ClickFunnels 2.0 vs ClickFunnels Classic Features – What Is Click Funnels 2.0 – PLUS $21k in Bonuses

In this ClickFunnels 2.0 Video I will go through the features of ClickFunnels 2.0 in relation to the previous ClickFunnels Classic, or Click Funnels 1.0. I will show you the many feature along with along with how they can help you and your business. I will also show you how you can get an extended 30 day trial of Click Funnels 2.0 plus my bonuses, whilst building your business with ClickFunnels training to get you up and running within 30 days.

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ClickFunnels 2.0 vs ClickFunnels Classic

Hey what’s up Rob here again and in this Video I’m going to talk about Clickfunnels 2.0 what are some of the Features and how it Compares and differs To click funnels classic so let’s jump In and take a look Okay so if you found this video you’re Either a clickfunnels classic user and You’re looking at possibly upgrading to Clickfunnels 2.0 or maybe you’re not Even using the funnel builder at the Moment or maybe you’re just looking Around shopping around seeing what you Can use for your business to help Yourself online now if you stick around To the end of the video it’s going to be Quite a short video I’m going to show You how you can get an extended trial of Clickfunnels 2.0 so you’re going to get A 30-day trial and you’re going to get Over 21 000 worth of bonuses and my Bonuses in particular will help you rank Anything on page one of Google within 24 Hours Um thanks to my mentor who’s a Specialist in doing that he’s been kind Enough to allow me to give away some of His material as a bonus so stick around To the end if you want to get that for Free So talking of Click funnels let me just Show you on the main website just to Show you what I’m talking about Um they’ve got everything listed here of

What the new version can do but the main Thing obviously with click funnels is in The title The Funnel so why do you need A funnel for your business it’s kind of It is the secret to success Um online and offline there are offline Funnels as well you know you may go into Uh so you go and buy a car and um you Know you you buy the basic model or you Buy you choose a model and then the Salesman will then say uh you know do You want these do you want bigger Wheels Do you want these special tires do you Want to add on Um the sports pack where you get a Chunky steering wheel and stiffer Suspension uh do you want tinted windows Do you want the special paint protection All of this kind of stuff that’s a Funnel so what you’re doing once you’re In the buying process it’s adding on Levels Um you’re not adding on stuff that’s not Required but you’re adding on stuff that Enhances the original value of the Product and it’s the same thing with Your website if you’ve got product or Service Um and basically as they say it here on The uh on the clickfunnels website Without funnel you don’t have customers You don’t have as many sales the buying Process can be confusing so if people Come into our website and they’ve got

Buttons everywhere they don’t know where They’re going to go Um you know it you lose a lot of Customers that come into your website if You spend enough money on ads and that Sort of stuff and people are coming in And they’re sort of getting confused by Their message and then they get Distracted you’ve got a very short space Of time to get people’s attention Whereas if you’ve got a funnel it takes Them there’s only one choice they can Get when in a good funnel they know Exactly where they’ve got to go next get To the next point and that gradually Turns them from Um you know vaguely interested uh into Actual buyers they’re going to start Engaging with them they’re going to Trust you they’re going to get to know You and like you as well and they’re Going to start to buy more of your Products so funnels are really important And within you know three to five years Probably every minute every business Online and offline will use some form of Funnel so what are the basic differences Between the classic version and this Version well clickfunnels one or click Funnels classic as it’s sometimes called It was more a case of individual Pages Organized into funnels so the software Would actually help you organize Pages More like a website so you’d have access

To your um you know your your pages Inside your funnel and click funnels Would be the software that would Actually put everything together and Deliver it up to your client but in Click funnels 2 you’re going to be your Funnels are more organized like a Website and they’ve got a central Hub to Access like a home page with your you Can have a Blog you can have products You can have a shopping cart a customer Center so your customers can come in and Get all of their content from you in one Place Um you’re going to have a as a visual Automation builder in there so you can Actually see how things how your funnels Are built and put together you can edit You’ve got workflows there’s so much Inside there So The original click funnels was never Really designed for instance to host an E-commerce store So if you want to do that you’d have to Get a separate um You know a separate interface something Like Shopify for instance and you’d have To connect the two together so not only Are you paying for clickfunge you’re Also paying to use Shopify Um the same thing with you know with Courses if you’ve got video content if You want to have secure content you’d

Have to host your videos somewhere like Vimeo pay for a subscription there and Then link them into your uh into your Clickfunnels account So that your videos are being pulled up And served to your customers that way Now with clickfunnels 2 you can put Everything in Um in one place so you can uh you can Put in all of your videos they’re going To be secure and you can bring them into Your courses online Learning Centers and That sort of stuff so it’s very much an All-in-one Um all-in-one software So if we look at what you actually get Or what features there are Just come down here so you’ve got your You’ve got your basic website which is More of a like I said it’s more like a Funnel Hub a funnel Hub is where your Customers come into your world and then From there they can see everything you Offer and they can work their way Through in a logical process so they Might start with some of your free Content and then once they get to know You and they they like what you have on Offer they can then look and see what Else applies to them you can then feed Them through a logical Journey what Their next logical step will be and take Them further down your infrastructure And um basically look after your clients

From day one all the way through and Make sure that they’re being looked After all the way through their Journey With you and you’ve also got a shopping Cart so you know you don’t have to plug In something like Shopify anymore it’s All there excuse me it’s all there in One go so you can create your products Um and then your images your videos all Of that stuff you can have check out Pages so you can do all that e-commerce Stuff as well Uh your membership sites so any kind of Training or membership you’re providing To your customers you can do all of this Within clickfunnels 2.0 Um it’s also a full CRM so that you can Actually look after your customers all The way through you’ve got workflows If I show you here this is inside my Account you can create you can build Workflows they can be complex or simple This is one where someone comes in they Fill in an opt-in on a website on a Funnel they get tagged and they get they Get delivered an email a welcome email Then there’s a uh one day delay And there’s a follow-up email the next Day and that’s the end but you can add As many as you like you can have whole Sequences you can trigger multiple Workflows so someone comes down and they Get interested in something else you can Remove tags add tags

Um trigger another work workflow so Everything is managed from within the Same platform So that brings that includes like I said To email marketing so you’re no longer Having to plug in or use a separate Email autoresponder so things like Activecampaign MailChimp they sort of Become obsolete so you can see when we Say is clickfunnels 2.0 worth it if you Add up all of your monthly subscriptions Uh effectively you can be getting Everything in one place for one monthly Subscription uh and you don’t have to Worry about all the extra ones and they Soon add up believe me I’ve done it Before Um you can end up paying thousands a Month on um various subscriptions It’s actually quite scary when you sit Down and look at it but when you can get Everything one go it does make a big Difference You’ve got full analytics so you get Full data on what’s happening on all of Your funnels all of your pages what your Buyers are doing what your Um even what people on your list are Doing that are not buying you’ve got Full you know as I say you’ve got full Data so you can see once you’re Presented with that you can then do Something about it Um so these are these are the basic

The list of features I will be doing Other videos that go into these in more Depth so you’ve got sales funnels Websites online courses e-commerce store You’ve got CRM landing pages membership Sites email marketing split testing Again another brilliant feature you can Test two pages side by side send 50 of The traffic to one page 50 to the other Page so you want to test a different Image or a different button or a Different headline you can test them Side by side and you get full analytics And data of the results and then you can Basically pick the winner and then you Can split test that so you can refine Your pages and your funnels to a really High degree with this this software you Can create blogs you’ve got your Customer center so your customers can Have a central portal where they get all Of their whether you’ve got multiple Courses with you or you’ve got different Products that you want to serve them you Can show them whatever whatever you want To give them whatever you want to Present them once they get into their Customer Center uh full analytics as I’ve said the click funnels editor is Just brilliant if you haven’t used the Previous click funnels Um it’s just drag and drop very easy to Use and clickfons 2.0 is even better Than the first one

Um everything’s really fast as well in Click funnels 2.0 uh workflows as I’ve Shown you you can create Global products So you’d have to create the same thing Over and over again and plug it into Different different um parts of your Your funnels and Pages you create a Product once and then it’s there and It’s pulled in from from there into your Different um websites and funnels and Then there’s going to be a shopping cart Coming soon as well Now that brings us on to another thing On a page builder itself Now the The pages once the images are put in and Uploaded images are instantly and Automatically optimized and that makes For much faster Um page speed loading which Google Absolutely loves so you’re going to end Up with Um much better sort of Google rankings Because Google will reward uh faster Serving websites effectively because They don’t want their customers to wait Around Um for a website to load so the quickest Uh quickest loading websites get Rewarded higher up the rankings on Google So obviously that means you’re going to Get higher conversions and that sort of Thing

Um better SEO hunting and higher Rankings on Google so it’s um yeah it’s Really good now let me show you with the Regular trial if I click on anywhere on This page start your free trial The regular trial is a 14-day trial yeah That’s okay that’s not bad but really I Think you need a little bit longer to if You’re thinking of investing in Something like this I think it’s Important to have a good play around With it and use it so I can get you one Better if you use the link on the screen Next to me it’s First that will bring you to this page Here And you’re going to get these bonuses From me And it’s over 21 000 pounds worth of uh Dollars worth of bonuses depending on How the conversion rate is at the moment It may be good or bad for you whether It’s in pounds or dollars um twenty one Thousand dollars worth of bonuses now Eight and a half thousand dollars of That will come from click funnels and The other 12 and a half is from myself Now this is courtesy of my mentor Paul Murphy and he’s a specialist in internet Marketing and particularly ranking on Google and he’s come up with a system Where you can rank on page one of Google Within 24 hours and uh you can literally Rank anything and there’s no cost to it

So if you want to see these in action There’s another video I did recently Which shows my results with this um I Was actually promoting click funnels 2.0 As an affiliate and I got some great Results using this method Um and I’ll show you I’ve shown you in That video actually so go and have a Look at that after this and you’ll see It in action but you basically you get That system so you can literally start Using it Um you get weekly group coaching with Paul that’s once a week again this is Completely free this is going to be a Subscription service soon so it’s Definitely worth getting it and you’ve Got a full day Google ranking challenge So you can actually do this follow them Follow the steps get your first Google Ranking on page one so you can see how It works and then you can actually start Using it through your business so all You need to do is come over to as I said The link on the screen first click on One of these buttons fill in your name And address click Send me the bonuses And that will bring you through to this Page which is the your first funnel Challenge now in this this is where you Get over eight thousand eight and a half Thousand dollars worth of bonuses from Russell Brunson and clickfunnels and you

Also get most importantly the 30-day Trial now during this trial Russell is Going to take you through uh you’ve got A five-day live event which was recorded Live Um show literally takes you through your Funnel uh how to use click funnels 2.0 Getting your first funnel up and running If you watch this video at the top from Russell Hill explain the whole process This video is only about 10 minutes long 12 minutes something like that and you Get a load of bonuses from him and also You’re going to get your first thousand Leads with clickfunnels 2.0 this Training that they’re going to give you Is going to help you do that so that you Can actually get up and running within Your 30 days that’s why you get the 30-day trial Um they’re going to help you build Design and launch your funnel in a Matter of hours they’re going to help You run traffic uh give you a winning Sales funnel that turns leads into Raven Fans build a list of customers so the Idea behind this is a genius piece of Marketing if you’re not sure what you’re Doing if you’re a complete beginner you Can come in you can get a 30-day trial And within that 30 days they’re going to Help you come up with a business and Launch it and have thousands a thousand People on your list a thousand customers

Ready to buy from you if not already Buying from you some of the people that Went through this challenge recently uh Are already getting sales and they’ve Already they’ve already paid for their For their subscription so obviously if They can build your business within 30 Days you’re going to keep your Subscription right so they make money as Long as you’re already making money so It’s one of those classic things Everyone always says well if your system Works why can’t you just give it to me For free and then I’ll pay you out of my Have my profits well this is basically It is kind of that you’re getting the System free for 30 days you’re getting All the training you’re going to get a Whole Um funnel and business built up for you Actually bringing in lead you’re going To be profitable and therefore you’re Going to keep the software and keep Subscribing to them so they win as long As you win so all you have to do like I Say come over to the link on the screen Fill in your details uh come in here Click on any of these green buttons get Started and just email me the link is in The email address is in the description And the pin comment and I will reply With your bonuses Um so that’s it I hope you’ve enjoyed Seeing the features of clickfunnels 2.0

It really is brilliant if you’re new to Funnel building get involved in this Trial there’s no better way to to Experience it even if you do nothing Else then go for 30-day trials uh photo Trial you’ll get my bonuses as well and Hopefully you’ll be able to use that for Something else going forward so if You’ve enjoyed this video please give it A like really appreciate it if you want To see more videos from me please Subscribe don’t forget to hit the Bell So you get notified of uh when I when I Release new videos and doing all that Stuff really helps me get my videos in Front of more people like yourself so Thanks for watching and until next time Take care bye

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