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A lot of people ask me what my design Process looks like and i haven’t really Shared a step-by-step process Here on youtube so in this video i Thought why not share my start to finish Process last week was crazy i built like Three big projects and then Basically five landing page it was it Was a crazy week i thought what if i Share my screen you can see here a Client funnel that i built and i’ll take You through the process start to finish After i onboard them obviously so this Is not how i got the client to have Plenty of those videos as well but it’s More like what are the steps that i take After i onboard them so we can see here The goal for this client was to build a Home base for the brand so this is a Great client great person and they have A community of course creators and Experts and they do a lot of course Launches great results first of all That’s already a good foundation for This funnel that helps me build a great Funnel that converts but the goal was to Build this foundation where we have this Premium brand very modern minimalistic If you’ve seen the master class website Sort of similar branding where it’s very High end a lot of testimonials case Studies to build a trust for people who Are looking for you on google maybe They’re on a sales call or an order form

And they want to check out more about Your brand they’re not really sure and So you haven’t built a trust they can go To this page to this home page and look At your results who you are and all of That good stuff so that was the goal Then the style was like i mentioned a Very clean and modern and uh almost Little bit corporate but in a good way Not the the boring corporate and then The process is what i’m gonna share with You in this video which was they gave me Copy my job was to design something that Looks amazing with the copy that i was Given funnel design process is basically Seven steps onboarding funnel type Choosing the type and then the layout Asset so collecting all the assets the Images the testimonials the copy and the Logo and everything that i could get From them and then i come up with the Branding and the style the theme because Even if they give you brand colors and a Color palette you still have to figure Out like you can look at this right here And you can see that it has a very Specific flow you can see that it has Like three main colors And so that is branding then the copy Some of the copy i rewrote restructured Cut this out rerolled this long text Into a shorter one i’ll show you that in A second as well and then obviously the Design going into sketch and uh building

Out these images for you know thumbnails For an example a lot of stuff that i did That most people would just look at and Think like oh that looks nice but they Don’t see the process behind how i did It i’ll show you that as well and then Setting it up in their account and also I send them two versions so i’ll show You that if we go into my account you Can see here i have two versions of the Same funnel because what i thought at First was hey you’re this authority Let’s have your face here so they can Click and watch your video and then we Go into the design the rest of the page But then i also sent them another Example like hey we have your team here In the background but we focus on the Results and so that’s why you see like Results results case studies process Testimonials the team and is is way more Than just one person i think that was The main goal with this funnel from the Client was how can we build out Something that is bigger than me which a Lot of category kings if you work with Seven and eight figure entrepreneurs at One stage they want obviously to have a Specific launch funnel a course funnel Or product phone but then they want the Foundation as well which is what we Build here so let’s just take a look at The live funnel how it looks the overall Feel of it there we go and then you can

See if i zoom out that’s kind of how it Looks if i show you the difference in This funnel Versus this one i just moved here when i Had the video playing i went into case Studies and then here i had about Opportunities so for a course launch Company you want to talk about the E-learning industry whereas in this one Because we didn’t have a video here i Thought why not put that one first Before we go in here and so that was the Difference in those two so let’s just if I open sketch you can see how this look Before i optimized all of the design Pieces because when i got the assets the Images and everything i had links two Testimonials you can see what it looks Like without the branded thumbnails and It’s not ugly but it’s not consistent It’s not you know congruent in in the Branding so if you compare that to here For an example if you can see that this One has a cleaner layout to it so like The names the title i’ve added custom Like play button logo Even the image is fading into the Background i don’t know if you can see That but i’ve just added a layer on top Of the image which you can just you do By clicking fill and you fill it with a Color And then a gradient and then you smooth Into the background i talk about more of

That in full-time funnel designer which Is my course for funnel agencies but Yeah uh then the final product was um I’m not gonna make this a long video so I’ll just show you the final product This is what it looked like and as a Funnel designer i always like to turn it Into a post to showcase my work add it To the portfolio And then when i make a post on my Facebook you know people see it i Highlight the client basically like a Thank you it’s nice working together and Also sometimes people reach out they Want a funnel because they see what you Can do so it’s a nice way to finish a Product and then also turn into a new Project homepage funnel by ghoststone I’ve just added this here for those of You don’t know what the tool is that i’m Using is called go full page it will Grab the entire screenshot you just Download the image here png And there you go One more thing that i forgot to mention Because sometimes you send over the Client of the funnel to a client and That they have suggestions for edits so If i scroll down to the bottom you can See that i’ve used an image of the Founder i’ve used an image here but even In this place he was like i don’t want The brand to be about me i want it to be About the community the movement the

Results which is totally fine i get that A lot with people who uh you know They’re at the stage where they want to Build a community that’s you know bigger Than them it doesn’t matter how much Time you spend on a graphic uh if they Want you to change it obviously you’ll Just change it and you’ll update and That’s totally fine so we uh instead we Put the talent scout here and the text Is more about the results as a company Yeah you can see here i’ve also updated These compared to the youtube thumbnails Here so i just think that looks better If you look at the After and before so yeah i grabbed that Screenshot of the entire page you can See that in the seventh step which is All about setting up the funnel in their Account you add it to their clickfunnels Account or whatever page builder you’re Using Then you add it to the main you can see This one has their custom logo as the Fav icon and then here is clickfunnels Because it’s in my account before i move It over to The client’s account so i made the post Here about an hour ago and you can see It’s the exact post that i was talking About and i said last week was a funnel Marathon this was one of the funnels That i built probably one of the top two Projects last week so much fun also

Helps with the person behind this Business amazing results for clients Well established brand and overall great Human being the theme for this homepage Design was bigger than the person which Is why it has a lot of minimalistic Almost corporate feel to it category Kings usually want a homepage for the Community that shows the mission behind The marketing now on to the next one That is the simple process of how i get A client my design process behind it not Too technical in this video i just Wanted to show you the overall big Picture and if you want more videos when It comes to specific designs copy Getting clients building a funnel agency Check out full-time funnel designer or Just ask any questions you have in the Comments below and i will cover those as Well uh with that said thank you so much For watching make sure you like this Video because for every like i make Another free video here on youtube so With that said i’ll see in the next one [Music]

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