ClickFunnels VS Clickbank (Affiliate Marketing And Sales Funnels)

ClickFunnels VS Clickbank Video
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So what’s the big difference when it comes to ClickFunnels vs Clickbank? It’s actually pretty easy to explain, especially for the fact that both of those platforms offer different things. However, you can most certainly use both of these platforms together. Check out the video to see exactly what I mean.

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ClickFunnels VS Clickbank

Hello and welcome to this very quick Video comparison when it comes to the Battle of clickbank versus click funnels Now normally when i do comparison videos It’s usually about like which one should You use based upon the both of the Platforms being very similar and overall Both of these platforms aren’t all that Similar but they certainly go hand in Hand let’s start with click funnels First as you can see on the screen in Front of you it says quickly create Beautiful sales funnels that convert Your visitors into leads and then Customers without having to hire or rely On a tech team so all in all click Funnels is a sales funnel software what They allow you to do is create landing Pages sales funnels capture emails Utilize webinars sell courses make use Memberships to sell your courses create Checkout pages one-click upsells pretty Much everything when it comes to Building and growing your online Business they also come with a free 14-day trial i’ve also done a review for Them which is why i’m not going to go Into depth when it comes to this Specific software i will put a link Deeper into the description if you want To actually watch that video to see more About what they offer but in a nutshell There are software for sales funnels and A lot of online business related aspects

So on the other hand we have clickbank So clickbank is going to be a platform Where individuals go to sell their Products and they can also get an army Of affiliates to promote them for Example if i go in the marketplace and As you can see on the left hand side There’s going to be plenty of different Niches and within these niches are a lot Of offers but if we go to browse all Offers We can go you know sorting by gravity And this is based upon the amount of Offers currently at make at the time of Making this you’ll see that there’s 2479 offers so that means there’s people On here who will go and place their Offers not only can they make sales but They can grow based upon utilizing Affiliates so overall clickbank is a Marketplace where you go to either sell Products or promote them as an affiliate So as you can see there’s not a whole Lot of big overlap here clickbank will Give you some tools in terms of like They can check out obviously you have to Use clickbank’s checkout page but what You can do is utilize everything else With click funnels so for example if you Are selling a product you could use the Click funnels landing page when it comes To hosting your landing pages you can Host your upsells and down cells your Memberships the logins even support if

You want but when it comes to clickbank You’re going to be utilizing their Checkout pages obviously so you can Process the payments through them so Those are the big differences overall When it comes to clickbank versus click Funnels clickbank is overall a Marketplace probably one of the biggest Places when it comes to promoting Affiliate offers they’ve been around for So long they are very well known they’re Popular they’ve done just so much money When it comes to sales then is click Funnels which is going to be a sales Funnel software that you can actually Use to promote clickbank products so so I hope that explains the differences When it comes to these two different Platforms like i said i will put a link Down below in case you want to check out Click funnels for their landing pages And sales funnels and have reviews for Both of these platforms deeper into the Description if you have any questions Feel free to leave a comment down below And that’s about it thank you so much For watching and i’ll see you in my next Video

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