funnel Agencies having a portfolio we’re just Showing you like here’s the photos that We built learn how to build funnels like These And three each we could have done more Obviously but three each boom Apply to work with us here’s the offer Outline and here’s our personal Guarantee like i said first you don’t Have to create a fancy complicated Funnel to launch your offer and then the Second thing is if you first provide a Lot of value when you launch something You know your own program your own Services you’ve already built a trust And you don’t have to hard sell people Like that’s one of the things that we Don’t do we’re obviously exclusive to People that we know we can help so we do Have an application process for it but We never hard sell anyone on it and We’re flexible with payment plans and It’s just a good you know fun project That we’re going to scale up in 2022 as Well this one nfts for all free case

Study funnel this one was a lot of fun Because number one it’s nfts it’s a Growing uh industry it’s also a Blockchain behind it it’s Cryptocurrencies so like it’s you know If you would know the long-term projects Behind this which i i don’t know if i Can talk about right now It’s just a fun project to be a part of Again and like you can see the common Theme here is working with great people Genuinely working with great people and You got to work yourself up there like i Didn’t start with perfect clients and Dream clients But now you know after hundreds of Photos like it’s getting to the point Where every client is like I love this you know and so if you’re Just starting out like keep that in mind Have a long term And know that your clients they’re going To keep getting better you’re going to Keep getting paid more because you’ve Earned it like you have to earn it great Project to be a part of and also liked Our experience we did have first i think We did we had two calls One was they wanted to get to know me Before we built the funnel so we did Have a zoom call then i agreed on terms And i started building it and then we Had one more call before we launch it Because it was a discord it was like a

Lot of moving pieces so we did have a Call to make sure that we have Everything working because they launched Ads to this one then we have a megabus Trend so it’s not live on their Domain at the time of me recording this But the funnel is pretty much done And so this one is special to me because It’s a good friend of mine shout out to Carlos he’s the founder behind this but Basically what this was or is is a trend Predicting software for traders you know He’s been trading for a very long time So this is not someone who’s like oh Let’s make money from traders and launch Something real quick like i love his Heart And his desire to help people and what He’s been able to build just had a lot Of fun with it we have a demo video On there a lot of testimonials uh from From him as well you can see this carlos Nothing complicated i just love having a Good a good variety of different Projects so from like course funnel to Case study to software for a book funnel Templates for click funnels you can see There’s a variety of different things Which is what i love the most about Having a funnel agency is like the Experience just constant growth and Learning new things and networking with People getting to see the inside of Their

Business speaking of that expert at Scale again amazing people this is a Home page they want the funnel to be or The brand to be bigger than themselves So You can see it’s all about again the Brand the community the people that They’re helping testimonials here’s how We help you here’s the people behind it The team shout out to tail till is Someone who i’ve been following for Years online to now be able to work with Him and build funnels like it it means a Lot and it’s also a lot of fun so Nothing too much to say about that Another software funnel so this is viral Vault this is a software like you can Find they actually give you Different a profitable And the trending E-commerce products that you can launch So what do you do drop shipping or white Label or private a very fun product i Keep saying fun products to be a part of Because genuinely that’s uh that’s how It felt with a lot of these projects Another thing that’s really fun with Jordan is he has a big youtube channel So shout out to jordan check out his Youtube channel for more things he’s not Just like a like an emo e-commerce guru Hyping things up like he actually has Good content on his youtube channel as Well so love everything about that now

To the really juicy stuff so you might Recognize robert kiyosaki and This is a funnel again that we built With funnel empire so i didn’t talk to The rich that company he did and then i Just you know designed it and all that Good stuff but i mean robert kiyosaki What else do you have to say it’s uh It’s obviously he’s been a big influence In my life and he’s big he’s been a big Personality in the finance business Crypto space He’s a very much so like a freedom Seeker like a freedom pro freedom person And uh it’s all about investing going From like an employee to a business Owner to an investor all that and is Someone who people know all over the World so it’s good to have this type of Person in your portfolio to say like Yeah i built the funnel for their brand As well and it helps me to sell new Projects same thing with this one now Because this is the most recent not the The latest one but one of the latest Funnels that are built and this one is Actually my first one in clickfunnels 2.0 because i was able to Get a first access before the public to That this is my for Clickfunnels and russell bronson like They acquired magnetic marketing which If you don’t know dan kennedy is the Legend of legends when it comes to the

Marketing space so he helped russell Grow click funnels to 100 million and Beyond i mean just crazy Legend in this space and so obviously This is one of those projects where You’ll remember it for the rest of your Life like Literally from starting with three Clients working my way up to click Funnels and i mean robert kiyosaki And dan kennedy i put russell brunson Dan kennedy and robert kiyosaki on the Same level and so that’s why they’re all There And um obviously mean a lot and the last One this one is uh the reason i wanted To put this last is not because it’s the Biggest project because this again it’s A funnel template But it’s built for click funnels and This one was when i actually started Seeing how The potential is still like way bigger Than where i’m at and that’s how i look At every single person and you watching This like no matter where you are right Now you have so much more potential so Many more clients you could help so many More projects you can work on so so much More that you can make in terms of Revenue and sales and so much more Growth Inside of you that you haven’t even Realized yet so when i built this for

Click funnels i record my screen and we Turn it into a like a time lapse or Speed design video that we sent over to Their ads team for people sign up for The trial the cadiz has an ad to show Like here’s how fast and easy it is to Build funnels with click funnels and it Was just special to me because this is One of the first times when russell Actually reached out to me with the Voice messages and you might have seen That video on my channel but that’s why This one is special because russell Actually he’s like he saw my funnel on My profile on facebook just like i Talked about you know showcasing what You can do for people on your profile i Got click funnels as a client from that Dan kennedy because of then you know Russell And so it’s the little things the little Piece you do on a day-to-day basis That’s what matters and so even if it’s Just you know it’s not a big project a Long funnel It still matters a lot because it shows Me and it’s a reminder that in a Business it’s the little things that Matter it’s the consistency you know Consistency compounds and so you start Here you grind and you hustle and you Work hard and you don’t see a lot of Results and then you just it’s not like You keep increasing the amount of work

That you do you just do the same thing Over and over again Right and you have a lot of fun with it You get clients but you never lose sight On what’s important which is making Funnels building funnels and just keep Sharpening those skills and then you get Bigger clients and that keeps Compounding because your portfolio keeps Compounding and your revenue keeps Compounding and if you invest the money You make then that keeps compounding This one was especially for that reason Because it’s clickfunnels and it led to A lot of other big projects so now i’m a Part of three different slack channels With clickfunnels literally a part of Their team as a contractor and i get to Work on a lot of exciting stuff Including clickfunnels 2.0 So i’m excited for 2022 i’m excited for What’s to come And i’m gonna take a short break over The holidays and so uh merry christmas To you if you’re watching this during The christmas time And happy new year uh we still have a Lot of amazing content coming soon we Have a lot of stuff planned out for you And as well as new well shouldn’t talk About that yet new projects and programs Coming 2022 that’s gonna help you build Funnels that convert for yourself or for Your clients with that said take care

I’ll see in the next one

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